Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pictures and Sister Kiana's Lindmeir week

Hello Team Sister Lindmeir!
I hope all is well this week and that you had a wonderful holiday on Monday :). This past week was... interesting, but really great! A lot of great things happened! And once again I learned some very important lessons:
#1. Don't knock on old houses with big dogs. Last Thursday, we decided to do some tracting. We knock on someones door (Dad-3 times to be exact) and we waited patiently. All of a sudden, a dog runs up to the door and pounds on it. He also jumps and knocks a vase over and it breaks the small window next to the door. So anyways, the owner of the house comes out and starts yelling at us. He tells us to wait by the door until the cops come. He asks for our information and I give him a pass-a-long card with Jesus Christ on the front (I knew it would come in handy). But unfortunately the man was probably atheist because he did not care. We called President Riggs and President Riggs asked us if the glass was outside or inside the house. We said outside and so there was our proof. The problem was I think the owner heard because when we were talking to the cops he moved it from outside the house to inside the house. Gratefully, the cops believed us. I mean who would you believe?? The cops told is it was illegal to tract (which is not true) and so we have to be careful for a while. However President Riggs is taking care of it.
#2. Don't say you took a language for 3 years unless you can actually speak it. We met a man named Christian last week while street contacting. He was so great, but didn't speak very good English. He is from Kongo and speaks french. But I didn't even know that he had a french accent at the time. Well anyways, he comes to the lesson and we find out he speaks french. We couldn't understand each other very well in the lesson, so my companion offers for me to listen in french and interpret. I pretty much knew that this would be a failure, but I gave it a go. I knew nothing he said and so ya it was pretty funny. But don't worry the next lesson we got a french speaker and it went great! And I am determined to learn some french now.
#3. YSA Wards are the best! This was pretty much a given, but I really am loving this ward. All the members are so excited about missionary work and even with their crazy, busy schedules, they always make time for missionary work.
#4. A mission goes by way too fast (as you return missionaries know). But on the 9th, I was officially half way through my mission. It is hard to think that I have been out 9 mo. but looking back I can see that I have changed. I am still "Kiana", but I am a better "Kiana". This time goes by too fast and I refuse to take any second for granted. There is nothing more rewarding than being in the service of my God.
I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Lindmeir

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