Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hello Everybody!
Not much happened last week because my companion has been pretty sick so we had to stay inside most of the day but i did get to go to Chance's and Brandi's baptism on saturday! I don't know if ya'll remember me talking about them or not so i will tell you a little bit about them!
I met them in my last area in Naches on a cold Christmas Eve night. My companion and i had been praying all day to find a family in whom we could share a message about our Savior Jesus Christ. The family that we had dinner with mentioned the McCoy family, who is in the and they told us where they lived and said we should go visit them sometime! We decided to go see them that night! They let us in and oh boy! they are the sweetest family ever! from that point on we saw them once a week and started becoming there friends and the mom Brenda McCoy is a less active member and the kids are not members. They let us start teaching them the lessons and you could see the difference in their faces and in their lives that the teachings of the gospel were blessing their lives and they had a desire to follow the Saviors example.
Therefore, they were baptized last week on saturday and it was one of the best baptisms i have ever been too! after Chance and Brandi were baptized they both got up and bore their testimony. When Brandi got up to bare her testimony she started bawling. she told us that as she was getting baptized, she felt the spirit of her daughter that had passed away a couple years ago with her! soooooo cool! Then Chance got up and bore his testimony. He said that he Knows this church is true because of the way he feels when the whole ward sings hymns together. he says that his whole body just gets warm inside! Then he said "i know that this church is true, more then i know that i am the best at math for my age" hahhaha(Chance is 11 years old and he is so smart! and amazing at math!) it was so fuuny and so sweet!
The whole McCoy family is so amazing and i am so very grateful that the Lord lets us be his servants and lets us help him in this work. The Lord can do the work ALL BY HIMSELF, but he lets us help him. And oh what great Joy fills your heart when you get to help bring someone closer to Christ!
i encourage all of you to share the gospel with others and i promise you that if you do it, nothing in the whole world will bring you more happiness! :)

Love, Sister Lindmeir

Great Week! Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Hi Everyone!!!
Here is a quick update of this past week; which was amazing!
I went on an exchange with Sister Gotchy! She is such a sweetheart and a hardworking missionary! She is from Layton! (Mom, she was the missionary that called when I was home and I told her about the mission. I don't know if you remember that...) I love exchanges because they allow the opportunity for so much growth. I learn so much too! I am grateful that I get to do a lot of exchanges this transfer :).
We had a lesson with a man named Barry this week! His wife has alzheimers and he wrote a book about being her caretaker and what it is like! His name is Barry Tutor and you should look it up or buy it! Ward members have read it and said it was amazing! He is a great, but progressing after 7 years of meeting missionaries off and on. Thanks to Elder Lindmeir and his example, I was reminded to have the Faith to drop. We will no longer be teaching him.
This week was so great! I have actually been sick with a cold and sinus', but doing better! I am so grateful for modern medicine!
Zone Conference was this week and it was amazing. We talked about the Importance of the Book of Mormon in conversion and attending Church. It was humbling and I learned soooo much!!! The next day we taught one of our investigators and we shared Moroni 10:3-5. We broke the scripture down and said everything he needed to do to know the Book of Mormon is true! We were bold and loving and it was great!
We have two exchanges this week and I am really excited! I love being a missionary :)
Love you all!

Sister Kiana Lindmeir
3202 Arrowhead Circle #E
Fairfax, VA 22030

Elder Marcus Lindmeir

this week was straight up legit. we had some amazing lessons, some sketchy stories and just an overall good spiritual week. lately i have been studying like a champ, trying to learn and grow as fast as i can. something i have been studying for are what we call "questions of the soul" these are questions that we might get on a daily basis that people ask us and we need to give an answer that will pierce there heart with the spirit. one of the questions were "well do you believe in evolution?" at first i didn't know what to say but i said yes we believe in evolution to a certain point. and i explained.... but then this week we had a zone conference and president kendrick usually spends about 20 minutes answering questions that we have, so i asked him. "what is the churches stand point on evolution?" and he said "anything that is scientifically proven is consistent with the gospel or Mormonism." and you know that was the easiest answer ever but at the same time its true. so then to make you guys think and have a laugh me and my companion thought of a question that we have an answer for but you should tell me what you think the answer is (there is no right or wrong answer so explain why you think that.) the question is:
did Adam have a belly button??????????
haha think about that. dad i wanna see what answer you come up with and same with mom.
we had a very spiritual week and not only that we worked so dang hard!!! i love it! we had zone conference till about 2 then we hurry and tough 2 lessons then went and did a presentation at a church then ran and taught one of our investigators and had such a powerful and spiritual lesson it was like 9:20 and we have to be in by 9:30 and instead of walking back home we ran to the 101 which is like the strip in Vegas, so many people and we just started talking to everyone and taught a man the restoration on the street and gave him a bom and it went great, if there wasn't a rule to be in at 9:30 i would be out proselyting till at least 11 every night.
the work here is awesome and lately something we have been practicing on and getting good at is knocking!!!! were at the point were at least 35% of the people that just open there door we are able to get into there home, its super fun knocking is so much better than talking to people on the street but its all about the approach and what you share with them, but it can be sketchy because you kinda just walk on in and some people don't like that... haha but it all works out. I'm really learning how to enjoy the work of preaching the gospel but i am working on alot more things to help me become the tool that god wants me to become. love you all so much great to hear form you hope you have a safe and a fantastic week!!!!
elder lindmeir

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

the mission!!!!!Elder Lindmeir!

sounds like everyone is having a great time!! cant believe you went to that magic store, i remember that place so well, great memories....
i got my package on valentines day i pritty much made all the other missionaries jelly! thanks mom!!!!!!!! and dad!!!!!! and everyone haha me and my comp have had alot of fun with those toys!!! and another kendama, but this one is special its got japanese sympols on it! it atleast adds 15 power. thank you guys i really appreciate it, it was kinda funny i had no idea it was valentines day until the members that we live with us told us, so im sorry i havent wrighten anything but i promise i will but it could be in a few weeks.
this week was bomb!!!!!!!!! had some of the most spiritual lessons ever! you know its a good lesson when you dont remeber what happened or how it happened, all you rember that the spirit was there a few tears shed and then the prayer.
right now in this area we are really trying to find people to teach, we have the 101 in our area wich is like right on the beach and theres 100 of people walking on it, and me and elder rivers were trying to find people to talk to and i realised that we have this 101 in our area so what do we do we go down there and start preaching to all the people, and you know out of like 70 people we talked to in about an hour or so we got alot of people wanting us to come back so we hope we can pick someone up.
its really funny how people are, like if you talk to someone about the gospel and you ask "is there a time when we can come over and teach you more about this?" they will almost always say no.
but if you say "what day can we come over and share a message with you" they really have to think about it, so once we started doing these kind of tactics we have seen the work increase! lately though we are working so hard were missing out on meals, because you just dont have time for it, and im really grateful that my comp is totally down for doing that, its tough though because were doing all this work and nothing is really comming to pass. but thats ok its the trial of our faith, so were pushing along really hard and i know soon we will find that person!
o something i could use some imput on, is that i am giving a training for all the missionaries in our zone, on pamphlets, and using them in your teaching and when you contact people i dont know if you guys know what pamphlets are but its simply the restoration or the plan of salvation in a pamphlet, its really cool, so if you could give me some advice how we as missionaries could use these more, or the benifits of them that would be great.
you know i forget all the crazy stories that happened this week because time is going by way to fast all i know is that were doing great!!!! and that i miss you guys so much and that i love you guys so much!!! keep up the good work and i truely appreciate the valintine package and the cards and emails love you all so much!!!!
edler lindmeir!!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir! Happy Valentines Day!

Hey Everybody!

i am going to make this email very short and simple today! it was a very bitter/sweet week last week! we were able to put Mary one of our investigators on date for baptism . Mary has been taking the missionary lessons for two years, she has come to church every sunday for two years and she is even a visiting teacher! we have been praying and fasting for her to know what we could do to help her take that next step towards baptism. we finally invite her to be baptized on march 1st! she was so excited and said yes but then a couple of days after we put her, she made an excuse to procrastinate the date which was a bummer. Then we put another one of Our investigators that we have been working with for awhile on date for baptsim but we can't get her to come to church so we have to change her date too. sometimes agency is a bummer and i just want everyone to follow Christ! haha :)

Last week we visited a lot of people that have had so many hard things in there life happen. like one of our investigators mom died from ting poisonous mushrooms when she was a teenager and had to raise all of her siblings. Another lady we go and see has so many health problems that the only things she can eat is vegetables. Another lady we visit is hoarder and has so many sad things happen in her life. A guy we teach can't go anywhere but sit in his house most days because he has such a bad back. Then another lady we see had an abusive husband, she cant have kids, she had foster kids but they were taken away from her, and she just lost her favorite dog because it got hit by a car. 

Even though all these horrible things have happened to these amazing people they are all okay. They are all okay because they know that their Savior Jesus Christ knows everything that they went through and everything that they will ever go through. They know that everything that is unfair and unjust about life will be made right through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I just love the gospel so much and the hope that it gives to all of us!

Love, Sister Lindmeir

I love the Oak Marr Ward!!!! And my companion

Oh my Goodness, this past week was so amazing!!! It was so hard, but so good!

Sister Olson and I are practically twins; it is pretty hilarious! Not
once has she told me to slow down my walking! She keeps up! And she is
only 4ft 9in. We teach really well together and most importantly, we
love to work hard!

We had the most Recent Convert/Less-Active Member lessons on my
mission so far! We had 15 in a week! We work with A LOT of Less-active
members; which is really neat!

One of them is Jeanmarie. She was baptized when she was 18, and has
not been very active since. She told missionaries only a couple years
ago to stop contacting her. The previous missionaries started talking
to her and she warmed up to them. And now she wants to prepare to go
to the Temple 

Another is Greg Mercer who was also baptized when he was 18 years old,
but has been completely inactive since. He is so great and has two
daughters (9 and 11yrs.) who we are teaching right now! They are
hilarious! When they pray, they each take turn making silly comments
like "Don't eat during the prayer!" "Sisters, is there anything else
you would like me to say?" "It smells weird." etc. But I absolutely
love it!

This week, we also got 6 new investigators. One of them being a
beautiful Indian couple. They are so sweet and were listening very
intently when we taught them. They are excited to learn more.

We also taught a beautiful Chinese/Japanese Family this week. We were
checking on a women, she was not home, but I felt very strongly that
we needed to go knock on the door accross the street. But we had a lot
to do, so I ignored the prompting twice until I couldn't handle it. So
I told Sister Olson that we needed to knock on the door and the family
let us right in! It was almost like they were expecting us. They are
chinese, but lived in Japan for a really long time. I said "Hello, my
name is Sister Lindmeir" in Japanese and they were really excited.
Thank you Ayaka!!!! They have two Children. A 9yr old boy and a 2yr.
old girl. We asked if they believe in God. The parents said "no", but
the boy said "Yes!" It was really exciting to hear that! So we taught
them the Restoration. They did not agree to a return appointment, but
we are going to bring them info on Boy Scouts for their boy.

I have learned that being a missionary, it is still hard to follow the
promptings of the Spirit! But I have also learned that if it is a good
idea or thought, go with it!!! I feel that the Lord is trusting me
more as I have learned to heed to these promptings.

As some of you may know, we were snowed in this week!!!! There was so
much snow on the ground. About a foot!!! And there snow plowing system
is really bad in Virginia so no one drove anywhere for 2+ days. We
live in an apartment complex. The apartment called us the morning
before the snow storm and asked if we would be willing to shovel
sidewalks. We did that for about 7 hours until I couldn't move
anymore. It probably was not very smart, but it was fun!!! And we
talked to a lot of people. Service totally softens hearts.

Sister Olson and I have been fighting a cold all week and have not had
a lot of energy. But the Lord really blessed us with so many miracles.
I think it is because we truly have had to put our trust in him and
hope and pray that everything will be okay!

There was even one night where we were crying and tearing up when
tracting because it was so cold outside. People kept telling us to go
home. One guy asked us "How long are you Sisters going to be working?"
I said "Until someone lets us in." And he still didn't let us in. No
one let us in that night. Even when every house, we would say "Let's
go one more door" "They will let us in". It reminded me of my favorite
scripture in D&C 121:7-8 which say's that if we endure our afflictions
and troubles well, we will be lifted up at the last day. I know that
that is true!!!!

I love you all!!!!
-- Sister Kiana Lindmeir 3202 Arrowhead Circle #E Fairfax, VA 22030

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sister Lindmeir's new companion Sister Olson. Kiana looks so tall!

Family Elder Lindmeir

hey family!!!!
its good to hear from all of you.... shivani wright me and Gabe wright me... haha, well dad it sounds like your businesses are looking good i was tempted to click on the link... Satan is real. haha but you should send me a knife for my birth day or an early birthday present???? christian hows work in the cold?? shivani how was the dances???? Gabe how is your life??? sounds like mom your doing great and it sounds like dad is really busy.
well this week was pretty awesome, our ward loves the missionaries so much they always want to add you guys on facebook and take pictures and are always willing to help out. the area I'm in is the richest place in California and these houses are just amazing, but the reason why there so stankin expensive is because of the location, i seriously see the ocean everyday and people surfing on it..... it looks fun. haha but this area sure is fun.
there are some really difficult things though about this area. so past missionaries really liked to just hang with the members, non members less active members and anyone for like 2 hours a day, it is ridiculous. so i feel like I'm the bad guy because i have to cut it short and stay no longer than 45min, but its working out really well we have been able to hit goals that in the past they would have never even thought about hitting, so its really exciting. were struggling with a few investigators, but its working out.
i love my comp though that's for sure, he really is a great guy i think for once i wont have any problems with him, so that's a positive! hes really good at just being himself and doing the best he can do and that all we can ask for.
funny story for you all, we teach this man names jack fletcher, and this guy is actually blind and he must be in his 90s, and this week we went over and we sat down with him. during our conversation he started to tell a story and before i new it i fell asleep... and the sad thing about he didn't even know i did, and when i woke up i saw my companion laid back on the chair with his eyes closed and so i don't know how long brother fletcher was talking to us but i know he didn't even recognize that we had fallen asleep... it was pretty funny and  kinda messed up at the same time.
adrian went through the temple this week and i am really excited to see how it went for him, and his daughters are getting baptized soon!!!
i love this work it sure is the best and i love you all and i hope you have a great week!!
elder lindmeir

I love CHANGE!!!!Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Happy Almost Valentines Day!!!!
Well, Transfers happened and I am so happy right now!!!! It was hard to leave Colonial First, but I know it is in good hands! Sister Gray's new companion is amazing!
Transfer Meeting was great! We were suprised to learn that we would be watching "The Saratov Approach" at the Meeting! The Movie is AMAZING!!!! You have to watch it! It is about two missionaries serving in Russia who are kidnapped! You will just have to watch it!
Sister Olson is my companion! It is so fun because we were in the same MTC District!!! And my new area is the Oakmar Ward in Oakton, VA. I love it! It is a family ward and it is on fire! A lot of miracles have been happening and it is very exciting!
Yesterday(Sunday) was amazing! In the morning, Sister Olson and I didn't have much time to study, but we felt that we should practice teach the Restoration. We did and it went well.
We then had a meeting with our Ward missionaries. We found a place to park, but were not quite sure if we were going to get towed if parking there. We didn't want to worry too much. Before we got out, I said a prayer. Included in my prayer was this, "Please help us to know if we can't park here". Right when we finished the prayer, a man from our ward drove past us and told us we can't park there, but to find another spot. So we did!!!
President and Sister Riggs came and spoke to our Ward Yesterday!! They did a great job helping the ward to be more missionary minded. They even told everyone to trust us missionaries with all there friends. He was really talking us up; it was so sweet!
In the 3rd hour, they talked to the youth and we joined. They decided to have us practice teach the Restoration to all the youth. Sister Olson and I knew that God had inspired us to feel like we should practice teach that in the morning. It was so neat!!!!
So Sister Olson and I serve as Sister Training Leaders in our mission. This means that we have one to two exchanges a week. Which means that we spend 24 hours with another Sister to train her. It will keep us very busy, but I am stoked!
We are very similar and work really well together. We are working on finding right now. We are also working with a lot of less-active members. We had a few come to church yesterday and it is really neat to see that the Lord truly cares about all of his sheep.
Love you all!!!

Sister Kiana Lindmeir
3202 Arrowhead Circle #E
Fairfax, VA 22030

Sister Waverli Lindmeir Happy Valentines!

Last week was one of the best weeks i have had on my mission so far! It was filled with so many miraculous miracles!!!
A few months ago, an Apostle of the Lord, Elder Ballard came and spoke to the whole Washington Kennewick Mission. He gave us this promise " i promise all of you, that if you open your mouth and talk to 70 new people each week you WILL double the amount of investigators you have in your teaching pool and your baptisms will double also." This promise has changed my mission so far because as me and my companion strive to talk to 70 new people each week is when we find the most investigators and when we see the most miracles!
Last week we set a goal to talk to 70 new people and find four new investigators! which meant lots of tracting! On Friday sister meyers and i were looking for the perfect spot to tract. we were driving kind of slow so we could scout out the perfect spot and this truck was right on the butt of our car so we turned onto this street so they would stop driving so close to us and i told Sister Meyers that this looked like a good street to tract on. she said okay and how about we start on that house at the beginning of the street, i said okay! so we knock on this door and this 20's year old guy answers the door ands seems very intersted in what we say and lets us in and we teach him and his little sister the restoration! they loved it and said we could come back! we keep tracting on this street after that and we found a few potential investigators and then the very last door that we knocked on a girl answered the door and said that she is very interested in learning more about what we teach and she actually said that her dad is a member of the church and he wants to start coming back again. she also said that there is 14 kids in there family and they said we could come back and teach them! we have a lesson tonight with them!
Over, over, and over again i see that whenever you set a goal on your mission or just in life, if it is a good goal, an accomplishable goal, and a goal that is reachable and attainable but makes you stretch, and if you have faith and work like you are going to accomplish the goal. The Lord is going to do everything he can to help you to reach your goal. Last week we found exactly four new investigators and we talked to 84 new people. I know that Gods hands are in every aspect of our lives. I know he wants whats best for us and he wants to helps us but most of all i know he loves us!
i hope all of you have an amazing week and a great Valentines day!

Love, Sister Lindmeir :)

Sister Kiana Lindmeir visiting Mount Vernon

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Missionary Life Elder Lindmeir

Howdie! so as i guess you know i got transferred to Del Mar. which is the richest place in California, and you can tell, i have never seen so many friaries and Lamborghini's and every expensive car you could ever imagine. i was hoping to go to ocean side or esscandido where its poorer than dirt but i guess god has a different plan for me haha.
its sop nice here though I'm living with members.. that's weird and i don't like it because there old and we have to be quit and there are alot of rules but, its alright. we are about a five minute walk to the coast and its so amazing and pretty, i wont go into to much detail i don't want to make you jelly, but it got kinda cold! it was like 63! i was debating weather or not i should wear a sweater. its tough here.....
haha the members here are fantastic the just took me in like on of there own and its been easy to fit right in and to work with them. the biggest challenge i am having right now is learning the area  it about 4 times as big as my last one so i might buy a gps. my companion name is elder rivers and actually we new each other because we were in the MTC together, so thats pretty awesome, and we get along just great i think it will be a great transfer together. he is from provo and he actually had a friend in Layton and his name is chris pearson.... sound familiar? ya Chris our next door neigbor and he would drive to his house to hang out. small world and so mom if you could tell christopher about elder rivers that would be great he really want to talk to him so you can tell him to email rivers. o ya and did you give chandler his letter i sent you??? haven't heard anything about him yet. so far the area is great, really slow though so we are going to pick it up and kill it here!!! i love it.
well nothing new i love you all so much and ill hear from you soon!!!
elder lindmeir

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Everybody!
Last week was a really good week! Before i got transferred on wednesday, we had a family home evening lesson with the McCoy Family. To start off the family home evening we sang i am a child of God. the mom was the only one that new it because she is the only member in the family so we gave them our hymn books to use. Before we started singing the whole family sat on the floor, sitting on each others laps reverently singing i am a child a God. i know this sounds really lame but this was honestly one of the coolest experiences i have had so far. Before we started teaching the McCoy family, the kids would run around like crazy and no matter what we could not get them to sit down or anything. now there is so much peace and love in the home and now they know that they are truely a child of God and i am very grateful that i got to be a part of helping their family come closer together because of the gospel. Brandy McCoy and Chance McCoy are getting baptized next week and i am so excited for them. Last week when we talked to Chance about baptism he said to us " i just can't wait for February 15th" he is so excited for his baptism day! it was the sweetest thing ever!
I was pretty sad about being transferred because i loved my old area so much but my new area Moxee and terres heights seems pretty awesome so far! we have a couple of great investigators, one of which named Eric is getting baptized this saturday! he is really cool, he just got married a couple weeks ago to his now wife. She Knows the Gospel is true and she wants to get baptized but she is scared of the water. so we are hoping in a couple weeks we can help her overcome her fear and have her husband  baptize her! :) we are also teaching this guy named ? who is almost seven feet tall and probably around 500 pounds and he has a ton of back pain, feet pain, leg pain, and alot of other pain. Last week we had a lesson with him and a couple of priesthood holders in our ward came with us and gave him a priesthood blessing. And oh WOW the priesthood is such an amazing thing! After the blessing he was crying and the spirit was so strong and it touched his heart! he said also in previous lessons that he was having such a hard time feeling the spirit. But after the priesthood blessing, he felt and recognized the feelings of the spirit. it was one of the best lessons that i have had so far!
Everything is going really well here and i am loving the two wards that i am serving in so far. the six hours of church is going to take some time to get used to but i am sure it will be worth it!
i hope you all have the most wonderful week!

Love, Sister Lindmeir

Good Times in Good Old Arlington :)Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Hello Everyone!!!!
How are you all doing? What is the latest and greatest?
I am doing really well!!! This past week was amazing and full of soooo many miracles :)
Wednesday, we went to the Temple and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! The Spirit was so strong and I couldn't stop from smiling the whole session! Truly an amazing experience!!! I just absolutely love the DC Temple too; it is beautiful!
Wednesday evening, we had a lesson with our investigator, Doug. We prayed about what he needed and what we needed to teach him. We felt that he needed to gain a stronger testimony of Christ and the Book of Mormon; so the whole lesson we shared our favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon that talk about Jesus Christ! The Spirit was so strong! Doug said he still does not feel ready for baptism so we are letting him pray about a date to be baptized :)
Thursday was a Mission Conference called "Return and Report" for Trainers and their Trainee's. I learned so much about the Atonement. President Riggs explained that Christ did not just suffer all of our pains and sins at once, but he personally saw each of us and suffered for each of our sins and pains individually! It has totally changed how I view the atonement now and it makes me more aware of how I want to access the Atonement more fully in my life.
We have a new Chinese investigator, Angela, and she is so great! She came to church yesterday and loved it! We also had 5 total investigators that came to church yesterday and it was so great!

We introduced Lizheng to our Chinese investigators and he was so great! He is the best member-missionary EVER!!! He is coming to a lesson tonight with one of our investigators. Also, Lizheng was interviewed yesterday by our Bishop and he has been qualified to receive the Priesthood! He will even be able to baptize our investigators after he receives the Priesthood! I am so excited!
Last night, our whole mission had a New Member Fireside. Lizheng spoke and he did such a great job! I am positive that he will take a key role in helping open up China :) I can't wait!
This Thursday is transfers and I am leaving! It will be hard, but I am also very excited to see what the Lord has in store for me! He knows where I need to go and what I need to do; I need to just remember to trust him. I will be sure to give you the full update next week!
Love you all!!!

-- Sister Kiana Lindmeir