Monday, October 27, 2014

Family!Elder Lindmeir

Great week like always!!! had some funny and some great wonderful experiences this week!!!!
first off it was an insane week!!!!
#1 today for zone activity we played ultimate Frisbee and you know how much I love that and on of the elder threw the Frisbee and told me to catch it in my mouth so I tried and it hit my mouth and I instantly spat out big chunk of my tooth!! haha I totally picked it up and my bottom tooth got owned and I showed the elders and they were laughing and freaking out but after a while I was smiling and they were looking for were it broke and they couldn't find it until they looked at the back of my retainer and its accually a chunk of the glue! so ill be fixing that soon this week. so no need to worry. but I know whatyour thinking why I would even try, and honestly I don't know other than I am always down to try things and my competitiveness got in the way.. so then we had orange floats after. (by the way we won )
#2 we tought the seminary the last few weeks and we got them to do a competition what class can invite most of there friends to either an activity, church, lessons, seminary, or meet the morons. and this week we showed up and gave the class you won the prize and we got like 40 people who we can go by in the future! so we are stoked!
#3 being BOLD. so I don't know what has come over me but lately I feel like something is coming over me and I am being bold to everyone. for example. we show up to a members house and its all the youth are having like a party at there house and we just walk on in and the members were like " hey whats up??? we got to go " and then as they were talking we say like 4 non member youth and we passed the members and we invited the youth to take the lessons and soon they should be!!!! that's honestly how it should be but sometimes as a missionary we get a little scared.
#4 we were able to find a family this week who are just ready! we just need to be consistent in meeting everyday. shes supper busy but if we make the time everything will work out great!! and we had or other family come to church this week for the first time ever and thay loved it and it was a huge testamony of what the church does and supports to the women of the church. we also  who we gave her a church tour. and her and her 4 kids were pumped!!! so we are excited we are going to teach her tonight!
#5 tought Lillty this week shes awesome she is a Part member family and the husband is really not active at all and wants to change and follow Christ and so we taught her about Christ and the gospel of Jesus Christ/ the restoration and she loved it and hopeful we wall set a date with her tounight also!
#6 I am supper tired right now haha so if it doesn't make sense my bad! but It was a great weka because of skylor baptism was this week and hes going to be such a great amazing example  to others.
love you all awesome week sorry so tired cant keep my eyes open. shivani love you have late b_day!!!!
elder lindmeir

Blowing Away! Sister Lindmeir

Not only are my companions burps blowing me away but the wind is also!( don't worry everybody, my companion gave me permission to say this. She could honestly beat any guy at a burping contest! She is pretty awesome!) This weekend we were watching our members animals that we live with. When we came home saturday night it was soooo windy! we forgot that we had to take the garbages back into the garage and while we were doing it, the wind blew the lid of the garbage cans up and Sister Jessie and i almost died! we were flown/dragged around like a kite! it was pretty funny! Then the next morning Sister Jessie and i went to go feed their chickens and their turkey but the chicken coop was nowhere to be found. It had Blown away to the nieghbors yard and the chickens and turkey were just roaming around! we caught them though with some help from members in our ward. :) it is pretty windy in Richland. i might have to sew some rocks at the bottom of my skirt or just hope no one is looking when my skirt blows up. haha just kidding,  i where leggings and tights because it is getting chilly already!

So something really cool that happened is that we are teaching Kelly! I don't know if you all remember the Kelly i told you about in my emails when i was serving in Kennewick a couple of weeks ago. But she is the one that came to church with a friend and read half the book of Mormon in one week. Well Sister Love my old companion found out that she was barely on the border for being in the Richland YSA instead of the Kennewick one so i get to teach her again! she is doing so awesome! Last week at a lesson she told us that when she went to church and first started to take the lessons, she didn't just for dinner conversations. which means she just wanted to do it so when she was with her friends she could say, hey guess what, i went to church with the mormons and read that crazy book that they have, and they are just as weird as all of you say! but she told us that now it is not the case at all, she says the Book of Mormon has changed her and feels such a difference in her life. It was pretty cool! 

I went on a couple of exchanges last week and sometimes i just don't know what to do! I went on this exchange with this one Sister who is just the hardest working missionary i have ever met but she is so hard on herself it was sooooo sad. if she made one little mistake is was heart wrenching to watch! you could just see how she would just beat herself up about it, and the weird thing was it wasn't in my eyes a mistake at all. At the end of the exchange she was just bawling to me about how she does not feel good enough, and no matter how hard she tries she feels like she is not doing any good. It was so hard to watch this amazing Sister beat herself up because truly in my eyes she was doing amazing and is a fantastic missionary! she is perfectly obedient, diligent, kind, charitable and so sweet! I honestly wished that she could see herself as God sees her and everyone else also. I wasn't sure how to help her, but to help her know that she is amazing and i gave her a couple of talks to help her. 

This exchange helped me to realize how grateful i am for the atonement, because if we do our very best, Christ makes up the rest. I really do know this to be true and i hope and pray that all of you rely on Christ to help you through your weaknesses, struggles, trials, and challenges. I really know Christ can uplift us and transform us in to the people the people he wants us to be.

I love you all! Love Sister Lindmeir

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mission life!

this week has been awesome!!
worked so hard went on two exchanges with elder sckow and elder Rodriguez and had a really good time!
it was awesome we picked up a new investigator from a part member family and he's really awesome meeting with him later today!
we got all of our recent converts to prepare to go to the temple and this week we are going to have 8 RC going to do temple baptisms!!! so stoked for them!
last night for dinner me and my companion sat down and thad to come up with an idea for zone activity and this is what we cam eup with....
it was bomb we had a fog machine challenges for the missionaries punkins getting blown up and everyone was having a good time!! we made a bunch of pasta and died it green and 6 missionaries at a time had to eat the pasta with #1 carmel syrup on 1 #2 tapatio on the second #3 expired barbecue sauce. 4# tajine all over it and maple syrup. and we had a race. it was a sick activity all planed in 3 hours! haha it was awesome and the zone loved it!!!
I am really tired so sorry this is all I can say its amazing here and I love it every minute!!! the mission is the best!!!! keep it up family love you all so much!!!
elder lindmeir

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Thursday was the best day of mine and my companions life ever! I was having a pretty hard time earlier in the week because the last companion i had, we were just killing it together! we were perfectly obedient and we just got the work done and we saw miracles left and right and we couldn't even believe the goodness of God! My companion now is awesome but she is really slowing down because she goes home pretty soon so it has been hard trying to help her to keep going strong and finishing strong.
Thursday morning i was feeling a little down because of the lack of people we are teaching and how this area is going, and how i just want it to explode because i feel that, that is the vision that God has for us here! Thursday morning Sister Jessie and i knelt down in humble prayer, pleading that God would lead us to people that were ready for the gospel. Thursday before we went into an appointment we get a call from the Zone leaders and  they said Sisters we have the best refferal for you! The referral they had for us name is Cody and they put him on date for baptism November 15th after just one lesson! Sister Jessie and i were so excited  that we went and saw him that night. He let us in and his friend Katie, was there and she is just as interested in the Gospel as he is! Then right after that Sister Jessie and i were going to go and try contacting another refferal and when we went to go contact the refferral we met this guy named Loyd outside of her apartment. Loyd is awesome and is soooo interested in the gospel! God Blessed us with 3 new investigators within one hour! HOLY COW does God answer prayers! he is so good to us missionaries!

Sister Jessie and i are in a finding stage right now and we are really working on finding the Elect to teach. I am so pumped for this area! This area has always been a dead area and i just know that it can explode if we do everything we can God truly is a God of miracles!

Things are going really good! I know that this week is going to be so good and i just can't wait to kill it! Love Sister Lindmeir

Monday, October 13, 2014

DEJAVU!!!Sister Lindmeir

It was really weird on wednesday to come back to the area that i first served in. I was a little nervous, but excited to come into this area and give everything i have to the ward and people when beforehand i couldn't because i was so new and didn't know what i was doing. Nervous only because do you all remember when i was haunted at the place i was living in my first area? remember how i couldn't sleep for my first two weeks and i would hear the creepiest things and one night i just woke up screaming?! well, don't worry. i don't know if it is just is not haunted anymore or if i am just to tired to be woken up, because i sleep like a baby! :)  don't worry the place is now blessed and all that good jazz so you don't have to worry about me, oh and MOM sent me a night light if i ever get scared so don't worry haha :)

It has been so weird driving around and seeing so many familiar things. On Sunday i was suprized to see that there were a handful of members that recognized me and one of them ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug and said i am so glad you are back! it is cool that even when we think we don't do much or leave an impact, we do. When i walked into church i also saw one of the ladies that i taught a year ago. Good old Patty Hendon! she is baptized now and it was amazing to see her and how she is such a strong member in the church. She has changed so much and it goes to show no effort is ever wasted. She had been taught by missionaries for 12 years and she got baptized just 6 months ago. she is awesome!

It has been cool to drive around and try some of the people that i used to teach. We tried this girl named Lilly that i we taught a year ago. When we knocked on the door and when Lilly saw my face she was so happy and excited! She told us that nobody had seen her in almost a year and she didn't know why because she loved all the lessons so much and the Book of Mormon. She was so sad when the missionaries stopped coming by. We are going to start teaching her now again though. She is just so great and loves God so much!

I love this area and i feel like it has so much potential. We really feel like God has a great vision for this area and we are trying to see his vision. The area is kind of dead right now, so i am so excited to help build it up! I have been praying a lot and have been brain storming some ideas of how we can help this area pick up and build up our teaching pool. Members are the key and we look forward to working with them closely, and going out finding those that God is preparing for his gospel. One thing that i have learned so much with all the areas that i have served in id faith is the key! This is one of my favorite scriptures ever!   "For behold, I am God; and I am a God of miracles; and I will show unto the world that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and I work not among the children of men save it be according to their faith." 2 Nephi 27:23 
I know that this scripture is so true that as we have faith in the Lord and as we do everything we can, he will show unto us miracles! He truely is all powerful and can do anything. I am glad to be back in this area and I really like my new companion her name is Sister Jessee. She is from Riverton Utah and she is just a sweet heart and i feel like we are going to work really well together!

i love you all! Love Sister Lindmeir

Elder Lindmeir Mission

The mission is the best! I got my new companion and hes totally a ginger.... its pretty cool, and right now I feel like I have never been so bussy in my life! I love it!!! cant even remember the last time I had time to write in my journal ( sorry mom ) haha. but its all good because the lord is blessing us with people to teach.
Miracles for this week!!!
Met up with one of our investigators Skyler and he has been pushing off his baptismal date for a while now and by this time I had my new comp and I just told skyler right then and there you pick right now what you want to do and commit. He choose the right path and totally has been committed to make that first promise I love it!!!!!! 
since Elder Olvera left I have this enormous are and zone to take care of and my new companion has never been a zone leader or worked how we work in this area so theres a lot on my back but I love it I just work work work and trust in the lord to do the rest and laugh while doing it!!! its a great blessing to know that the lord doesn't require you to be this good at everything he just wasn't you to do your best. the lord has helped us find places /addresses of people and to find specific people in a specific area.
we met with tenille every day this week and she was able to make that step!!! within 2 weeks she was able to make this promise! the girl has some faith! and the evil one tried and tried to tell her not to do it but as she was reading alma 32 she got her answer that she needed to get baptized it 2 weeks. its amazing to see that the lord is just putting his children in our paths just ready to listen.
Saturday night came and we received a call from the bishop and he asked us to give a talk about missionary work and how it helps us become more Christ like. I was so pumped!!!! and we only had like an hour to prepare a 15 min talk! it was legit was a powerful meeting on Sunday and we got the whole ward stoked to share the gospel!

it was an amazing week learned so much and I am so greatful for all you keep up the hard work!!!!!
elder lindmeir

Monday, October 6, 2014

Lessons to be learned Sister Lindmeir

Hey Everybody!
Let me just start off saying that people need what we have, and that the Lord is preparing people! A couple of weeks ago a guy in the YSA  invited a girl named Kelly to the branch. Kelly came and she enjoyed it very much! She used to be catholic but something in her life changed and she turned away from God and all his teachings as a teenager. She is very open and accepted a copy of the book of Mormon. We left her with 0NE Chapter to read. We met with her the Friday Following the Sunday and we asked her how her reading went. She started apologizing to us and she was like, I have been so busy with work, school, and my plays that I am in that I have only read a few books in the book of Mormon. I am so sorry sisters, I just wanted to be so prepared for our lesson and I couldn't finish. Sister Love and my Jaw was to the floor!!! this never happens!!! who does that?! it Was the best! we asked her if she was praying while she read, she said I have not prayed since I was a little girl. We talked about prayer and committed her to pray. She said she would.
On Sunday Kelly came to conference and afterwards we were talking to her and we asked her how her praying was going. She started to cry, she said "I have not prayed in so long and I didn't know what to say, so I just started talking to God, telling him how sorry I am about turning away from him for so many years. I was just pleading to him, to forgive me. And when I was praying it was like I was just talking to my dad. I have not been able to tell anyone or talk to anyone like I did with him and I felt so much peace." God is so real and I know he answers prayers and he truly is our Loving Heavenly Father. So many people don't know that and it is up to us to help them know that. Kelly is awesome and it is really cool to see how her life is changing already.

On Thursday we had a meeting with President Ware and he was giving us his testimony before the meeting was over and He Said " God needs us where we are, and where we are going to go" he looked straight at me and I was like NOOOOOOOOO! this means I am getting transferred but again. Sure enough transfer calls came and I am getting transferred. I was really sad about it because I just got doubled into this area with Sister Love who is the best companion I have ever had and the work here is now just exploding and I am learning so much, we are working so hard, and I have to leave again?! I kept asking myself why do I have to leave again?! This is going to be my 7th time being transferred why do I have to get transferred so much? I was really sad about it but then, In conference something that Jorge Klinbignet said in his talk really stuck out to me. He talks about 6 things we can do. the 6th thing says Except trials as part of your existence. Just expect trials, trust in the Lord and put a smile on your face and prove yourself to Heavenly Father that you can do this! haha I know I should expect trials in life sometimes I am a little whimpy and I like where I am at. I know that God has a lot of things that he wants me to learn and that's why he moves me around so much. or I am just not getting a lesson that he is trying to teach me... hopefully I get it this time haha. I have all faith and trust in the Lord though and I am excited to learn and grow some more!

Something That is super exciting though is I am getting transferred to West Richland which is the very first area that I served in! I only served there for six weeks and I always felt bad about that area because I was so shy and my companion was sick all the time that we didn't get all that I hoped to do done, and I felt like I didn't even make a difference. so I am excited to go back and make a difference and help everyone come unto Christ!

Love you all! Love Sister Lindmeir


transfers came!!!! and my companion is leaving after 4 and a half months together... its always sad to see a comp go when you work so good with each other but hey I am so stoked to get a new companion!!!!!! we are actually having transfers at the movie theater and we are going to watch the movie " MEET THE MORMONS " woot woot we get to watch it tomorrow even before it comes out! so I am totally going to take a nap during that movie. I think I might be sleep deprived haha honestly my eyes literally fall from my face. but its all part of this great experience!!! and I love it. I think so far in my mission were I can say this is the hardest thing that I think will come in my path, I sure hope not, because it really has been able to strengthen me and build some more character, but honestly the mission is the hardest thing I have ever doneX100 haha put its so great to see because when something bad is happening or when you need to get something done or your on deadlines or you disappoint members and non members its so amazing to see and feel happy. I honestly can tell you I have only gotten mad 1 time since I have been on my mission and no matter what comes our way we know we can tackle it, and be positive about it. not last sunday but the sunday before that we were struggling to find new investigators and that day I fasted and prayed and when we went to church on sunday we told our ward mission leader that we need to find new people to teach and that we need his help and as we are talking we get a knock on the door, and sister Marler peeps in her head and says " hey we have a non member  walk into church with three little kids " as soon as she said that we got up laughing and gave her a church tour and she bore her testimony and on Monday we tought her, and set a baptismal date on the 11th in 5days. we have met with her everyday this week and she has gotten her spiritual manifestation that the book of Mormon is true, she knows that Thomsas S Monson is a prophet of god just by listening to him speak yesterday. The most amazing thing about this woman is shes about 30 years old with 3 little kids, has been struggling for months, Finacially mentally physically and I have never seen someone so positive about everything. she makes time to read her scriptures, and to pray and to come to church. you know the lord prepares people when they are like this. and there everywhere we just all need to open our eyes a little more and look for them. she told us that she loves the gospel that we are teaching her and that she loves the members and she said I cant wait to become a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. we are so blessed to teach her right now so if you have the chance just pray for her, her name is Tuniel.

so one of our recent converts got himself into Anti Mormon garbage, and it was so funny because he had a huge lists of concerns and we told him we will go through each one and answer them and I kid you not all of them were answered after about an hour ( wich was the biggest waist of time ) but he needed them to be answered and it came down to him that he kept on saying that there is no evidence that the book of Mormon is real. and I was just thinking to myself and I was just ready to show him all of the evidences that it was real. and it got me thinking that there would be literaly 0 point in sharing with him all the evidences of the book of Mormon. because even if we were to share it with him it would defeat the purpose of building faith, and especially building faith in Christ. In all of the so called " evidences" he found it was the little things and wasn't focusing on the big picture that the question is " Does the book of Mormon bring you closer to Christ? " and he answered yes. and all the other garbage out there is from man and not by god. and so it made me think about am I focusing on all the other little things or just Christ. that's just a thought. well it was a great week honestly I am so pumped to get my new companion and to keep seeing the lords miracles in our path!!!! love you all!!!!
elder lindmeir