Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Family!
Alot of things happened last week! it was a really crazy, funny, hard, and sad in some ways week! On Monday last week we had an amazing lesson with a part member family. There two daughters michelle and natalie are 14 and 15 and the mom is a really less active member. we taught them the restoration and it was so cool. we told them about the book of mormon and they said they would read it and pray about it! they are so golden! they love everything about what we have been teaching them! and we hope to put them on date for baptism tonight when we teach them the plan of salvation! Tuesday, my companion was really sick! Wednesday was a rough day because everything was falling through and nothing was going right and then we found out that are most progressing investigator is involved in homo-sexual relationships and we didn't know that. then that same night me and my companion get a a voice mail from the president telling us to call him as soon as we can! we call him and he asks if we can cover our ward and another ward because the elders in that ward got transferred suddenly! so on thursday we pick up all the elders information from the eastmont ward and start looking at it and start trying to figure out how we are going to cover two wards. we look in the area book, which holds all the information for everyone you teach and find out that the elders didnt up date the book so we had no idea who they were teaching, what they have been teaching, and where anybody lives! so we call the ward missionary leader and the bishop to try to help us figure out who the missionaries have been teaching but they were both out of town. so all weekend we felt pretty lost haha. then on sunday we figured everything out though so we are good now! Sunday night we had a lesson with this lady named tera. Tera has family in our ward and went to church with them last week and loved it. she has a little daughter and she really wants to have religion in her life. we were able to have the lesson in her families home and it went so well! we taught her the restoration, she told us shebelieved everything that we were telling us and that it all made sense to her because she has great faith in Gpd and Jesus Christ. We told her about the bbook of Mormon and she said she would read it and then we invited her to be baptized for november 16th and she said Yes! then she said the most amazing prayer at the end of the lesson that i have ever heard! it was so cool and this was just the first lesson!!!!!! Right after that lesson, we had a lesson with Brianna and Summer, who we have been teaching for four weeks now and that were on date for baptism for November 2. we taught them the plan of salvation last night and we asked them what Jesus Christ means to them. they both said nothing and that they didn't know anything about him. Stab in my heart because all we have been doing for the past four weeks has been telling them everything that Christ did for us. So Sister Fletcher starts baring her testimony about Jesus Christ and it was so amazing that i was so overcome with the spirit that i just start crying and then i bore my testimony about Christ too. i have never felt the spirit so strongly in my life and i know that everything that me and my companion said was from the holy ghost and we know it was what the Lord wanted us to say. coolest experience ever!
i hope everyone is doing amazing!
Love Sister Lindmeir

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