Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elder Lindmeir's week

HI everybody!!!
well its good to hear from all you this week! sounds like everyone is doing awesome!!!! shivani who is Chris? i might have to hurt him.... wow  its crazy how  you and the German exchange student look alike I'm scared. ha ha sounds fun you guys went motorcycling just having a blast! well i had fun too this week! i don't really remember but i know i did. its weird because everyday is going by faster and faster and its getting really hard to remember what happened but there were a few things that were really awesome!!! o ya happy b day shivani!!!!! I'm sorry i didn't even know, but i hope you still love me!!!
so we picked up a new investigator, now he is a freak en genius, its so funny when we teach him because he will ask us the hardest questions that are irelavant to the lesson. like we were talking about the restoration and then he asks us " do you believe in aliens?" i was laughing hes like a 260 pound Samoan guy, but hes awesome. since alot of the questions are really deep doctrine he will ask it and then elder board will answer back cause most of the time i don't know the answer. then he will look at me and ask me, ha ha sometimes i don't know the answer so i just start to laugh, but its all good I'm learning a bunch!!!
? went to church again with his kids! its awesome to see the happiness that the gospel brings to them awh i love it!!! there progressing really well, and were excited for them!
i ate pig skin tacos a few days ago, pretty much the most disgusting thing, i don't get it, Mexican tacos are so good when its chicken or carne asada but why do they have to go the extra mile and ruin it! with pig skin, its just a chunk of pig skin that is on a taco, its not tasty, it was rubbery and chewy, and full of juices. ha ha i ate 2 of them. it was funny.
it was a great week were killing it!!! next week is transfers I'm most likely going to stay and lead the area! its pretty legit! well i love you all so much! I'm pumped for all you keep up the good work, dad thanks for the advice i love it! i wrought all you letters today so i hope you like them. love you!!!!
elder lindmeir

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