Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hello Family!
Last week went by in a blurr! Everyday we had an appointment, after appointment, after appointment! it was so crazy but awesome!
We have been so busy and very blessed and alot of great things have been happening here in Wenatchee.
Last week we were given a list of people who are in our ward, that nobody new about, but the bishop wanted us to go see. we did the whole list except for this one name because on the side of her name, it said "DO NOT CONTACT" hates missionaries and the LDS church. This made Sister Fletcher and i a little nervous but we finally got the courage to knock on her her door. As we were standing there, bracing ourselves for a lady to come scream at us, a cute little 14 year old answered the door and started talking to us, she was really nice and seemed interested in what we were saying. while we were talking to her, her mom drives into the driveway. sister Fletcher and i thought "oh no! here comes the screaming!!" but when she got of the car, she was so nice and seemed really interested in what we were saying too! she told us we could come back the next day and talk to her and her family. so we went back the next day and we started teaching their whole family! they have a great believe in God and Jesus Christ and they told us that they have been searching for a religion. we have another appointment with them tonight! The funny thing about this story is the lady that was supposed to come out and scream at us, nobody knows at that house who it is! it just shows that if you are willing and have the faith to do what the Lord needs you to do, he will put people in your path to teach and that are ready to hear the gospel!
 We had Elder Ballard, the Apostle come and talk to our whole mission on saturday and it was so cool! he really got us excited for missionary work and to not waste any of the Lords time!
so i have a super funny story to tell! So i have been praying for an experience just like Elder Marcus Lindmeir had a couple weeks ago with Robert. How he was able to find somebody in need, help him, change his life and bring him closer to God. So last night we were driving in the dark and we see a man walking up this hill by himself. So i tell Sister Fletcher to turn around and see if we can go help him. we turn around and ask him if he needs any help. he comes over to our car and we find out he only speaks spanish. i can't speak any spanish and Sister Fletcher can only say my house is your house in spanish and crazy chicken! thats it! so were on the side of the road trying to figure out how to help him, so we call the spanish sister missionaries in our ward to talk to him, and they do, but then they hang up, so we don't know what he needs help with. then we call the zone leaders that speak spanish and talk to him a little while, then hang up on us too! so we have no idea what this guy needs help with! we try to explain we are missionaries, and then he starts handing us his passport and license and all this other stuff and we are so confused! So sister fletcher starts speaking the only spanish she knows knows which is my house is your house and crazy chicken! then he starts writing words in spanish and is trying to help sister fletcher understand what it means and he is standing there looking deeply into her eyes and is trying to help her understand what it means. i am on the passenger side just laughing histerically because i know that one of the words he was saying means beautiful and this goes on for like an hour! finally it gets a little creepy so i start saying Oddyose Oddyose because he just wouldnt leave! so finally we just drive away and go to our ward missionary leaders house and ask him to translate what is on this paper. he translates it using his phone and google and apparently it means something really dirty and he just wanted to hook up with us white girls! hahaha the morale of the story is, we shouldn't pray for missionary opportunities like other missionaries have haha just kidding. i am not sure why we had that experience but i have never laughed so hard in my life!
Everything is going really well here! i love all the people we are teaching and we are having so much success! transfer calls are this week and i am really nervous because i don't want to leave all these amazing people we are teaching, i love my companion, and i love this area! but i know wherever i go is where the Lord needs me. hope all is well with Everyone!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

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