Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sister Kiana Lindmeir at the MTC

Hello everyone!
So wow where do even start!  I am so busy here at the MTC that I feel like I don't even have time to blink! But I love it! And I only have 20 minutes to write so I am sorry that this may be kind of an awful letter! But anyways I love you all and miss you so much! Thanks mom and Waverli for writing me! I will write you when I get the chance! But The MTC has been full of the most amazing, spiritual, fun, hard and humbling experiences.
My companions are Sister Paramore and Sister Kraemer. That is right!!! We are a tripanionship. I love it! They are such great Sisters, and I am very grateful that they are my companions. And I also LOVE my district. We have such a great time together! I already feel like I have known them for years. We know how to be silly and to have fun but we also know when to be serious and spiritual! And my branch is so wonderful too! I just really do love it here! But don't get me wrong, it is sooo hard!! We study study study, eat, study and teach all day from 7am to 9:30 at night. It really is so hard but so rewarding! I already feel like I have learned so much!
My favorite part of the MTC is constantly feeling the Spirit! I just feel so much peace and it has been such a blessing because I have been so worried about getting homesick. Yesterday, I had more time to think and I was just having a bad day! I kept thinking about home and how I had not even got through a week of my mission. But then we all listened to a talk by President Uchtdorf on being called to serve. He said that we are (or I am) a Savior to those whom I meet and teach on my mission! Wow! I decided to stop feeling bad for myself and to remember my purpose as a missionary. I get to invite others to come unto Christ and to be their Savior! I get to be an instrument in the Lords hands to bring the people of Northern Virginia to Christ. And to share with them what I know to be true! That is why I am here and I am grateful to be here.
I love you all so much! 
-Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Matching. And not even on purpose

This week has been so amazing and I just love it here! It gets better and better everyday!!! And I am sad that I am more than halfway through the MTC, but I am very excited to get out to DC!! Sounds like everything is going well at home too!! Keep me updated :). 
So last Tuesday Elder Holland came to the MTC to speak for the Devotional! It was amazing! He is so straightforward and blunt, but I love it! He talked about how everything he is, is because of his mission. That was his turning point and not a day goes by that he does not think about his mission. He also told us that "There has never been such excitement in Missionary work" and that we are making history! And he had 19 year old sisters stand up and told us that I am the start of history!! How cool is that?!! It really is so amazing how much that announcement will impact the WORLD. I am grateful to be part of it!!!
So this week we got a new sister in our district, so I am no longer part of a tripanionship. It is just me and Sister Kraemer now. I am glad to already practice changing things up because it will happen a lot in the Mission field! I am the senior companion this week and so I call myself seniorita  companion. Sister Kraemer and I have soooo much fun together, we both have lots of energy. We work really well together and our lessons have gone really well this week. This past week we taught real nonmembers, I think... They don't tell us but I am pretty sure they were nonmembers or they were really good at acting. It is really scary, but the lessons went so well. I have learned so much and I really love every person I teach and I think they can see that. I cant wait to get to DC and really make a difference in peoples lives.
Oh so about gym... We get to go to the fieldhouse 4 days a week and I run each time. We dont have to be with our companions as long as we are in the same building; so sister Paramore and Kraemer would play basketball or volleyball while I ran upstairs. It is sooo nice!!! I love gym!!!
Yesterday after the fireside, guess who I saw?! Elder Schriever (don't know if that's spelled right)!! But anyways, it was way funny because I kinda just glanced at him, looked down and then realized he looked familiar. I looked at his tag and sure enough. I was like "I know you!!!" and he had no idea who I was until I told him my last name. It was way funny! The sad part is I wanted to take a picture to send you but I just happened to not have my camera with me! I was super bummed but I saw him today and we got a picture together. Did you get it?
Okay, so my time is up and I better get off, but I love you all and miss you!!
Sister Lindmeir

The fire alarm went off just before we were going to bed

Hello Everyone,
The MTC Missionary life just keeps getting better and better each day! I love it and I love learning so much!! I am sad that I will be leaving Wednesday morning, but I am also very excited to get out into the mission field!!! A lot has gone on this week so I am just going to keep it organized :)
Tuesday: David Evans of the Seventy cam to speak for the Devotional. He talked on Faith and Miracles and it was amazing! I participated in the choir (mostly just so I could get good seats) and that was super fun! We sang the song "Lead, Kindly Light" by Mack Wilberg and it is beautiful! If you have time look it up and listen to it; pay attention to the lyrics too!! It was funny though because we were on the big screen and it was so tempting to look at myself but I did'nt! I was mostly just nervous that people were going to be able to tell that I was only lip syncing the words haha!!!
Wednesday: We committed Jordan (our pretend investigator) to get baptized when he comes to know what we taught was true! It was our first kind of yes, so it was exciting. I ran around the track for 34 minutes during gym and it was wonderful. I know we are not supposed to be competitive, but I like to race people even if they don't know I am racing them!!! It makes running a little bit more exciting :)
Thursday: Sister Kraemer gets packages everyday from her mom and a lot of it is food!! We realized we all need to eat the food before we leave so we ate chips, salsa, swedish fish and lots of other treats super late at night and we all made ourselves sick. The flu is going around the MTC again so I thought for sure I would just throw up the food; however we did not get sick!!! Which I am grateful for!!!\
Friday: In-Field Orientation all day!!! We were just learning how to approach investigators and stuff like that!!!
Saturday: Lots of personal study time and it was wonderful!!! I look forward to personal study time here at the MTC!!!
Sunday: Sacrement meeting is at 7:30am and I love it at that time. I look forward to sacrement more and more each week because I learn more about the Savior! Every week we have to prepare a talk for church on Sunday! We don't know who will speak until right before so it can be scary. I have written talks every week and this week the topic was baptism. I get so nervous before, but I didn't get chosen so I never had to speak at the MTC!!! However, next week is fast sunday so I will probably need to get up and speak in my new ward in Northern Virginia!!! I am excited though!! :) We sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" to the music of "Come Thou Font" for the musical number during church! We definitely are not singers but it brought the spirit :)
Last night, some sisters in our residents hall burnt some popcorn and the fire alarm went off. We all evacuated into another building, where we started singing church hymns and primary songs together! It made me realize how much I am going to miss this place and the spirit that is here and all the wonderful people that are here.
Today: I was up at 4am this morning to move Sister Halton (my roommate) to the travel office to leave for Spokan, Washington; so I am pretty tired today!! I am happy thought!! :)
Love you all!!!

-Sister Lindmeir
We made it to Virginia :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Farewell - December 30th

It was great to see so many friends and family supporting Sister Lindmeir at her mission farewell.