Monday, January 26, 2015

surgery is crazzy!

i saw this today!!!!!
family this week was awesome and hard, but the lord provides!!! being on hydrokoden and working made it fun!!!
william baptism was amazing and him recieving the gift of the holyghost was a very simple spiritual experience, that ill never forget.!! sorry short letter working hard loving every minute!!!!!
elder lindmeir

They are after us!!!

So the other day i was on exchanges with a Sister and we were Knocking doors and it was probably 8:00 at night, so not too late. We knocked on this one door who's lights were on and this dog starts barking really loud inside and is like going crazy! then this lady starts talking and she seems really scared and she asks us who we are and we tell her the Sister missionaries through the door and i don't think that she could hear us because she seemed really scared still and then she yells out, i am calling the police! we were like ya probs not. not really believing her because tons of people say things like that to missionaries. So we keep on knocking doors and then this lady lets us in and we teach her a lesson.when we got out of the lesson, We were late to go exchange back with our companions and we were far away from our car so we start running but then stopped because we saw this car behind us that had this bright light that was going back and fourth like he was trying to look for something. finally he stops his car and comes out and asks us what we were doing and we told him that we were missionaries and that we were sharing the Gospel and he was like well i got this call from this lady and she was so scared and was saying that there were two robbers on her front porch!  i am not sure what kind of robbers look as sweet as us that have name tags on and big bright smiles. We felt bad that we scared her so much, but it was pretty funny that she sent the Sheriff after us. He asked us for all our information so that he could probably do a background check. So family and friends, if i don't return home in two weeks, i am probably in jail sharing the Gospel :)
Jacobs Baptism was on saturday and it was amazing! he is going to be such a strong member of the church! his family is super anti and they didn't want him to get baptized but he knew that it is true and that he needed to follow the example of Jesus Christ. He bore his testimony after he was baptized and it was amazing! nothing brings you more joy then helping someone come to the truth, and helping them see what joy, peace,and happiness comes from being a member of Christs church! It was a lovely day!
It's crazy that whenever you have a baptism, satan always tries his hardest to make everything fall through, and hopes that it is a miserable week for you and your investigators! it definitly was not a miserable week but he tried really hard to bring us down. It didn't work, just more excited to do better this week and help all to come to the truth! I can't believe i am running out of time! it is the worst! I love you family and friends but i love being a missionary! I can't believe it!
#Giving all i got! Running to the tape! Holding nothing back from helping all those come unto our savior!
I love you all! have a great week! Love Sister Lindmeir

Monday, January 19, 2015

Is it springtime already?!

For the past two days it has been so sunny and beautiful outside. I don't know what it is about the sun but whenever it comes out it makes me extra happy and all i want to do as we go from door to door is sing glorious hymns!
Last week was a lot better then the previous week. It seemed like everything was falling apart the week before. Like Fionna was moving to Alaska. We couldn't get a hold our investigators. Our appointments fell through. But we always know that whenever there is a bad day the is always a good day around the corner! Last week was that good day! Fionna is not moving to Alaska which we are so happy about! And the YSA is just on fire! We got 2 new investigators this week from the YSA and they are just awesome. People that are YSA age are just so humble and eager to learn more. We have a baptism this Saturday for Jacob and we are so excited! Jacob is a miracle! He was a refferral from another set of missionaries and we met him a little over two weeks ago. He is cruising through the book of Mormon and he says that whenever he prays to know if it is true, he can't stop smiling. The branch just really loves him a lot.
 One thing that i love so much about the church is that everyone in it is like your family. A lot of the people we teach come from broken families and they have never felt so welcome and loved before. The church is truly like coming back home for so many people. It just feels right!
Things are going well! i feel like Heavenly Father is and has been teaching me a lot this transfer. My companion and I are working hard and just giving everything we can and holding nothing back. 
I love y'all! have a great week! Love Sister Lindmeir

Surgery is legit!!!!

whats up family !!!? 
Well I had surgery yesterday around 2 o'clock they take good care of you it was vary nice they have comfy beds and the nurses were very cool Ha Ha. 
My letters going to sound weird because in not writing it my good friend Elder Campbell is writing It. So this week was awesome cant remember much right now because my head is spinning but we have been teaching William every single day this last week and hes getting baptised this Saturday !!! ya ya  hes a supper old guy hes not all the way their but man is he awesome I'm so pumped for him!!!!
I went on exchanges this week with Elder Bringhurst who is a master basher and doctrine fanatic!!!! and that night we taught ken and Corina and 1st thing they bring up is all the anti questions and concerns they have lucky i had elder Bringhurst to back me up and for the next two hours we taught and answered all the concerns until the last question exaltation  and then as soon as I'm about to answer Elder bringhurs wipes out his kitty journal that has well known christian leaders in the early centres before the nicen creed that talks about exaltation. and after he read these and testified all their concerns were answered . and now they are just praying to know if the book of Mormon is true .

     we had our zone training meeting that we had prepared for. it was to help the missionaries plan in second gear witch just means having them plan more tords using members every hour of the day and we made a little video I would send it to you but its to long its prity funny well family i love you so much thanks for the prayers and all you do.
have a great week God bless  

Monday, January 12, 2015

Elder Rivers is so cool.

what a cool letter from Rivers! no im not a boss he is! really though.
going to be a short email i have to plan for a meeting but, cool miracles are comming our way!!!!
the crazziest thing about it is how much i have to rely to the lord. this week was tough because only have a left arm you really cant do a lot. because as a missionary we take so many notes/thought/ideas for meetings, so this week preparing for this meeting was crazzy because my new comp is a new to this i have to tell him everything and he has to write it all down he has to plan while i just say what to do, so its been getting a little crazzy but, i tell you what. its a very humbling experience especially since i cant do everything i want too. but my heart is always full of the saviors love, and patience. and for that i am so greatful for him.
thanks family for all the prayers i know they guide me! well love you all and my only advice is the Lord will always provide.
elder lindmeir

Monday, January 5, 2015


hah so as you all know i broke my arm. but it was so sick!!!! so bear with me i have terrible spelling especially with one hand so sorry..... but this is the story so enjoy!!!
pday the activity was ultimate freesbee and soccer and basket ball and the whole day i was going hard like always i dont loose!!!.... thanks dad. so after winning soccer and freesbe we came to basket ball!!!!
my favorite sport as you all know and we played a little bit and then for some reason we had a dunking competition!!! and since you know i can dunk it i had to pull a chair up to do it! i attempted 2 times and just slipped off the rim and fell on the floor then on the last time i was getting pumped up!!!!! i got e. hannamen to slap me in the face three times really hard then i ran with the basketball and running and screaming i jumped off the chair dunked it!!! and to add more to the effect i decided to hold on the rim!!! and as soon as i did the momentum from the run was still moving forward and so i slipped off the rim and was falling straight down on my ead as my legs were in the air! but dont worry i made sure to stick my right arm out to take the blow!!! next thing i know it snapped my ehole zone stopped i grabbed my arm said i broke it and laughed it out. got a blessing and went straight to the emergency room st 4 oclock and got checked in and worked on at 1 in the morning haha. it was awesome!!! and while they put me under to set it back into place they put me on some crazzy druggs and e. rivers can testify to you all that the whole time i was out, i tought them everything about the book of mormon and about the restoration!! it was sick!!!!!!! got the nurses adresss and we are going to visit him soon!!!
got home around 4am and got 1 hour sleep and went to work the next day because of transfers and still i havent made up any sleeep haha im feeling it. i still cant move my fingers much but im fine. this week was bomb ill tell u all next week my laptop dies in 3 min. so love you all it was an awesome week!!!!!!!!