Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elder Lindmeir's week

HI everybody!!!
well its good to hear from all you this week! sounds like everyone is doing awesome!!!! shivani who is Chris? i might have to hurt him.... wow  its crazy how  you and the German exchange student look alike I'm scared. ha ha sounds fun you guys went motorcycling just having a blast! well i had fun too this week! i don't really remember but i know i did. its weird because everyday is going by faster and faster and its getting really hard to remember what happened but there were a few things that were really awesome!!! o ya happy b day shivani!!!!! I'm sorry i didn't even know, but i hope you still love me!!!
so we picked up a new investigator, now he is a freak en genius, its so funny when we teach him because he will ask us the hardest questions that are irelavant to the lesson. like we were talking about the restoration and then he asks us " do you believe in aliens?" i was laughing hes like a 260 pound Samoan guy, but hes awesome. since alot of the questions are really deep doctrine he will ask it and then elder board will answer back cause most of the time i don't know the answer. then he will look at me and ask me, ha ha sometimes i don't know the answer so i just start to laugh, but its all good I'm learning a bunch!!!
? went to church again with his kids! its awesome to see the happiness that the gospel brings to them awh i love it!!! there progressing really well, and were excited for them!
i ate pig skin tacos a few days ago, pretty much the most disgusting thing, i don't get it, Mexican tacos are so good when its chicken or carne asada but why do they have to go the extra mile and ruin it! with pig skin, its just a chunk of pig skin that is on a taco, its not tasty, it was rubbery and chewy, and full of juices. ha ha i ate 2 of them. it was funny.
it was a great week were killing it!!! next week is transfers I'm most likely going to stay and lead the area! its pretty legit! well i love you all so much! I'm pumped for all you keep up the good work, dad thanks for the advice i love it! i wrought all you letters today so i hope you like them. love you!!!!
elder lindmeir

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hello Family!
Last week went by in a blurr! Everyday we had an appointment, after appointment, after appointment! it was so crazy but awesome!
We have been so busy and very blessed and alot of great things have been happening here in Wenatchee.
Last week we were given a list of people who are in our ward, that nobody new about, but the bishop wanted us to go see. we did the whole list except for this one name because on the side of her name, it said "DO NOT CONTACT" hates missionaries and the LDS church. This made Sister Fletcher and i a little nervous but we finally got the courage to knock on her her door. As we were standing there, bracing ourselves for a lady to come scream at us, a cute little 14 year old answered the door and started talking to us, she was really nice and seemed interested in what we were saying. while we were talking to her, her mom drives into the driveway. sister Fletcher and i thought "oh no! here comes the screaming!!" but when she got of the car, she was so nice and seemed really interested in what we were saying too! she told us we could come back the next day and talk to her and her family. so we went back the next day and we started teaching their whole family! they have a great believe in God and Jesus Christ and they told us that they have been searching for a religion. we have another appointment with them tonight! The funny thing about this story is the lady that was supposed to come out and scream at us, nobody knows at that house who it is! it just shows that if you are willing and have the faith to do what the Lord needs you to do, he will put people in your path to teach and that are ready to hear the gospel!
 We had Elder Ballard, the Apostle come and talk to our whole mission on saturday and it was so cool! he really got us excited for missionary work and to not waste any of the Lords time!
so i have a super funny story to tell! So i have been praying for an experience just like Elder Marcus Lindmeir had a couple weeks ago with Robert. How he was able to find somebody in need, help him, change his life and bring him closer to God. So last night we were driving in the dark and we see a man walking up this hill by himself. So i tell Sister Fletcher to turn around and see if we can go help him. we turn around and ask him if he needs any help. he comes over to our car and we find out he only speaks spanish. i can't speak any spanish and Sister Fletcher can only say my house is your house in spanish and crazy chicken! thats it! so were on the side of the road trying to figure out how to help him, so we call the spanish sister missionaries in our ward to talk to him, and they do, but then they hang up, so we don't know what he needs help with. then we call the zone leaders that speak spanish and talk to him a little while, then hang up on us too! so we have no idea what this guy needs help with! we try to explain we are missionaries, and then he starts handing us his passport and license and all this other stuff and we are so confused! So sister fletcher starts speaking the only spanish she knows knows which is my house is your house and crazy chicken! then he starts writing words in spanish and is trying to help sister fletcher understand what it means and he is standing there looking deeply into her eyes and is trying to help her understand what it means. i am on the passenger side just laughing histerically because i know that one of the words he was saying means beautiful and this goes on for like an hour! finally it gets a little creepy so i start saying Oddyose Oddyose because he just wouldnt leave! so finally we just drive away and go to our ward missionary leaders house and ask him to translate what is on this paper. he translates it using his phone and google and apparently it means something really dirty and he just wanted to hook up with us white girls! hahaha the morale of the story is, we shouldn't pray for missionary opportunities like other missionaries have haha just kidding. i am not sure why we had that experience but i have never laughed so hard in my life!
Everything is going really well here! i love all the people we are teaching and we are having so much success! transfer calls are this week and i am really nervous because i don't want to leave all these amazing people we are teaching, i love my companion, and i love this area! but i know wherever i go is where the Lord needs me. hope all is well with Everyone!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Hello Team,

This week was so wonderful and so full of miracles!!!!! I have been looking forward to telling you all about my exciting adventures this week! Here is the greatest:
  • We are starting online proselyting next transfer! Which means I will be using my same  facebook account and using facebook as a way to bring people closer to Jesus Christ! We will also be getting I pads and I Phones to help with the work. I don't know all the details now, but I do know that I will have the opportunity to teach people from home too :). I am sooooooooo excited!!!!
  • We taught our first ESL class this week! Our Ward missionaries have put it together and we do it every Wednesday night. We spend the last half hour teaching them a Gospel Principle (this is optional for them). We only had one person come, but that is because we did not start handing out flyers. Eventually, I think there will be a lot of people that come!
  • We have the GREATEST investigators ever!!!! Especially our investigator, Star!!! If you watched the video then you know a little about him. But anyways, he told us that the greatest thing that has happened to him since he came to the U.S is when he met us. He recognizes the Spirit so well. He loves learning and he has brought many friends for us to teach too :)
  • We had the Washington DC South Mission Sisters Conference this week. It was soooo great to see all my old companions and to learn from President and Sister Riggs. They talked about the power that us Sisters have. I loved this quote: “The man holds the Priesthood, performs the priestly duties of the Church, but his wife enjoys with him every other privilege derived from the possession of the Priesthood. This is made clear, as an example, in the Temple service of the Church. The ordinances of the Temple are distinctly of Priesthood character, yet women have access to all of them” (Priesthood and Church Government [1965], 83). It makes me so happy to know that I do have access to all the blessings from the priesthood :)
  • Stake Conference was yesterday and it was broadcasted in our church building. We had three Chinese investigators come. But Stake Conf. was not what I thought it would be. We were having major technical difficulties and I was having a hard time understanding what any one was saying. We had two people from the quorum of 70 come. I had so much anxiety about it the whole time. I passed out mints to keep them awake. I was praying so hard that it would start to work and that it would be okay. I was sad when it didn't for the whole two hours. And I was worried why Heavenly Father didn't help. However; afterward, I told my investigators how sorry I was. They each replied saying that they couldn't understand a word, but that they felt very peaceful throughout. They felt the Spirit. So I learned that Heavenly Father did indeed answer my prayer, but that it was just different than what I thought. They are all looking forward to coming to church next week :)
I hope that each of you have a great week, full of costumes and treats (and maybe some tricks;)).
Love you,
Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Elder Lindmeir's Week!

hey family! hows everyone?! this week was a fast one, feels just like yesterday i wrote you. thank you for the letters mom i got it, for some reason it was late but I did get it, thank you so much! i love the colors they fit in my color palete. I love getting letters from all of you, its hard for me to wright them, i don't get how everyone else does it, i honestly have 0 time to do it. We usually play football or soccer all day on pday or we get and do something else, we never stay at home and have time to wright letters, I'm sorry but ill try to make it up for the letters i send on my emails.
this week was honestly amazing! since we walk everywhere we meet a bunch of people a day, and as we walk to appointments we set goals, like give out a plan of salvation pamphlet in 10 minutes. we do this to make it fun cause we walk all day, and one of the challenges was a word of wisdom pamphlet, and as we were walking i saw a guy smoking and had a cup of coffee so we ran to go give him one pamphlet and as we talked about it, he realised how bad smoking and coffee is and it really hit him and he really liked the churches stand point of the word of wisdom. although he didn't want us to teach him it was so nice to share him a little testimony of the church.

this Monday we had a lesson at a recent converts home, and they brought there friend and we taught his friend the restoration of the gospel. the spirit was so strong as we shared the first vision that he was crying, and then we invited him to be baptised and he said yes. baptismal date on November 17th. 

we picked up some new investigator great people, we have 7 investigators right now and been teaching them alot hopefully we will be able to help them out by sharing the gospel. so far its been awesome there all great people, one of our investigators went to church with his two daughters this was his second time ever at church and we had the primary program, and the  primary president went up to the girls during sacrament and gave them the primary songs for the program, they got up there and sang amazing! He was so happy all the members treated him so great and he really is liking church hopefully we will be able to get him baptised soon. 

funny story we were walking and contacting and we came across this guy and right off the bat he gave each of us 20 bucks, and told us to pray for him and so we did, it was weird but we did. then he put his hand on each of our heads and gave us the scariest prayer Ive ever heard. it was like a weird prayer but at the same time he cared about us so it was weird. he said something like " protect these missionaries and never let them feel of your demons" alot more but cant remember it was so weird, then he started to cry and was so grateful for us,... he was drunk but then gave us another 20 bucks each. we said no but he made us take it. so now I'm 40 bucks richer its kinda funny.

one last story we went to a restaurant like betos and my companion ordered a fish taco and he went to bite it and a cockroach popped right out and ran across his plate! ha ha it was so funny... the gross thing about it he ate the whole taco. i lost my appetite just seeing it. 

well love you all so much so grateful for all the things you do for me, pray for you all every night i miss you all but that's what motivates me to come home with honor!!!!! love you all so much ill hear from you all soon!

elder lindmeir

Sister Waverli Lindmeir with Sister Fletcher climbing Saddle Rock Mountain

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Family!
Alot of things happened last week! it was a really crazy, funny, hard, and sad in some ways week! On Monday last week we had an amazing lesson with a part member family. There two daughters michelle and natalie are 14 and 15 and the mom is a really less active member. we taught them the restoration and it was so cool. we told them about the book of mormon and they said they would read it and pray about it! they are so golden! they love everything about what we have been teaching them! and we hope to put them on date for baptism tonight when we teach them the plan of salvation! Tuesday, my companion was really sick! Wednesday was a rough day because everything was falling through and nothing was going right and then we found out that are most progressing investigator is involved in homo-sexual relationships and we didn't know that. then that same night me and my companion get a a voice mail from the president telling us to call him as soon as we can! we call him and he asks if we can cover our ward and another ward because the elders in that ward got transferred suddenly! so on thursday we pick up all the elders information from the eastmont ward and start looking at it and start trying to figure out how we are going to cover two wards. we look in the area book, which holds all the information for everyone you teach and find out that the elders didnt up date the book so we had no idea who they were teaching, what they have been teaching, and where anybody lives! so we call the ward missionary leader and the bishop to try to help us figure out who the missionaries have been teaching but they were both out of town. so all weekend we felt pretty lost haha. then on sunday we figured everything out though so we are good now! Sunday night we had a lesson with this lady named tera. Tera has family in our ward and went to church with them last week and loved it. she has a little daughter and she really wants to have religion in her life. we were able to have the lesson in her families home and it went so well! we taught her the restoration, she told us shebelieved everything that we were telling us and that it all made sense to her because she has great faith in Gpd and Jesus Christ. We told her about the bbook of Mormon and she said she would read it and then we invited her to be baptized for november 16th and she said Yes! then she said the most amazing prayer at the end of the lesson that i have ever heard! it was so cool and this was just the first lesson!!!!!! Right after that lesson, we had a lesson with Brianna and Summer, who we have been teaching for four weeks now and that were on date for baptism for November 2. we taught them the plan of salvation last night and we asked them what Jesus Christ means to them. they both said nothing and that they didn't know anything about him. Stab in my heart because all we have been doing for the past four weeks has been telling them everything that Christ did for us. So Sister Fletcher starts baring her testimony about Jesus Christ and it was so amazing that i was so overcome with the spirit that i just start crying and then i bore my testimony about Christ too. i have never felt the spirit so strongly in my life and i know that everything that me and my companion said was from the holy ghost and we know it was what the Lord wanted us to say. coolest experience ever!
i hope everyone is doing amazing!
Love Sister Lindmeir

Monday, October 21, 2013

I love CHINESE people!!!!

Hello Team Sister Lindmeir!
Not much has happened since last Wednesday when I wrote you, but there are a couple things worth sharing. They are things that I love about Chinese People :)
First, They actually show up to scheduled appointments! We got two new great investigators this week.  They are both students from China but speak great Chinese! We met ? last week just walking in his apartment. We talked to him and set up an appointment to meet with him. And I love Chinese people because they actually show up to their appointments (I am not used to this). But when he came for the appointment, he brought his friend, and we taught them the Restoration. It went so well, and as we talked about the priesthood authority, He said "Where can I find that authority?!" They are both so "hungry" for the truth.

Second, Chinese people have great nicknames! Almost all our investigators are Chinese, but they choose American names or choose nicknames. They trying to come up with a good English name, so his name will probably change soon. Our other investigators are Brooke, Annabel, Bridget, Justin, Liam, Karen, Stephanie; all of which were chosen from their favorite American TV Show, movie, etc. Ha it is great!
Third, Chinese people don't understand sarcasm. We were talking to ? about American jokes and if Chinese people understand them. She said no and she especially does not understand sarcasm. She then said "Chinese people don't use sarcasm, they usually try to be polite". WOW, I couldn't stop laughing. It taught me a good lesson to be more aware of sarcasm; no only on my mission, but afterward as well!
 I loved President Monson's Talk from Conference when he said:
"The difficulties which come to us present us with the real test of our ability to endure. A fundamental question remains to be answered by each of us: Shall I falter, or shall I finish? Some do falter as they find themselves unable to rise above their challenges. To finish involves enduring to the very end of life itself."
I now encourages you to ask yourself this question: "Shall I falter, or shall I finish?". I hope and pray that each of you will choose to "finish". President Monson continued to say
"Only the Master knows the depths of our trials, our pain, and our suffering. He alone offers us eternal peace in times of adversity. He alone touches our tortured souls with His comforting words:
“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”9
Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times, He is with us. He has promised that this will never change...
May we ever strive to be close to our Heavenly Father. To do so, we must pray to Him and listen to Him every day. We truly need Him every hour, whether they be hours of sunshine or of rain. May His promise ever be our watchword: “I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”10
I know that what President Monson has said is true! Put it to the test. Pray to our Heavenly Father and he will never leave you!!!
I love you all so much!!!!
Love Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A cute picture of Sister Kiana Lindmeir and an Elder!

Pictures and Sister Kiana's Lindmeir week

Hello Team Sister Lindmeir!
I hope all is well this week and that you had a wonderful holiday on Monday :). This past week was... interesting, but really great! A lot of great things happened! And once again I learned some very important lessons:
#1. Don't knock on old houses with big dogs. Last Thursday, we decided to do some tracting. We knock on someones door (Dad-3 times to be exact) and we waited patiently. All of a sudden, a dog runs up to the door and pounds on it. He also jumps and knocks a vase over and it breaks the small window next to the door. So anyways, the owner of the house comes out and starts yelling at us. He tells us to wait by the door until the cops come. He asks for our information and I give him a pass-a-long card with Jesus Christ on the front (I knew it would come in handy). But unfortunately the man was probably atheist because he did not care. We called President Riggs and President Riggs asked us if the glass was outside or inside the house. We said outside and so there was our proof. The problem was I think the owner heard because when we were talking to the cops he moved it from outside the house to inside the house. Gratefully, the cops believed us. I mean who would you believe?? The cops told is it was illegal to tract (which is not true) and so we have to be careful for a while. However President Riggs is taking care of it.
#2. Don't say you took a language for 3 years unless you can actually speak it. We met a man named Christian last week while street contacting. He was so great, but didn't speak very good English. He is from Kongo and speaks french. But I didn't even know that he had a french accent at the time. Well anyways, he comes to the lesson and we find out he speaks french. We couldn't understand each other very well in the lesson, so my companion offers for me to listen in french and interpret. I pretty much knew that this would be a failure, but I gave it a go. I knew nothing he said and so ya it was pretty funny. But don't worry the next lesson we got a french speaker and it went great! And I am determined to learn some french now.
#3. YSA Wards are the best! This was pretty much a given, but I really am loving this ward. All the members are so excited about missionary work and even with their crazy, busy schedules, they always make time for missionary work.
#4. A mission goes by way too fast (as you return missionaries know). But on the 9th, I was officially half way through my mission. It is hard to think that I have been out 9 mo. but looking back I can see that I have changed. I am still "Kiana", but I am a better "Kiana". This time goes by too fast and I refuse to take any second for granted. There is nothing more rewarding than being in the service of my God.
I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Lindmeir

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Family!
I am sorry that my emails have been so short and brief lately! Me and my companion have been super busy! and i am super slow at typing! :)
Here are some things that have been going on since i have been in Wenatchee:
 So we have been teaching this family called the ? family and they are so amazing! they love the missionaries but have never really been taught about the gospel. So sister Fletcher and i decided to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ using this really awesome visual experiment. When we were teaching them, the spirit was so strong and we were able to ask them the baptismal question and they said yes! We put them on date for November 2. We have been meeting with them twice a week but the two youngest daughters are the only ones that have been getting taught the lessons consistently and one of them might be going to Juvy and the others have just been sick and really busy. They are such a great family and the adversary knows  how amazing members of the church they would be and he is doing all he can from keeping them from progressing! But we will not let him get them!
So last week everything we had planned fell through and everyone we wanted to visit was not there so it has been a tough week but we know that when nothing is going right there is a miracle about to happen! I am sorry that I don't say that much I truly am so slow at typing but I just want y'all to know that i am doing great and I love the area I am serving in! I love being able to teach about Christ and I feel as we help others faith grow, mine grows stronger. Hope all is going well with everyone and I love you all!

Love Sister Lindmeir

Elder Lindmeir's update!!

Hey family, sounds like you all are doing great, shivani thanks for the picture ( a few tears were shed) but I'm glad to hear everyone is doing good.... i cant believe its been 3 months about, its gone by fast! I'm ready to get out of training, i still got like 2 and half weeks of it but honestly getting trained isn't the funnest thing. just because he feels like he has to lead everything so I'm still kinda in a shell but i slowly opening it more and more. this week was a pretty awesome week, besides i got the flu. On Wednesday I threw up about 20 times. What a great experience, it was around ten that day when we got a call that a family needed help moving so i got up and even though felt like death helped them move for four hours, and then went back and slept. I'm still recovering i still got the head ache but nothing to serious.
This week we got alot done! We picked up four new investigators! and even better we gave three of them to YSA!!! ha ha yeah that part stinks but the one we got is getting baptised on the 17 of November. and the one of the investigators for the ysa that we found is getting baptised on November 4th i think, and shes pretty firm on that, so it should be fun. 
Robert is doing great his girlfriend just got out of jail and there living together,(not so good part) but they have no where to go they have no family that will support them they only got themselves so were going to try and get them married. but they are golden! hopefully they will get baptised sometime this next week.

It was kinda surprise we so Adrian at church on Sunday and he really like it so we will be teaching him more and his two little daughters. he was the one where his back hurt and i gave him the blessing. the work here is good I cant complain, because I'm most likely going to be here for 7 months..... its going to be long but its a good place. When elder board leaves theres alot of things i want to change, like walking everywhere, I wanna move to bikes, our area is small but takes like 1 hour and a half to get from one side to the other through walking and that's just a waste of time, but were doing great and having a blast! i love elder board, sometimes we argue and he usually wins but he means right.   

thank you mom again for the package with the swords and for all the letters, I haven't got any letters for the past two weeks. i really like them but its fine if you don't, o yeah could you send me my black scriptures with my blacks scripture case and brown scripture case. that would be awesome my scriptures are breaking/ripping and i don't want to damage those ones to much. that would be awesome mom. i love you so much mom I took advantage for all the things you did for me I'm sorry. I love you so much you are the best mom ever. keep it up mom and dad and the family I'm so proud of all you, love you all so much!!!

elder Lindmeir

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Elder Lindmeir's crazy week!

What up!? lindmeir family??? sounds like everyone is doing great!!! buying a new car! a jet! is it the same car the shane esplin has? there pretty quick, if i remember right? I got the swords!!!!! ah mom thank you so much me and my companions have epic battles for 10 minutes every night. its a good stress reliever. I got another package from toys r us. Was it from you? I got a nerf football, and some nerf bullets? It was random but i like it. ha ha this week was bomb! we worked pretty darn hard! On Monday we had an arm wrestling tournament for p-day i took 4th! out of 8 I'm pretty proud of myself and my companion won. but after p-day at 8:50 we were running back home we still had like a half mile to go and we were running/speed walking past a man that was hunched over and i just jumped to him and started talking. we talked and this what he said/was/situation. his name was Robert, got out of jail that day. went over to his house to see his parent and to have a place to stay, but when he got there his dad kicked him out told him he never wanted to see him again, and his mom died last year. anyways he had no where to go, he had been crying and as we were walking with him i had a prompting to take to one of the members houses, as we talked to him we told him we were going to take him to a members home and see if they can help him and then he started to cry he told us "about 20 minutes ago i broke down and begged god to help me, because i don't wanna steal anymore i don't want to go back to that. please god help me." then we showed up. but as we got to the members home they invited us in and Robert was behind us, we introduced Robert to the member and said "this is Robert he needs a place to stay he has been through alot and help him if you can" and we left. a few days had passed then we went t see what really happened that night with Robert, so we get there and realise Robert is living with them, and that he loves this family so much and they really love him to, Robert has been reading the book of Mormon and really likes it. we had a lesson with him and he want to get baptised. the change from when we saw him at first and then till now was like a whole different person, for once in his life he has a family that truly loves him, its a great experience!
now for the sadness of the week. remember Victor? the one i gave the money to? well his baptismal date was on October 12, this Saturday and we had taught him all the lessons, loved it and totally changed his life, he was off drugs for about a week which was amazing considering he has been using needles for about 40 years.... and then on Thursday we had a lesson for him the last lesson before his baptism, and we knocked on his door and he answered it and he had a weird look to him and he talked weird. he told us to meet him in the back like we normally do to teach him and we sat down he came out with sweats on. and it was really hot outside anyways. but we started to talk to him and he just wasn't there we didn't know what had happened so i asked him how have yo been from getting of drugs? and he wouldn't answer instead he asked me if i could pray and i did... after i asked him the same question, no response just asked us if i could pray, as if he didn't even know that we had just prayed... i told him we just did and he didn't believe me (started to get mad) so we calmed him down and said are you ready for baptism? and he said i already got baptised.. in jail. he talked to us as if he forgot everything we had been working towards. and then we talked about Church and he told me he didn't want to go to church he didn't like it (last lesson we had with him he talked about church and he loved it) by this time we knew he relapsed and he told us that he wants to go to a different church. and at this time it felt like someone stabbed me in the chest with a knife and penetrated my heart! cause we had worked so long and hard for this man and because of some drugs!!! takes away his memory and judgment, and then he didn't want anything to do with us. It was tough leaving he had forgotten my name, and everything we taught him. 

Although it was hard for me to leave him like this, I guess he just wasn't ready for it yet, and i know that it wasn't his last chance to hear the gospel, he will either hear it again from other missionaries or in the spirit world. ah i love that man, he had changed his whole life and he felt gods love for him! but it just wasn't his time.

Its been a great week other than that.... elder board b-day, and those members home that we were at, I love that family there so nice to us and awesome! then they took us out on Saturday after priesthood session, we went to a barbecue place and wow it brought up some good memories, of me and dad and christian i cried a little but i still looked good. the conference was amazing loved it so much! I love the quote "whatever sin is legalized by man is still a sin to god." hahahaha that bashed hard for the Mormon liberals out there!!!! but I'm great loving the work so much. I got the mummy statue! thank you so much!!! I love you all so much miss you all dearly! I will see you in 22 months!!! haha.

elder lindmeir!

Monday, October 7, 2013

New Week, New area, New companion, New experiences. Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Hello Team Sister Lindmeir,
Guess what!... There has been lots of change in the mission and there are 4 new Zones in our mission! It is crazy! I am no longer in Rolling Valley! Crazy, huh? Actually it is really exciting because now I am in the Colonial First YSA Ward in Alexandria, VA, in the Arlington Zone! So yes, I am in a Young Single Adult Ward and it is so different, but I love it!
My companion is Sister Clegg and I am finishing training her! She is from Oregon and is 22 years old. She graduated from BYU with a degree in English. She is so great to be around and has a wonderful spirit!
I am in an apartment with another set of Sisters, but there is plenty of room for all of us! Our ward covers a huge area, but we mostly stay close by. Which is pretty much in DC :). We do a lot of walking and talking! I feel like I am in a different mission, but I love it! I especially enjoy walking through the cute neigborhoods that have really old houses.
So all our investigators are chinese. Is'nt that funny? They are all here for school and are very smart!!! They are just so willing to lesson and learn. The members in our ward really take care of our investigators too and become their friends! I did'nt know they were chinese at first because all their names are "Bridget, Stephanie, Jenny, etc". Haha, I later learned that they choose American names from American TV Shows haha!
Our Ward is full of a lot of Smart people with very successful careers. It can be kind of intimidating, but it is really neat! They are all so genuine and very willing to serve the Lord in anyway way they can!
There is so much work to be done here. It gives me such a desire to work, work, work! Especially after that amazing Conference Session! Wow, that was so great! I loved Elder Nelson's Talk when he said:  “The Lord’s way is the only way for us to experience enduring happiness.”
I hope and pray that each of you will choose the Lord's way. I love you all!
Love, Sister Kiana Lindmeir
PS. Remember "We are all on the Lord's Team"

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Received this from someone today. I love it when someone takes the time to take a picture and send it to me. Elder Lindmeir and his companion Elder Board

Wassupp Family Elder Lindmeir

Wassupp family!!! ah this week was a goody! we worked double time, my feet are feeling and looking pretty worn out already, walking about 6 to 7 miles a day, but its super nice! Ive met some really cool people, the town is really small so I'm getting to know the people really well already! theres these little kids were i live everyday i see them they ask me if i got any yu gi oh cards i can give them because i told them that i had a whole bunch at home so mom you can Gabe can look through and that would be cool to send me some of the ones that we don't need so i can make these kids happy. there so cute there little Mexican kids in tight shirts and are super fat. i love it! we had a really successful week, no complaints at all. besides me and my companion arguing a little, i mean were both stubborn and he wont let me do anything that he doesn't agree with. but its alright hes taught me alot and Ive really learned how to have exact obedience from him. sorry my spelling sucks. wow mom sounds like your really stepping up. I'm proud of you and i wish i did that stuff before the mission. 
we talk to so many people and they thank us because they know that were here to share the message of Jesus Christ which encompasses love charity service and etc. but the point is they know the goodness it brings. i read a great talk the other day and has helped me because i was struggling with my testimony, because i would get asked questions like do you know this book to be true and i couldn't answer yes! even though i knew that was the answer they wanted me to say i couldn't do it because i didn't know! and it was so annoying and i kept on beating myself up about it, and everyday my testimony got worse and worse, and i started to feel like it was gone. but then i read this talk its called Lord i Believe by Jeffry R Holland and it hit me, I don't have to have a knowledge of everything to convert me to these words to be true, to have a testimony on it, all I have to do is believe it to be true! cause I know that this gospel blesses families more than any other religion, I know the standards it gives to people will get them reach there full potential in life, I know the gospel and the book of Mormon only brings goodness into peoples lives! that is my testimony, and with that I do believe the Joseph smith restored the gospel and saw Jesus Christ and god. because the things I know only work and are there because of Joseph smith and him restoring this gospel and that has helped me alot this week, I truly believe that this church is true. and I'm so glad its been in my life since the beginning, so thank you dad and mom for always leading me on that straight and narrow path. 

I'm so grateful for all you and shivani our date was still better. ha ha i love you so much! ah i miss you.

Gabe man I'm really starting to miss you! keep up the good work! the scriptures say we are nothing without works, so work!!!! on everything reading Scriptures running, soccer, karate, robots!!!! cause you can do anything all you have to do is work! i love you bud!  lol i love you!

mom love you so much! keep it up, have shivani pick out the colors of my sweaters. and about my bike i don't know what to do we cant visit him unless were getting transferred so in 6 weeks or so. but don't worry about it ill figure it out, love you so much!

dad, man i miss you, think about what you told me everyday, and it keeps my fuel burning! dad read that talk its pretty cool. 

waverli, keep it up i know its tough, but with your light you carry in you no one can shake your testimony.

kiana, love you so much you my example keep it up!!!

christian, haven't heard from you in a while, but thank you so much for the tie its pretty much legit!!! i love it, and i have it hung up right next to my desk, so when i study i know your supporting me. man i miss you please wright me. love you so much i wanna hear how you been.

well family keep up the good work love you all so much!!!

Sister Waverli's 1st Transfer

Dear Family and Everyone!
Guess what!!?! I'm freezing to death! Nothing new there...
Wenatchee is crazy! Thankfully I have Sister Fletcher because she is the nicest, funniest, kindest, loving-est, caring, musical person ever! And we're singing in church!  Which Is bad because I can't sing! This is the story of why we are singing in church. So Sister Fletcher and I were singing during companionship study one day and five minutes after we started singing a lady from the ward calls us and says: "I heard you two have an amazing voice! will you sing for us in a couple weeks on Sunday?" apparently sister Rush. the lady we are staying with heard us sing and told the lady to have us sing in church! this is going to be bad. I sing like a goat! luckily it is really small so not alot of people will hear.
This week has been crazy! being doubled is hard because none of us know anything about the ward, area, and investigators! it's really overwhelming and kind of stressful but fun at the same time! the people we have met here are all really nice though! so that is always good!
Wenatchee is so beautiful! there are orchards everywhere and mountains too! It is really cold though! i Don't have alot to say this week but I am super excited to be serving here and I can't wait to get to know everyone!
Hope all is going well with everyone!
Love, sister lindmeir