Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Everybody! My companion Sister Standing is really good at telling stories so these first paragraphs are some crazy stories that happened to us this week! In her words because i thought it was so funny :)

Craziest thing happened the other day! We were driving out to an appointment and Sister Lindmeir shouts "Snake!!!" So I stopped and went back around and there was this snake in the middle of the road but it was acting really weird dragging it's head along the ground. Lindmeir said it was because he probably had a bad head ache. So I went and grabbed a hanger that was in the car and scooted the snake off the road and we went our appointment. On the way back afterwards we stopped to see if the snake was ok and it was dead. DEAD as in tongue sticking out not moving when we poked it dead. I decided we should put it in a box and drop it off at this one member (dean)'s house and be like oh you have a present on your back porch. So we got this snake in a box that used to have Books of Mormon [Book of Mormons] in it, mind you Sister Lindmeir does NOT like dead things so she's pretty much gagging the whole time I'm doing this. A couple days later we had service we were doing for Dean and I asked if he saw the snake and he didn't even look at it! He just moved the box to the burn pile and I told him he had to look at it it's the coolest snake ever! So I go over the the box and opened it with a pitch fork beacuse it's been dead a few days it's probably really gross right?....WRONG!!!!! The snake was alive!!!! I don't know how but it played dead better than the teenage possom from Over the Hedge!!! I'm pretty sure that it was because before our appointments we always say prayers and Sister Lindmeir prayed that the snake would be ok xD So that was definitely journal entry worth experience. Helpful Tip: Make sure the snake is dead before you put it in your Books of Mormon box.
Well on our last P-Day we got the opportunity to go hiking! Yeeaahhhhh I was so excited. We drove about the 40 minutes that the GPS told us to go and the destination was this locked gate that led to a water pump factory which isn't exactly the nature waterfall we were looking for so we stopped these bikers and asked if they knew and they said "Oh yeah just about 10 miles up the road." ....So 20 miles up the road we call the Elders and are trying to figure out where they're at, I guess they found it pretty easy and we were all confused because there was the parking lot the bikers and an old farmer told us to go to but the Elders weren't there so we didn't think it was the right place. We keep driving and stop to ask this elderly bird watching couple (She had the funniest glasses ever they made her eyes look so big x) and they told us go back it's the gravel parking lot. At this point we've been driving for about an hour and a half and the Elders call us saying they're just going to start the hike without us so we said forget it just I guess we'll just go look at this parking lot everyone's telling us about. Lo and behold! The parking lot had a trail, and this trail led to this beautiful waterfall that dropped over about a 30 foot cliff and it was just a beautiful easy hike no more that a mile out a mile back. but we were thinking that we missed out on this totally amazing waterfall the Elders were hiking to. Later that night Elders called us saying their hike was definitely not the right one. They hiked for about 10 miles before they realized or were able to accept that they weren't on the right path. When they decided to turn around they had to hike 2 hours back through mud and rivers, feet soaking wet covered in blisters. They said it was miserable and you sisters were right we should have listened to you." Thank you bird watchers farmer and motorcyclists! 

Now to the Spiritual stuff! Jarrad got baptized! After Jarrad was baptized he got up and bore his testimony and it was one of the best testimonies that i have ever heard! Jarrad was catholic most of his life and even went to catholic school when he was young. he said he didn't believe in everything taught and that it just didn't feel right so he wasn't active in it for many years. When his son Carter was born, he decided that he wanted religion in his families life. He met Kyle Moore at medical school with him who is a member of the church, and asked him a lot of questions about what we believe, and then started taking the lessons. When we had a lesson with him two weeks ago and went over the baptism questions with him, he said that he loved the church how it was so good and all focused around Jesus Christ and the families and how he wanted that for his family but he didn't know for sure if Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this was the only true church on earth. We committed him to pray about it, and testified that he would get an answer. After Jarrad prayed one night to know if the gospel was true, he had an amazing spiritual experience! he compared it to taking a shower with his little son carter for the first time, just holding him there with all the love and peace that he felt! The spirit testified to him so strongly that the church is true! It was amazing to hear Jarrads testimony of how he knows the church is true and it just makes any hard day in the mission field worth it!

Mission Life Elder Lindmeir

this week was just packed full of miracles!
1st off after knocking up a storm last week we went and contacted most of them this week, and were able to pick up 3 new investigators. they are all really amazing people and we are so greateful for them. one of them is named marci, and marci is a single mom who has a kid thats our age and as soon as we knocked on her door she instantly had a soft spot for us, she let us in and tought a very spritual lesson, and by the end she wants to read and pray and see if baptism is for her, considering she is a catholic and goes to church everyday.
so something that has been one of my goals this transfer was to get the youth involved more, our priests in our ward are great and all but there are a few that have no desire to go on a mission, but we are going to change that attitude. there is this kid named donte, hes a jock football player and the last thing he could care about is church, and for the last couple weeks we have tried to get him to come out with us on splitz but he always makes excuses, so then we decided well if he wont come out with us atleast he can feed us, so yesterday he took us to in and out, and right after we went out to eat on the way back, Elder stevens and i schedualed another youth to go on splitz with us for a couple of hours and Donte dident know about it until we got to the church and elder stevens jumped out and got in the other youths car. O i was so excited to show Donte how awesome missionary work is, at first he was super mad that we did that to him, and that he had to come out with me, but we were going to see miracles thats what i told him, so the first thing we did was pray and asked god " guide us to the house thats prepared and ready"
i was so pumped! felt the spirit and then we went and knocked up a storm! got some good responses and so not so good but close to the end of knocking Donte was dragging his feet and wasent to excited, and i asked "Donte wich door is it? wich door does god want us to go and knock? he pointed and the next door we knocked was a beautiful family, that let us in right away and we tought one of the best lessons i have ever been in, the spirit was so strong and as i tought i would pause when the spirit was there and Donte would bear his testamony and it worked out so well by the end of the lesson the family committed to come to church. as we walked out i just yelled so loud just jumped on Donte and he was about as excited as i was! right after that we went to his house to go to a barbaque that the ward was having and Donte told his parents what we did and his parents were so suprised they  were like " who is this kid?" they were really appreciated what we did and Donte wants to come out with us again and it just shows the littlest things can make the biggest difference in peoples lives.
 the barbaque was so great we had so many non members there and we were able to get to know them all and the member just fellowshipped every and everything just worked out perfectly! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we are working so hard right now and loving every second of it!!!!!!!!!
this week was great love you all hope to hear from toy all soon!
elder lindmeir

Monday, May 26, 2014


Hello!!! How was your Memorial Day??!!! Mine was SOOO great!! It was busy! We went to a members home and she gave Sister Kraemer and I makeovers. It was really fun. I am feeling not so cute these days and I needed a makeover! So that was great! So Shivani, PLEASE HELP ME when I come home.
That same member had a date with a man named Ahmad after our makeovers. She asked if we could teach him a little bit because he is not a member. So we taught him and turns out he has gone to the Temple Visitors Center Several Times, but he just was never consistent in meeting with missionaries. He lives in Gaithersburg, MD! We went online and found out which ward he is supposed to be in. We called the Bishop and got the missionaries number. He is assigned to a ward that has both French and English Speaking Missionaries. Ahmad is from Cameroon and speaks french so it was a miracle. Ahmad will be meeting with the missionaries soon and we are excited about it! 
We went to Arlington cemetery right after. There were flags and roses at every gravestone so it was really neat to see! We were only there for about 10 minutes, but it was fun! So that was our Memorial Day!!

We had two exchanges this week! 1st was with sister Funk in Herndon. 2nd, I stayed in Oakmarr with Sister Schramm. Sister Schramm and I were in the same singles ward our first year at Utah State! So that was really fun to be with her. They are both incredible missionaries.  

So last week I mentioned the miracle with Ed & Jennifer. Well, we had an incredible lesson with Jennifer last week!! She was so excited that she can get baptized as an adult. Yesterday we had another lesson with
them and it went really well. We barely got through the first part of the Plan of Salvation because she had so many questions relating to the plan! But I love it, because she has a strong desire to know the truth. She keeps saying that "it just feels right" when we teach her! It is so great!

So on Saturday we helped with something called "Gifts if the heart." I think the Creekside Stake at home does the same thing. But everyone could donate on Friday night and then we helped people on Saturday. It was so crazy though. People were running into the Church building and filling up bags so quickly. It was like "Black Friday", but worse!! But it was obvious that they needed those things. And it was fun to help people pick out things for their families.
Saturday evening, we had a lesson Matthew. He is a Recent Convert and is living on Disability right now for some emotion disorders. He thought that we were late to the appointment so he told his roommate that he was leaving to go to the grocery store. We found out from his roommate and decided to go to the store. We went on a search for him in the store and found him just before we were about to leave - Thank Goodness! Matthew was wearing a different hat and I asked what it was. He said that he is mormon and Buddhist. WHAT? So we taught the Restoration and explained to him that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the earth. We don't know if he understood, but it was really funny.
Sunday was a miracle day! Five of the Less-active Members we are teaching came to church! Yay! After Dinner we met Caroline, A Young Single Adult, and she is our newest investigator. We will be passing her off to the Singles Ward, but we are really excited for her.
So those are some of my highlights! I hope you have a great week!
Sister Kiana Lindmeir
Temporary Address
3202 Arrowhead Circle #E

Fairfax, VA 22030

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Last week was great and super busy! we have been doing a lot of service lately for our investigators, potential investigators and less active people in our ward with the weather being so nice. We have been weeding so much lately, that i even dream about it at nights! we got to Vacuum someones lawn the other day and it was pretty fun :)
We have been busy finding new people to teach also and we found some great people. Like the other day we were just walking around and we started talking to this guy and all of a sudden he just rips off his shirt and starts showing us his stab wounds and telling us the story about how he used to be in be in some bad things but how he has turned back to God now. We ran into some other really awesome people too and we can't wait to start teaching them more about how the Gospel can bless their lives!
We had stake conference on saturday and Sunday and it was sooooo goood! It was all about Hastening of the work and helping the members get pumped for missionary work. For it, they had one of our Recent converts Sydney get up and speak and bare her testimony about how the gospel has changed her life and about how important missionary work is! the whole room was filled with the sweetest spirit and it touched every ones hearts so much! It was soooo good and we are hoping that this will get the members really wanting to help us out in the work!
On Saturday Jarrad is getting baptized and he is really excited for his Barbatism(barbacue+baptism)! He is sooo excited about it that he is inviting all of his friends that he is in medical school with! which is awesome because it is a great opportunity for all these non member medical students to see what a baptism is like. Mandy, Jarrad's doesn't feel like she is ready to get baptized yet, but she totally is! you can just see on her face how happy the gospel makes her, and we are hoping that in a few weeks Jarrad will be able to baptize her :) 
We are really excited about Jarrad's Baptism this week! Things are super great! i love you all! have a great week!
Love Sister Lindmeir

Wisdom from Elder Ballard!!!

Hey guys!!! I hope you all had an amazing week! I did! And I know I probably always say that, but it was amazing! Here are some of the Highlights...
  • We had a Tri-mission Conference where Elder Ballard came to DC and spoke to our mission, Baltimore and DC North mission!!! It was at the stake center right next to the DC Temple and it was great! Elder Wong and Elder Clayton from the 70 were also there and they said great things! Elder Ballard said that if we want to baptize more people, we need to Talk to more people. He is so BOLD and honest! I love it! He also said that whenever we feel down or discouraged, think of Gethsemane - think of the Savior. elder Ballard said that we should carry a picture of Christ with us so that we always remember that. That is something that I have been doing and I want to invite all of you to do the same thing - to carry a picture of Christ with you! Anyone need one? The conference was amazing and it was great to see our whole mission all together too!
  • We met with Rose Murphy 3 times this week and it was great! We had Family Home Evening in a members home and rose' kids loved it! We also had a Followup lesson at her home on Wednesday. On Saturday, she brought her 3 kids to the church for a church tour and they loved it! They are already sold! We even showed them the Baptismal Font and the kids were saying that they wanted to get baptized! They couldn't come to church on Sunday, but for sure next week!
  • We met Jonette this week while she was cleaning out her car (Which is funny, because that is how we met Rose as well!). She was so kind and we got to know her and then just started teaching her the Restoration. It was amazing and she agreed to have a lesson with us. Last night we met with her and brought a member with us! It went so well and the Spirit was so strong. Jonette told us that she has no idea why she said "yes" to meeting with us, because she has said no before to missionaries. She said that she is just going to have to learn more and read the Book of Mormon to find out why she said "yes." She is great!
  • We received a referral from Church Headquarters, Edward. We had his address so we stopped by yesterday (5/18) and he was working on his beautiful new car and was surrounded by all his neighbor men that had to come check his car out! I don't know if this neighborhood was just very friendly and open or they were just friendly because they were looking at the beautiful car, but we talked to so many of them! And they are willing to meet with us again! So that was a miracle! And then we are talking with Edward and find out he is actually a member of the church. Converted about 7 years ago! He moved from another ward and his records must of got lost. And missionaries have NEVER stopped by, so we are going to have to tract out that neighborhood :). But Edward was so great and he wants us to teach his girlfriend, Jennifer. We went in to meet Jennifer and she is the sweetest women! We have a return appointment for Wednesday and I will let you know how it goes! In that whole experience, I just knew that a higher being was in charge. And that he wanted us to see the fruits of our labors. We are working so hard and it is great to see great things like that happen.
  • I went on two Exchanges this week... 1st- I stay in Oak Marr with Sister Schooley. She is from Kaysville, but lives really close to us. She lives in between the neighboring churches on flint (do you know what I am talking about?). But it was great to get to know her. She is such a sweetheart and we had a great exchange! 2nd - I went to Chantilly with Sister Stewart. She has been out only about 2 months and she is so humble and kind! We had a great exchange and even went running outside in the morning. It has been a while since I have done that, but it felt real good! I am out of shape though!  Now all of you have to promise that you can't make fun of how "out of shape" I am when I get home. K?
To Mom, Dad, Shivani and Gabe and whoever else would like to know... When I skyped, I invited you to do something this week to bring either someone else or yourself closer to Christ and then to share your experience with me. How did it go? Or did you forget?
To Everyone: There is a talk called, "His Grace is sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. It is on Youtube and I want to invite all of you to watch it! I know it will help you in ALL that you do!!! You will love it
And I will follow-up next week with how it went :)
Have an amazing week!!!
Sister Kiana Lindmeir

3202 Arrowhead Circle #E
Fairfax, VA 22030

Monday, May 12, 2014

Elder Lindmeir

letter will be short this week because i was able to pritty much say whatever i was going to type to you already when we skyped. but life is good and after we talked we picked up 4 potentials and pray that we may pick them up as investigators that would be nice. it was so cool to see you all and mom you should send waverli and kiana a video that you have from the card it will get them a good laugh.
well see you next week we are so stoked for today we have a dinner with a ptential family!!! so hope we can bring them closer to christ!!!
love you all!!!
elder lindmeir

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Everyone!
I don't have to much to write about today. I enjoyed Talking to my family so much last night though! i found out my that my little Sister Shivani is the most talented girl in the world, soooo good at singing and playing the piano! i can't wait to tell everyone that my little sister Shivani Lindmeir is a super star! ;) And oh my Gabey baby! you are sooo good at dancing! Professional! :) And i can't believe how tall you have gotten! I am the shortest in the family now haha :)
Last week was a great week though! We did a lot of tracting and ran into some awesome potential investigators! A lot of them seem like they are really prepared and we are excited to meet with them this week!
Everything is going great! just Lovin it! have a great week!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

Love you!!!Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Happy Belated Mother's Day to Mom, Grandma Lou and Grandma Peck!! I don't have much to report on this past week; except that I really enjoyed talking with some of you! I also enjoyed seeing Gabe "move his hips"  while dancing, and Shivani singing for me! Thanks for that :)
We saw Barry twice this week. He has been investigating off and on for 7 years and never went to church. We thought  it was because he didn't leave his house, but we felt that we should invite him to a church tour and he actually came! It was amazing! And he really enjoyed it and felt the Spirit. He knows that it is where God wants him and he said he will come to the actual Sacrament Meeting hopefully this upcoming Sunday :).
We did some service this week for Barry. All the Young Men and Women came and helped in his yard. He had mulch sitting in his yard for over 3 years and we were finally able to help him with that. It was incredible. Some of the leaders got poisen Ivy and I feel so bad, but it was great!
We also helped pull out Mustard-Garlic (a weed) in a cute, little forest this week! It reminded me of working at Calleva a few summers ago. We wore long pants and shirts because we did not want ticks. Many missionaries have been getting lymes disease and I do not want to get it!
Yesterday at church, all the Women were given "Utah Truffles". Wow, they were delicious. I can't believe I have never tasted them before! I hope you mothers got well taken care of yesterday :)
We have 2 exchanges planned this week and it will be real busy! I am excited!!! Love you all!!!

Love, Sister Kiana Lindmeir 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Elder Lindmeir Mission!!!!!!!!!

ill try to write a litter more than what i wrote last week to ya, haha but this week was a really awesome week and were able to see some great experiences but most of them were just funny things that had happened. im not sure yet on what time for skype it will be because the members that we wll be going over to do it at will call us and tell us when we can come over and do it, but ill let you know by wednesday hopefully. cant wait till i get to see all your pritty faces haha.
this week consisted of a really great spiritual expereince we had. me and elder rivers a few weeks ago made it a deal that we were going to talk with everyone no matter what and when we were walking to our car we could see two people far out in the distance and we looked at each other and we knew we had to talk with them, as we ran to them we realised that they had had past experiences with the missionaries rufino accually would go on splitz with the missionaries but he never got baptised, and as soon as he wanted to he was 19 and then all of his freinds went on there missions and he had no more mormon freinds so that was rufino story and this week we decided to stop by. while we stopped by he let us in and we talked to him. to this day i have never met anyone so solid in my life, he just opened up and told us that he knows that the mormon church to be true and that he misses the support abd all the other things that the church was able to help him out with, and we were able to teach him about pray and talking to god and as it was going great at the very end we told him "rufino we know that we are supposed to be here with you today, to answer those questions you have and to bring you closer to jesus christ and the way we can help you grow even more is if we meet 2 to 3 times a week" as soon as we said that it went downhill im not sure if he was scared of commitment or what but, hopefully we will be able to meet him again and help him feel the spirit.
got a funny story for you guys, alright here we go:
so me and elder stevens had made an appointment with paul and kelly our investigators on friday night, so we got to there house and the door is wide open and ragay music is just blasting and the only thought that comes through my mind is that they were drunk again, but this time i wasent going to be the nice guy hahah!! we walk in and beyond the music we can hear sage there dought just balling her eyes out and so we go upstairs comfort her and say a prayer and after that we told her that we are going to take care of everything else, so we go downstairs and paul and kelly are just all over each other drunk as can be, and i just strat to throw down! we turn off the music and we start talking to them about what happened why are you drinking you promised you would stop. kelly at this point is just chugging wine and vodka like grape juice, so when she goes to fill up her glass again i take it from her hands and put it behind my back while im trying to talk to her about sage and how shes crying and that you need to stop cause you scarying all of us. ( just letting you know when kelly is drunk shes scary) and while im talking to her she comes around my back to grab to glass and next thing i know i spill it all over my back. ill never forget the smell of vodka and wine. YUK! but anyways by this time we calmed them down made them sit on the coach and then talked to them for a good 20 minutes until after the lesson they said they would stop but by this time they were so waisted that paul got up and told me he loved me and then grabbed my hand and kissed it. haha it was so nasty. but so funny at the same time. and when we were about to leave i went into the kitchen and grabbed the huge wine and vodka bottle and was ready to walk out when paul told me we cant take it. so because of that i challenged him in an arm wrestle and who ever wins gets to take the alchol. ( a little background on paul is that he is huge! like toned and cut! hes a landscaper and works out all day i had no chance but the lord was on my side) he agreed and we put our arms on the table to arm wrestle as we went it was a tie for about 35 seconds and during this time i am screaming and yelling ( im going to take the alchol!) but then i lost...... but then i realised i guess i cant take away someones agency, so i learned something new.
the next day we go over there and there still drunk and there tummies were like twice the size as normal. then we went yesterday morning before church and they werent waisted but humbled and told us they were done and not going to do it again, so keep them in your prayers and at this point we hope we can bring them to church and help them out.
the next funny story we have for you was, a member took us out to eat at bull taco, and at bull taco its a resturant were they make whatever kind of burritos or tacos you can make
!! and they are so good and as we walked in there was a 300 pound shark just chillin on the table getting chopped up by a cheif, and we talked to the owner and he told us that it was just caught like 3 hours ago. while the heif is cutting it, we asked does it taiste good and next thing i know there is the spine of the shark on a plate in front of me and it was cooked but barely and of course with out question i start digging in and im not going to lie it was really good, better than some sushi, then the cheif cut off the sharks head and we hasked if shark brain was any good and the owner said " well lets find out" so he chopped and chopped until we found the brain and he put it on the grill for about 15-20 seconds and put it on our plate and me and elder stevens ate it and not going to lie it taisted like a satly marshmellow! it was not bad! the only thing gross that i ate from it was the sensory, right in the tip of the nouse it has the texture of jellow but sure dident taiste like it.
but we had a really good week we are working really hard trying to find more people to teach and its working!!! i love it here and i love working and serving for the lord love you all so much have a great week and see you on the 11th!!! love elder lindmeir!!!

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Yo! Last week was awesome! So many miracles happened! I will tell you all the great things that happened! we had a lesson with Kayla again and we were planning on teaching her the plan of salvation but when we went into the church and started talking with Kayla we felt inspired to share a mormon message about the atonement and how he can lift burdens then after that we were talking about it for a little while and the spirit told us to watch a mormon message about forgiveness, we were like really? but we watched it and afterwards Kayla was bawling and she was getting mad and saying how can i forgive my mom who didn't want me?! how can i forgive my brother who abused me?! and she went on and on, and Sister Standing and i were bawling and we both started testifying that it is not easy but it can all be done through Christ. It was such a spiritual experience and it was so cool how the Lord was speaking through us and it was just what she needed to hear!

Then we had another lesson with Mandy and Jarrad and Jarrad has decided that he wants to get baptized on the 24th of May! He wants it to be a barpatism or a bapticue. Barbatism and Bapticue=batism+barbacue! Mandy is a cake decorator and she is already trying to figure out how she wants to decorate a baptism cake! we helped Mandy get ready for prom on saturday for the medical students, not sure if that is a missionary thing we can do, but she was so thankful to us and she said she felt like a princess! it was very fun! Then on saturday during testimony meeting in sacrament our bishop gets up out of the blue  right in the middle of testimonies and he said i cannot refrain myself any longer, This is what the Lord wants me to say, to whoever is in this church right now who has not been baptized yet, i testify that now is that time, he went on and on about this and Mandy and Jarrad and a few of our other investigators were sitting right next to us and it was so cool! i think it touched their hearts alot and hopefully Mandy will want to enter that gate and be baptized soon too :) soooo inspired and so cool!

Things are going so great! i love Yakima sooooo much! Me and my companion are doing great and the work is on fire! lovin every second of it!

Here is a quote that my Mission President that i thought would be good for all of you. it is super inspiring for missionary work!

"Faith is the power. Obedience is the price. Love is the Motive. The spirit is the key and Jesus Christ is the reason!" President Ware ( well i think it is from him haha :) )

We do it all because we love Jesus Christ so if you love him spread the word! have a great week everyone and i love you all! 
Love, Sister Lindmeir

What a lovely week! Sister Kiana Lindmeir

This past week went by SOOOO quickly, but it was great!!! We had a lot of great things going on!
But first off, Happy Mothers Day Mom! You are the best mom ever and I am so grateful you are mine. I have something on its way for you :)
Okay, so my week was great! We recieved transfer calls and both Sister Kraemer and I are staying together! Yay!! I absolutely love her and I am so happy!!!! We went to transfer meeting because there would be a lot of change and we needed to see it! There was a lot of change of the Zones in the mission, but it was a great!
We also had MLC(mission Leadership Council)  this week and it was incredible! I just think that it is absolutely incredible that a group of young Single Adults can get together and council with one another on how we can improve ourselves and the mission! It is so exciting! One thing that I loved from the meeting was when President Riggs was talking about Faith! He shared Hebrew 11: 1 which talks about being given an assurance that things will work out if we show our faith. I loved that and I know that is true! I am grateful for the many assurances I have recieved from the Lord as I have shown my faith. Such as... Leaving all of you to serve a mission with the assurance that you are taken care of, opening my mouth to teach with the assurance that the words will be put into my mouth the very moment I need it, and the list goes on!!!!
Here is this week's miracle: We had a lesson with our newest Investigator, Preeti. She is from India and she is amazing! We invited her to attend church and we told her about Relief Society. She said that she has already gone to Relief Society. She said that she was visiting her brother in Springfield on Easter and she wanted to go to an Easter service. She searched everywhere for a church, but she could only find one church. She walked in and a women invited her into a class. She said that it was Relief Society and they talked about Mormons and Joseph Smith. What?! So we told her that that was our church and she said that she asked if the people at church were mormons, but they said no. She was sure that it was not our church. But we were positive it was. She told us that it was on Sydenstricker Road in Springfield and I told her that that was the building I met in for 6 months when I was serving in Rolling Valley. She never would have believed us if I hadn't served there! But she took it as a sign that she needed to learn from us and so now she wants to learn, come to church. She especially loved Relief Society and she cannot wait!
It was amazing! And I look forward to another great week ahead! Also, I look forward to seeing some of your beautiful faces on Mother's Day!!! Have a great week!!!
Sister Kiana Lindmeir
3202 Arrowhead Circle #E
Fairfax, VA 22030