Monday, August 26, 2013

It feels sooooo good to be back!!!!

Hello Team Sister Lindmeir,
 It has been way toooo long, but I am so very grateful to be back here in Northern Virginia. And to be back in Rolling Valley. That is right; I feel like I never even left. It is so great!!! I love serving others and getting back into the groove of things.  My companions are Sister Magaoay and Sister Nowels. Sister Magaoay is from Hawaii, but is a temple square missionary. She will be here until October than she will go back to SLC. She converted to the church about 5 years ago and so she is 24 years old. We are team training Sister Nowels, who is waiting for a visa to Brazil. She is from Spokane Washington and is 22 years old. So I am the baby of the tripanionship, but it is great!!!
A lot has changed in Rolling Valley since I was last here. But I know the Ward and I know the area so I am still a help. We are all new to the investigators and so we are trying to figure out everything that Sister Dickson and Sainsbury did before they left. 
We visited Gus and Geocanda on Saturday night. Gus gave me a hug, he was really excited to see me. I told him he couldn't hug me but it was still so great to see them. We talked about the Book of Mormon and about BAPTISM. We invited them to church and they came on Sunday!!! It was so great!!! That was the first time Gus came in a really long time!!!
Raymond (the man I met just before I left for Utah), is still meeting with us and has decided he wants his whole family to learn together. His wife and daughter can be baptized and so we will continue to teach and prepare them for this big step in their life.
It was fun to go to church yesterday and see all the people the members that I missed so much. I was so happy to see all of them. I felt like a celebrity yesterday at church, but I loved it!!!
That is so scary about the hail storm. I can't believe I just barely missed that. Was everyone okay? Did it do worse damage elsewhere? Was the storm everywhere in Utah or just Layton?
Well Love you all and I will talk to you next week!
Sister Kiana Lindmeir
PS. My new address for the next 6 Weeks is: 6302 Tall Trees Lane #T1 Springfield, VA 22152. Please write me!

Waverli's 2nd week Aug 26th

wow! that is so crazy about the storm! are you going to get a new car?? are there really holes in the side of our house?!
mom! i am so proud of you that you are being a missionary! that is so great about courtney, mark, robin, and Arlene! keep up the great work!
last weel was very hard for me, and i felt like we were not getting anything done so on friday, i told sister young that we needed to work harder and she agreed. so i made a list of all the partial member families in the ward and all the less actives and there are a ton! and i color coordinated them by area so it will be easier to visit them all together. this helped alot and we worked really really really hard all weekend and it paid off! we had a lesson planned with orelando on saturday but it fell through and we think he may have dropped us but thats okay because when we were over in that neighborhood i had a feeling that we should go over to this house that we tracted into a few days before that because a cute little girl lived there and i thought her family might be interested. when we went over there, her parents weren't there but the little girls older sister seemed really interested and we tought her the first lesson and she is so awesome! her name is Lilly and she has an amazing relationship with God and has a huge testimony of prayer. we are teaching her again on tuesday and hopefully her family to! i am so excited! yesterday we went to this guys house named Dustin and he used to have lessons with the missionaries but for some reason stopped. we founf out that he just got lost in one of the transfers and so now we get to teach him and his family again and i am so excited!!! we had so many miracles over the weekend and it was so great! today were giving one of our investigators baby's a priesthood blessing because her baby has been having seizures and it's really sad but i am excited for her and she is on date for baptism!
on wednesday we are switching companions for the day and i am going to Kennewick and apparently i am teaching six lessons to investigators! two of which are in spanish, haha i am super excited! did you know that they have zebra companionships here? that means and english and a spanish speaking sister will be pared up together. isn't that awesome??? so i might have the chance to learn a little bit of spanish in the future!!!!!
thank you so much for the package, it just made my day and i loved the cards! thanks for getting me a coat to! thats very nice of you! did you know it never rains here? haha i thought it was going to rain all the time! i love it here, even though it's really hard sometimes. it's all worth it when we get to teach a lesson and help others come closer to Christ. well i love you so so so so much! hope everything is going well!
love, sister Lindmeir

Marcus's News Aug 26, 2013

this week was a good week! we did alot of service helping people move and building fences. the work here is bussy always having someone to help. on monday me and my companion went to the callis family house and they fed us menudo, it is a cow stomacke in a soup, and the soup is just all the fat juices, straight up freaken disqusting. i can handle some nasty things but that was straight up nasty look up pictures online of it and you will see. i took one bite almost thew up so my companion told them that i was feeling sick all day (so i wouldent have to eat it) but then they told me that it was the best thing for you. so i toughed it and picked up the bowl and drank that ish..... i can still taiste it haha. 
i got three new investigators and a baptism this week, its awesome to see the effects you have on these peoples lives. for example as you teach them and understand where there comming from you are able to bring them peace and confort, they soon have a desire to read and find out for themselves if what were saying is true. there problems and struggles they normally had soon become lighter and easier to carry. as trials and difficult times come they ask god for help and not take it out on others. so weather or not we baptise anyone on our mission if we are able to do those simple things. that alone is the greatest accompishment any missionary can have. 

only being on a mission for a month it feels alot longer because the skills you develop are so strong and come so fast. im already speaking spanish and i honestly have no idea what im saying but im saying it? makes no sense but it works and im ok with that haha. but anyone can be a missionary you just need to have the right mind set and a goal of what you need, dont change yourself thats a big problem im having my companion always tells me what i need to change, but if your being yourself and not a robot you will touch peoples lives and they will accually want to listen to you. well thats what ive learned. 

my companion is elder board. hes 140 pounds of pure muscle and like a pro wreslter, we went tracking and this huge guy came out probobly like 280 pound man he was a construction worker, anyways we were talking he seemed interested but when we asked him if we could come over for a lesson he said no. so my companion said if i can beat you in a arm wrestle will you. he thought for a second and said yes becasue he knew he was going to win, i mean this guy was an ox. we went to his table and they grabbed each others arms and i was the ref, i1,2,3 go! it was a stand off they were both stuck straight in the middle for atleast 2 min before my companion beat him..... made no sense but he won and we are teaching him next week. but then after wards when i was freaking out i said how did you do that, and i guess hes like a national champion for arm wreslting hahha it was awesome!!! 

i love this work it sure is fun!

love you all so much and keep up on wrigting me i love to hear from all you!

elder lindmeir

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Waverli's first week in the mission!

wow! there is so much to talk about, i don't even know where to start! my missionary president and his wife are awesome! i love them alot! i got my companion last week on wedesday and her name is sister young. she is really nice but very boring, which is kind of hard because i am definitely not boring! but i like her. i am serving in Richland right now. the apartment i am staying in is so nice but i all the water there smells like sulfer and it makes the whole apartment smell like rotten eggs and when you shower the smell is overwhelming and you just want to puke but everything else is really nice :) i guess when the transfer happened the missionaries split wards and now we just cover the desert hills ward instead of two wards. so the work in our ward is kind of dead so we have been tracting alot! my very first door that i went to, they slammed the door in my face and pretty much every door after that did the same to haha. it kind of suprised me that people would be so mean to sweet little sisters but oh well :) i do not get down when this happens because i am just too excited to be out and going and doing what the lord wants me to do! on saturday after a long day of tracting we finally reached our last door. when the man answered the door we figured he would probably just slam the door in our faces like everyone else, but he didn't! instead he was very very nice! we asked him if he has heard about the missionaries and he said yes, and that they come over sometimes and give him pamphlets to read, but he said that they have had family problems lately and thats why they have not come over lately. which confused us but he said he was interested and we invited him to church and he said he might come with hid two kids and we were so excited! we told him we would save him three spots in sacrament! we also scheduled a lesson with him for saturday. i was so excited! i could not wait to see him and his family on sunday! but at 2:00 in the morning yesterday i was not feeling well and i started throwing up! i threw up all night and afternoon so we couldn't go to chuch :( i was so sad and i felt so bad because i wanted to know if Orelando and his  family came to church! later that day my companion started throwing up also so we think we got food poisoning from this nasty ham steak a member fed us. they feed us weird stuff here. i am pretty sure i am going to be a vegetarian when i get home! i ate fish the other night! arn't you proud of me?? well i love it here so much! i love serving the Lord so much. this week has been hard and very different then what i thought it would be like but i know that i can do anything with the Lord on my side and that everything will be okay. 
it sounds like everything at home is going really well! that is so cool that Gabe is passing the sacrament. i am so proud of him and i loved the pictures you sent of him! he is so adorable! that is so cool that your being a missionary mom! that is one thing that were trying to do here is trying to get the members involved in missionary work! i am so excited that kiana is leaving on wednesday! well i love you so so so so so much! i miss you! hope all is well! Love Sister Lindmeir

Monday, August 19, 2013

Marcus's first week in the mission field!

i didn't have time to read what you said so ill try to explain as best possible the spelling will be bad so I'm sorry haha.

ok well I'm in san marcos and it is the most geto part in here! its freak en awesome we get fed sketchy mexican food and i never no if im going to get some disease or not haha, we went to an investigators house and there was so much black mold on the walls and there was one wall inparticualar and no joke it was moving!!! there were so many cock roches it was awesome!!! hahah and that investigator said he had to go to the doctor because a cock rotch got stuck in his ear!!! haha. it is awesome though weather is perfect and beautiful. my companion is elder board he wrestles hikes and is way cool freaken buff, haha hes a great runner and we have been running everyday for about 30 to 45 min and we do about 5miles, its so awesome here I'm learning so much and I'm learning to talk to people, and how to make there life better than what it is, most people here are catholic or Jehovah witnesses so they all know the bible. but it doesn't bother me because i just share my testimony of what i believe it will do to there life. and Ive seen the changes it puts on people. 
quick story and miracle i had, we were walking and i saw an old man walking with a cane, and walking fast i stopped by and said how are you? he said bad. and we talked to see what had happened, and he said his best Friend stole 20 buck from him and he wont be able to eat, he was scared i could see the fear on him. his shoulder was broken it was bloody read and swollen and as were walking to his place i start talking about how were here to help people the best way possible and i said the one thing that has made me happy and brought my family closer together is this book (book of Mormon) and i told him the blessings and promises if you read it and pray about it you will know of its truthfulness, and i gave it to him and he said he would read every page because he said i try everyday to find something worth living for. and i told him this is why.

then a few days back i found a 20 dollar bill on the ground as we were walking and it was so funny cause it was just in the middle of no where and i picked it up and put it in my pocket.

going back to the story i remember i had that 20 bucks in my pocket and i knew i was supposed to give it to him and i told him, i found this 20 dollar bill the other day not really thinking about where it came from or why i got it, but now i do, as people take from other people Christ is always there in open arms for you, and i said we are always here for you and so is Christ and i handed it to him and he knew it was true, he started to cry and were meeting with him again soon. that story probably doesn't do justice in writing but it was honestly so intense!!

we have helped so many people and we meet so many people each day. thank you so much for the support and you i hope i get my shoes soon haha and some candy! you can show this to everyone at home. umm what else can i talk about..? 

we taught this black kid about 15 yrs old his name is denzel and he plays foot ball freaken buff kid right. and we taught him and the spirit was so strong as we talked about the charity of Christ that i asked him "will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptised of the priesthood authority and he teared up and said yes. that was cool. i already have a ton of stories! 

well i love you all so much and tell all the kids to wright me letters because we don't have much time to type. honestly this is so much fun but way hard and we walk like 8 miles a day no bikes haha ummm...  tracking is fun, and there are so many crazy people its awesome. i did my laundry today again haha. ummm i love you all and i miss you all so wright me or i will hunt you down.

elder lindmeir

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Marcus 2nd Week at the MTC

HEY MOM! thanks for the letters and the box of treats! i love them but I'm getting fat already haha but seriously. OK things i need are i need more hangers like 6 to 8 more i must have forgotten my guess dress shoes cause i don't have them, hmmm and i need more running shorts. and i think thats it, i leave on Tuesday morning at 3.30 am and i honestly have no idea when im calling you but between 7 am to 10 am sorry thats as good as it gets I'm totally organized as you can tell! i did my laundry for the first time today and wow did it  SUCK I SAT AND WAITED!! haha imkidding t was alright but it gets me thinking on how grateful i am for you mom. i love you so much and you are honestly the greatest example to me and you have the character of Christ in you! you always turn outward as the natural man would turn in ward! and i thank you for that. this week has been pretty tough for me i honestly wana leave so bad and get into the Field its so crazy how prepared i feel already! ive learned so much and i really know how to teach and how to preach the gospel!!! awh i love you and this week i taught 3 investigators and they were so awesome we got one to be baptized and one that really loves it but needs more. thank you mom and thanks for the letters i love them so much and i miss you all!
SHIVANI! THANK YOU FOR THOSE LETTERS! you are awesome and i thank you for that, the mtc is intense but it really quite fun haha can you believe I'm sating these words, keep up the good work i love you so much!

GABE!  hey little man keep up the good work I'm so proud of you and i love you with all my heart i think about you everyday love ya Man!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Waverli's 2nd week at the MTC

Hey Mom!
i  am so sorry that i have not written you! they do not wanting us writing letters unless it's on P days. thanl you so much for all the package you sent me. it just made my day! and can you tell Marci that i loved the doughnuts? WOW WOW WOW WOW is all i have to say about the MTC. i have been learning so much it's crazy! all we do everyday is study, eat, poop, and study some more. i love it! i feel like that already i have grown up so much and my testimony has grown so strong, in just this week!. my companions name is sister Simmons and i told you that she was the girl that we met while shopping in the missionary mall right? well she is crazy and i love her personality! but she is so hard to work with. she doesn't study when she is supposed to and so when we give lessons to our investigators, it's really hard because i have to give most of the lesson because she doesn't know anything, but oh well... more experience for me! :) i really stink at giving lessons to my investigators but it's so cool because i know that the Lord is helping me what to say and the spirit is so strong.
so all week i have been looking for marcus and i couldn't find him and i was so worried about him. on sunday i fasted for many things but also to see Marcus because i didn't really get to say goodbye to him. then on tuesday our whole district fasted again  for a girl in our district who had to go to the hospital because she had heart problems but she is okay now! but i also fasted to see if i could find marcus. on tuesday night we had a devotional with all the missionaries on my campus and the west campus so i knew Marcus was going to be in there somewhere. when i went to be seated i lost hope. i knew that i would never be able to find marcus because there were so many missionaries there! when i sat down i lokked three rows ahead of me and a little to the the left, there he was! pretty cool huh?!!! i talked to him and found out that he is on a different campus then me and thats why i have not seen him. and guess what?! my mission presidents would not even let me give my own brother a hug! i was really sad about that.
 well i have to go, i wish i had time to email you longer but they don"t give us any time. tell everyone i love them so much. i will call you on tuesday around 7-11 in the morning at the airport to go to washington. i love  it here so much and i am learning so much, it is so cool! i love you so much! and i miss you!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Marcus's 1st week at the MTC

hey mom!!!!! i love you so much i only got 12 min left to wright you all... its insane here I've learned so much!!! i feel like I've been here for years!!!! but i really do like it here its weird because i taught my investigator Robert yesterday for the first time and wow did we do good and words came out i never expected to. there few things i don't like about the mtc but that's were i guess they say to test my faith. my companion is elder whipple we went to school together he is so quit and has no energy but does know alot. he doesn't talk like he does hes so scared but in the moment were able to give great talks. its hard though at first i was like this is way easy but to have a lesson everyday with the same investigator is really hard because you have to have Revelation to know what to teach next and we haven't had that and today we are going to tech him and we have no idea what its going to be on haha. but i know it will be fine and god does love me and all of us so he will rake care of me, yesterday i broke down in tears because i was i felt like i shouldn't be here ut all is well i love you all keep praying!!! for me!!! love you all!!
elder lindmeir