Monday, June 23, 2014

Good ole Gainesville Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Hi Team!
Wow, so this past week was INCREDIBLE! Sister Smith and I  set some really high goals and we worked so hard to achieve them. We did a lot of finding this past week. We will continue to do that because we have a goal of finding a family that will get baptized before the end of this transfer. We know that we can do it. God blesses and helps us according to our faith - I know that is how we have been finding people.
On friday, we did a district blitz. Which means that we all came together at 4pm and prayed, then we went out to find people to teach. We had do drop some Elders off at their finding place and by the time we made it to our area, we only had 15 minutes to find. So we prayed and talked to as many people as we could. We got 3 return appointments and 2 people that we need to followup with. There was even a couple families that agreed to have us come back.
One of the people we met was Keileigh. She is 16yrs. old and such a sweetheart. We started talking to her about her hair. She has pink hair and we started to ask her questions and get to know her. She just talked and talked and we could tell that it meant a lot to her. She allowed us to come back the next day and we taught her the Plan of Salvation.  She has a hard life and doesn't have a lot of love in the home. It was so neat to see the potential that she has as she comes to realize who she is. She came to church yesterday and she said she felt "different". We have a lesson with her tonight in a members home and we will be doing Family Home Evening. We will be talking to her about the Spirit and I am excited! We are planning to teach Keileigh's whole family soon!
I had an exchange with Sister Patten this week and she is such a sweetheart! It was really great! I was in Warrenton, but I felt like I was in a different country. It is a very open, farmland kind of city. It was fun to do something new. This week I have an exchange with Sister Hills and I am really excited. It will be like the good old days in Rolling Valley. 
Yesterday, we went to a family that I taught when I was here. I had developed a close relationship with them, but I think missionaries lost their trust soon afterward. We knocked on their door and they said they were too busy. But then they saw me and let us right in. It was a happy reunion and they are so excited to have us come back over. They still remember the scotch a roos I made them last year and they love them. I am going to make them for Jon and Carrie again! Hopefully they will soften up their heart again.
Lots of miracles in Gainesville and I am so happy to be back. I am so grateful for a loving God that knew I needed to come back to Gainesville!!
Love you all!

Sister Kiana Lindmeir

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Dad accidently running into Sister Lindmeir in D.C.

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Last week was a pretty rough week at the beginning. I am going to tell you all a few things that happened but don't get sad because there is good at the end! :) It seemed like every appointment we had cancelled, our investigators wouldn't call us back or they couldn't meet with us. Every less active person we tried was not home, so we ended up tracting  a whole bunch. Which we like, but it was really hard to stay motivated for hours and hours knocking on doors, and talking to people on the streets. Our investigator Molly that i told you about who was on date for baptism, like disappeared. she won't answer our calls or texts and when we stop by to see her, she won't answer the door. Then on Saturday we went to see one of our investigators named Jackie. Jackie is the Awesome! we go and see her a couple times every week trying to teach her but it is really hard because she is like hard core ADD and goes off on these tangents all the time and it is so funny! We knew that on saturday when we saw her we had to tell her that we weren't just there to be her home girls (that is what she calls us) But that we are there to help her to come unto Christ and help her fill in that void that she always tells us she feels. As we were talking to her we all just started bawling because we knew we had to drop her, but we wanted to keep teaching her because she needs the gospel! she has had the hardest life and the void she feels could be filled with the gospel! she wasn't ready yet though and it just killed Sister Allred and i because we love Jackie so much, which is so weird because we have only been in this area for 3 weeks! Agency is killer! we know that she isn't ready yet, but she will be one day.
Now for the Good stuff that makes a mission always worth it! On Sunday Sister Allred and i gave talks in church on preaching the gospel to all of our Brothers and Sisters! And they went really well!  (well i think so... almost everyone was crying during both of our talks. that is a good sign right?) :) It was cool that as we prepared this talk and gave them and i felt like the spirit was so strong with us all day!!! We talked to so many great people and we found a couple of great people who seem super interested in the gospel!!!! It was such a good day!

I feel like Heavenly Father is really trying to have Sister Allred and i rely on the Atonement more in our missionary work and when it gets hard , just have him lift us up. We are so determined this week to bring salvation to every soul and we are just going to keep our heads up and rely on him more!

I love you all! keep your heads up when life gets rough and God will lift you up!

Love, Sister Lindmeir


whats up family?? sounds like you all had an amazing week!!! Christian and marcis reception!!! looked beautiful and THE BEARD makes it! haha love it!

this week was insane!!!!!!! to many miracles happened to us this week and I have never been humbled like this in my life God is just way to nice to us. me and elder olvera have been working so hard that when I was driving in the middle of the day I fell asleep!!!! and then I felt like I needed to wake and when I did there was a sharp turn!!!! I turned while the tires screeched and BAMB!!!!! SMASHED INTO A CAR!!! just kidding I woke up and barely made the turn, so that was a miracle, but then it gets even better!!! we are driving and we get a call from the bishop, we answer and he says there is a lady (pam) who want to talk to you so he gave us her number and we gave her a call. as we called she answeres and we start talking about her and were she has met the missionaries and then we asked when we could meet and she says " I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A CHURCH AND I WANT TO GET BAPTIZED IN YOURS! " I pooped right then and there no question about it never thought that anything like that would ever happen to me but it did!

so the last tranfers ago I studied a lot about bashing, and I got pretty good and really was able to bash with a lot of people in Del mar, but as I did this I saw myself getting further away from the spirit so I promised myself that I would bash anymore. I have been doing really well until we went to our investigators house jessy. when we got there he invited us in like always but this time he said he was going to grab his grandma, we waited until she came and then we tought them, and during it, she was holding back and you could tell and then at the very end she starts throwing down! she said" show me in the bible were it talks about the book of Mormon! and she kept on going on and on. as I was listening I knew every scripture that I could throw back at her and also at this time I was on exchange with a new missionary! and he started to search for a scripture in his bible and I just prayed and calmed down before I did something that would get us no were and then I just bore testimony. it felt like it was 20 seconds but it was like a 5 min testimony and when I ended she said " well ill have to take a look at the book" that was a testimony builder for me that you never argue or bash or anything because facts and knowledge doesent convert someone the sprirt does.

it was an amazing week and am so greatful for all the blessing I have received and I know that this church is true and I know my savior Jesus Christ more than ever and I know only through him can I come back to our father. in the name of Jesus Christ amen!

love you all!!!!

elder lindmeir

Monday, June 16, 2014

Gainesville - the last sprint Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Wow, a lot of good has happened this past week! I am back in Gainesville! I both started and will finish my mission here! And I have the greatest companion - Sister Smith. I feel so blessed right now! 

It was bittersweet leaving Oak Marr with all the good that was really starting to happen there. But I love change and I was excited. Sister Kraemer will take great care of Oak Marr and I am just so excited to be in Gainesville again! 

It has been so fun to remember all that I did here over a year ago. We will be driving and I will all of a sudden remember a potential investigator or a member that lives close. Yesterday at Church, I was really grateful because I remembered people and they remembered me! I was worried that they didn't remember me...

I really do love Gainesville. And the members are so much more missionary minded. They have also progressed and it has been great to see that! 

Right now, I am kind of in my last sprint. We are striving to set high goals. We have a goal to find and teach a family who will get baptized in the next month and a half. I know it is going to happen and I am really excited. The Lord has already directed us to two great families in the past couple of nights. Miracles are happening in Gainesville. 

This morning, Sister Smith and I woke up at 6am and went for a run. I am so out of shape. We are creating a great exercise plan and I am excited! And we missionaries "gain" weight in Gainesville. So wish me luck. 

Love you all and have a great week!!!

Sister Kiana Lindmeir

My Address: 
13550 Heathcote Blvd #321 
Gainesville, VA 20155

Hey family!!!!!!Elder Lindmeir

IT sounds like you all had a great week!!!! and dad it sounds like you had an amazing fathers day hopefully! and im sorry I haven't wrote you yet ill get to it, but don't let that bother you because I dident forget! I just haven't had the time. I cant believe how much work we do. I LOVE IT!!!!!! we are constantly going from one place to the other calling people left and right and before you know it its already time to go in, and as soon as you think you have thirty minutes to get ready for bed you spend all that time calling other missionaries and getting numbers its the greatest!!!! and the lord is so merciful!!! he blesses us more than I have ever been!!!!

for example we averaged out about every 100 people we talked to in Cardiff we picked up one new investigator, here we only talk to 8 people a day if we are luky!!!! no one is outside because its like 100 degrees in the dessert on indian reservations! its awesome, so now this week from talking to 60 people we picked up 3 new investigators and 10 potential investigators, so we see how merciful the lord is when you barely have anyone to talk to. I love it!

this week we gave a zone training meeting and it went amazing we tought about having quality contacts and teaching short lessons!!!!!! it has been a huge deal!!!!!! teaching short lessons have brought up our teaching as a zone from 61 lessons with investigators to 81 lessons so we see that as we teach shorter lesspms we are able to follow up with people more and we are able to meet them 5 times a week instead of 1-3 times so we seen a lot of progress as we implemented this.
now we got to talk about the cool stuff!

first off we get a referral from this lady we were talking to. when we were talking she said "I don't need help but she does! shes a prostitute!!!! she needs god not me" as she pointed to her neighbors house, so after we talked with her we went to her house, as we knocked she answered and told us to come back tomarrow and she was super sincere about it. so we came by and as we knocked again on the door she answered and she came outside were we tought her a little bit about the gospel of jesus Christ and talked about we do this because we want to be spiritually pure, as soon as we asked her a question about forgiveness she just broke down balling! and she told us hat she has made horrible mistakes, and that this has been her answer to her prayers. and soon hopefully we will be able to help her out this week.
we have had so many miracles we set 3 baptismal dates with wonderful people that are all In need of the gospel.
me and my comp are having such a blast! we are working so hard!!! I love it, and the blessings are coming!!!!! I can see them every were!
the indian reservations here are subosidly super sketch but there gold mines!!!!!! there are so many people that are prepared over there, so we have been working over there quit a bit. I have so many other stories but everything is going to a blurr when you work hard, so im going to have to write them down so I can remember.

well love you all hope you had a good week!!!
elder lindmeir

JELLO LEGS!!!!Sister Waverli Lindmeir

I am so out of shape! Earlier today me and my companion thought it would be really fun for p-day to go on a bike ride and check out a little bit of Wenatchee. The Tveten's(The family that we live with) said we should go on this bike trail that loops around part of the Columbia river. It sounded way fun and so we set off! it was two miles down hill to get to the loop and i was thinking that it was going to be a really easy trail like the legacy trail in Utah. Well it wasn't... there were so many up hills twists and curves i thought i was going to die! Who new you could get so out of shape of just being out 10 months! I felt really bad for my companion Sister Allred because she had to wait up for me a lot. She is a tri-athlete but she has only been out for a few weeks, i think when she has been out 10 months too, she will be as out of shape as me haha :)
I am so grateful for Sister Allred though! I have never had a companion who likes to work as hard as i do. We have seen so many miracles the past week from all of our hard work! here are just a couple of great things that happened:

We have been tracting a lot lately trying to find people to teach. On thursday we had 15 minutes before we had to go to an appointment and we were tracting on our favorite street called Utah Street. :)  And the third door we knock on this sweet girl named molly answers the door and we tell her who we are and about the message we share and she lets us in right away! we teach her the restoration and we leave her with the book of mormon and 3 nephi 11 to read until we come back in two days. When we came back two days later she had read the chapter we left her with and she said that she loved it so much and that she really has a desire to know if Christ really appeared to the people in the America's. Molly Is super sweet and really pure. she is really open to learning more and she just wants to follow Gods commandments. Molly has been really prepared for the Gospel and she is on date for baptism on July 12th! 

Heavenly Father led us to another person who is really prepared to just like Molly! His Name is Justin and he just really desires to be with his family for eternity and his wives, dads whole side of the family are members of the church! we can't wait to start teaching him more.

Now are you all ready for the craziest story ever?!!!!  So 6 months ago Sister Fletcher and i when we were serving in East Wenatchee tracted into this lady named Sarah and we started teaching her the gospel. Last week we got a refferral from somebody in our ward to go see this lady named sarah plute whose son was in the scout program. We knocked on her door and Sarah Answers the door and it was the Same Sarah that i was teaching in my last area!!!!! She had moved apparently right after i left East Wenatchee. It was such a wonderful suprize and i know that the Lords hands are really in every phase of the work.

I am very grateful that the Lord has been blessing us so much in this area already. Being doubled into an area can sometimes be really hard but God has been blessing us so much that all the good out ways the bad! i have seen so many miracles and i can't wait to help this small ward that we are serving in. I can't wait to help build it up! They all love missionary work so much and have so much faith! We have seen so how so many times throughout the day when the lord literally puts his hands in this work and shows us so many miracles that i often find myself it tears filled with gratitude because of the blessings that the Lord is giving us. I just Love being a missionary!

I encourage all of you to take a few minutes when your in bed right before you fall asleep to think and ponder about how the Lords hands have been in your life that day. I know that as you do this, you are going be so much more grateful and you can see that God really does exist and that he loves you all so much because we are literally all his children! I love you all and have a great week!

Love, Sister Lindmeir

Monday, June 9, 2014

Valley Center... Sketch!!!Elder Lindmeir

I got my new area!!!! Valley Center!!!~! it probably is the best area in the mission for a few reasons! 1 f them is because its the biggest area in the mission!!!!!!!!! form the two smallest ones I get the biggest one it talks over an hour to get to one side to the other in a car!!!!! second reason, its farmland/dessert!!!!! third reason we get to go off roading in the mountains to get to peoples houses! and lastly we drive a truck!!!! a 2014 Nissan Frontier. its pretty mean not going to lie.

so my new comp is elder olvera, and he is a Spanish missionary!!!! woot woot!!!! and we cover all of Spanish all English and all YSA, so anything that's moving we teach!!!! its awesome! right now we are so blessed because there is so much work here I didn't even know that was possible!! our whole day we only go by investigators, its honestly a huge blessing, and not only that but a humbling experience, as I they called my name to my new area they gave me another leadership calling to oversee some more missionaries and I am sure blessed and excited to do so. I was surprised on how much work we actually do now, this week I think we ate lunch 1 time and yesterday we realized we hadn't eaten anything until about 7 o'clock. I am lucky enough to be able to work with my new comp elder Olvera he is known for the hardest working missionary in the mission, not going to lie, they weren't messing around and we get work done!!!! I love the area! I love the missionaries we get to work with and I love my comp!!!!!!! were going to baptize the world these couple transfers we have together! our goal for the next 4 months as a mission is a 111 baptisms I know as a mission we can do this so just keep us in your prayers and it will all work out!

story for the week, we are driving and decide to go to a members house and elder olvera didn't say exactly were he lived and so we go off roading on this ranch ( dad the riding here would be amazing by the way) and on this ranch we start to pull up to these big rocks and he tells me to park and so I do, and we get out and we start walking to this rock and all the sudden I see a that there has been someone living here, he had made a house in this rock, there is no running water or anything but honestly its not bad...... but when I met this Hispanic man he was the cutest man I've ever met just the biggest smile and so happy even though hes living in a rock!!! the people here are so nice and the work here is amazing!!!

there are so many things that have happened and not very much time to explain it but we had a baptism yesterday with Demetri and it was a last minute baptism so we ran to the church building and set everything up, I was in charge of the chairs and the room while elder olvera did the font and the program and by the time the baptism started everyone sat down and we started until I realized this was a Spanish baptism but I had only put out the English hymn books, and this church didn't have any Spanish hymn books so in the middle of the baptism I grab a Spanish missionaries hymn book and I run to go make copies and what do you know!! there is no paper!!!! so we had to rip out Linded paper fro ma book and print it onto it and then we printed it off, it was so much fun and it all worked out but ii still think that was the most sketchy baptism anyone will ever see but it doesn't matter the spirit was so strong I actually got up and bore my testimony in front of all the Spanish people, even though they probably couldn't understand me the spirit was there.

it has been such a great week and I am so excited to work hard and give it all up to god! love you all enjoy this week and hear from you next week!!!!!
elder lindmeir

Kissed by a dog???Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Last Preparation Day we went with all the Sisters in our Zone to the Park. We played Soccer and then I tumbled a bit. I didn't realize how much I missed it till I started tumbling but it was fun. I actually don't know if it is allowed as a ;)
I feel really happy about this past week. Jennifer Bodholdt is the sweetest person EVER! She loves the Gospel and is soaking it all in like a sponge. And her boyfriend is supporting her. It is a miracle and I am so excited for the both of them. We think that the only road bumb will be to live the Law of Chastity, because they are living together and are not married.
But honestly, Jennifer has gotten us through this past week. We got dropped by 4 investigators and we are just dealing with a lot of opposition right now. Satan seems to work real hard, but not hard enough. Because we have even more great things going on.
Jennifer was sick this week and recieved a blessing. She said that she can't explain what she is feeling, but that she feels so much peace and happiness right now - definitely the Spirit that she is feeling. We did a church tour with her on Saturday and she loved every little part of it. We taught the Restoration as we did the Church Tour and we finished in the Chapel. We left the chapel and had them take some time to think and pray. They came out filled with so much joy!
Jennifer and Ed loved Church on Sunday. Jennifer was smiling the whole time. She even was taking a lot of notes. She met so many people yesterday that she  was writing their names down so that she wouldn't forget! She is great!!!
We stopped by a former investigators home, Oum. He is from Korea and is very kind. He was embarrassed that we stopped by his "humble" home. He said that he was planning on coming to church this Sunday and that we don't need to worry about teaching him, because he has already read the Book of Mormon and he knows it is true!!! What! So, we tried to explain to him that that is why we NEED to meet with him. So we will see what happens. :)
Last week at our Zone Conferance, we watched a short clip with Sarah Barrelies (not sure if I spelled that right) in it. President Riggs thinks I look like her; so now I am Sister Barrales according to my Zone.
We recieved a great new investigator this week, Stacey Fridley. She came with a friend to church a couple weeks ago and signed up on our dinner calendar. We had dinner with her last week and we started teaching her. She is nervous to learn, but also knows that this is that missing piece in her life. She has a 10 year old boy, Adam, who is just so sweet!
On Thursday night, we were walking to an appointment, when two Asian women were walking their dogs. One of the dogs went out of control and the women fell on the cement. We went over to go help. The women was crying and upset, but the dogs were still going crazy and she lost the leash. I went over to help her by grabbing the leash when the crazy dog attacked me!!! Okay, maybe he more like kissed me. But the dog came up and bit my lip!!! It hurt, but I just grossed out. Ughhhh!!! I spent a long time brushing my teeth that night.
We recieved our Traveling Itinerary this week! It is so crazy!! Mom, I am assuming you probably heard from Marti Arnold, but she booked my flight and everything. Her name was the info, I thought that was pretty funny.
Well, I guess I am learning on a mission that life goes on. It is sad, but time really does fly by. I think a mission has helped put that into perspective.  It has helped me to appreciate time more. Wow, our time here on earth is Soooo short! Good thing that we have Eternity :). One more transfer left, ahhh!!
Love you!!!
Sister Kiana Lindmeir

PS. Hold the mail, I am not sure if/where I am moving to!

Sister Waverli Lindmeir back to Wenatchee!!

Hey Everybody!

I have to tell you all the most embarrassing story ever! so last week me and my new companion Sister Allred got to our new area that we would be serving in at 9:40 at night. So when we got to the house we would be living in it was super dark and we didn't check to see what it looked like. The next morning we decided to go for a run for our exercise, on our way out we saw people working on the driveway and we said hi and set off on our run. when we came back from our run, i wanted to show Sister Allred how cool the back yard was and that there was an awesome canopy in the back. when we went to the back yard it looked so different then what i saw that morning through the window and Sister Allred thought i was seeing things because there was no canopy. So i said maybe this isn't the right house but then Sister Allred said it had to be because the same people that were working on our driveway was working on this one, and i was like oh ya, you are right! it has to be it! So we go and try to open the door and this guy that we have never met comes out and it is definitely not the family we are staying with! Super awkward but funny, he pointed us to the right direction (:

It feels so good to be back in Wenatchee! Even though i am serving in a different ward in Wenatchee then i was before i have seen a whole bunch of people that i recognized from my previous ward in wenatchee all over the place as we go out and about. It is fun and just makes me so excited to be back in the land of many mighty miracles!

The castle rock ward that i am serving in seems so amazing! it is a small ward and area that we cover but everyone seems so nice and excited about missionary work! they are all also really excited to have there own set of missionaries, they shared a set of Elders with another ward, and they now have there own set of Sister Missionaries! for some reason the Castle rock ward likes the sisters more then the elders and they embraced us with very excited and welcome arms! Sister Allred and i have already been working really hard to find and teach, we are loving it and this area is so amazing! there are so many apartments everywhere that it just makes me so excited to go tracting and find the people that the Lord is preparing to hear the gospel!

Sister Allred is awesome! She is from Ogden Utah, She is 5'10, and is a Tri-Athlete. She came pre-trained and we get along great already! She is so excited to do the work and we are just working hard!

Everything is going great i love you all!

 love, Sister Lindmeir