Monday, December 29, 2014


so i got my new greenie!!! or a mini missionary its only for 5 days and it has been insane!!!! good and bad!
so i learned quick that my mini missionary has a little anger probs.... reminded me of myself before the mission.
so i was pumped to help him over come that by putting him to WORK!!!! normally every missionary gets up at 6:30 but we get up at 5:30 so that made him mad, then we dont eat lunch, that made him mad. hahaha.
so for the first 2 days he was flustered. But now hes loving it!!!!!!! we have seen some amazing miracles!!!!
we just had all our lessons fall through and we prayed to find someone and the first door we knocked on was a 16 year old kid who 2 weeks ago we gave his older brother a book of mormon and kyle ( the little brother ) said they have been reading the book of mormon together every night!!!! like who does that?!!! its amazing!!! so we got in and tought a 15min resto and Jason the mini misisonary was just bearing hard core testamony!!!!!!!! and kyle the little brother totally accepted baptism.
then we ran over to our other investogators and set 2 more dates with them and jason was freaking out he said " i have never been so happy in my life!!!!!!!" and since that day he has never gotten mad, and some funny things have happened to him.
first story we were walking down an apartent complex when this lady comes out and asks us if we are mormon and jasons says "Yeah we are!!!!!" ( in a reallly proud and confident manner) and the lady walks to him and hocks a loogie in his ear!!!!! hahah not just a small bit but a full loogie!!! i dropped down laughing expexcting for him to scream back or do anything back but nope he laughed and what made him laugh even more was the fact that he dident get mad. as hes smiling with a loogie in his ear he says " wow that was weird im not even mad!!" haha the spirit is real!!!
there some other sweet experiences that happened but sorry family short letter today love you all!!! thatnks for everything!! love you all!
elder lindmeir

A Christmas Miracle!!!Sister Lindmeir

Christmas was so great! Sister Faulkner and I made a whole bunch of cookies and handed out to our Investigators and the people that we thought might need some. On our way to drop off some cookies, we parked across the street from a trailer Park, where perhaps we should not have parked. when we got out of the car this lady across the street said you probably shouldn't park there, we were like okay we will move but before we moved we started talking to her and she was like "oh my, i love the LDS it has the best Geneology ever" we Told her about the family history center and she was so thrilled! He name is Feonna and she is from Ireland and she has the best accent ever! Apparently people from Ireland love family history so much! She said we could come back the next day and tell her more about it and give her the address. On Friday we came back and we thought that Feonna was just interested in the family history but when we sat down she asked us if we could share a message with her. We were like oh ya! we taught Feonna the restoration and soft committed her to baptism and she accepted. We left her with 3 Nephi 11 to read which is when Jesus Christ appears to the people in the America's and teaches them. We told Feonna that we were going to be in the area on saturday and asked if it was alright if we could follow up with her reading, she said okay. we came back on saturday and Feonna was waiting for us, she let us in and there were tears in her eyes. She kept apologizing that she was crying but she couldn't help it because of the way she felt as she read the Book of Mormon. She went on and on about when Christ taught the people in the America's. She told us that when she read that chapter she said that she felt like positive energy light orbs were touching her as she read. It was an amazing lesson with her! We told Feonna that we are having a baptisimal service on january 17th and before we could even ask her to prepare herself for that date, she said "wow January 17th, i will prepare myself for that day". It was so cool!

Then yesterday Feonna came to church and she loved is so much! The whole time she was like, wow this is so fascinating and interesting! then at church she kept telling everyone how the Lord led us Girlies (thats what she calls us) to her and she told us that she thinks why she was led to move here away from Ireland was because of this! She felt such a pull to come here! Then during relief society she was making all the ladies laugh because she is hilarious and her accent is awesome! after relief society tons of the women came up to her and were like we love you so much Feonna already! we hope you come next week! She said that she will!
Feonna is a miracle! When we first met her, we would have never even thought that she was so prepared. It is so great that Heavenly Father truly puts you in the path of the prepared! Feonna is so great and we already love her so much and so does the ward!

So many miracles are happening and i am loving the work! We got transfer calls last week and i get to stay! i am so happy!!! This area is where i first began my mission life and it is going to be where i end it. i am so glad Heavenly Father let me come back and that i get to witness these miracles. I love you so much everybody and i hope that you have a great week! Love Sister Lindmeir

Monday, December 22, 2014

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!Sister Lindmeir

I love Christmas so much because so many people desire to come closer to our Savior! i have never had so many people let us come inside and share a message about Christ then the past few weeks! What is so cool is that they are letting us come back and teach them more! This
season is truly the time to be jolly! Do you all remember the family that i told you about last week that God led us to Sunday night? The Bergdawl family? well they are doing so awesome! They are such a humble family and they barely have anything but they love the Lord so much! We are so excited for Christmas for them because they don't know this, it is going to be a surprise! butthe YSA branch that we cover wanted to sponsor a family for Christmas that we are teaching. We decided that the Bergdawl Family would love that! The YSA is is providing presents for this family who would have gotten nothing but still would have been happy.

I am really grateful that i get to have another Christmas out in the field my eyes are truly opened and i can see what Christmas is about. I am so grateful to have all that i have. Almost everybody we teach has nothing. Money, a Christmas tree, presents, and yet they are happy because they have our Savior. I really know that Jesus Christ is the gift that our Father has Given us. I know that true joy, happiness, and peace, can only be given through him. I know that "Christ is the Light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more darkness". -Mosiah 16:9 Christ is the light. he is the way.
I hope all of you have an amazing Christmas! Family, if you can reach out and help somebody this week who has nothing and share the light and wish them a Merry Christmas, then i know that you will feel what Christmas is all about and i promise that it will be the best Christmas you will ever have. I know that because i feel it all the time! Honestly i can't ever stop smiling because of the joy i feel everyday! I love you all so much! Merry Christmas! Love Sister Lindmeir

Here is a question to think about this week: What Gifts has Christ given you? What can you in return give to him?

Monday, December 15, 2014

whats up the family!!!!!???

so this week was legit! but I forgot most of what happened but ill do my best to remember.
alright hmm the first thing is we had our meeting we made and totally threw down and honestly it was supper spiritual we talked about "the culture of our mission" and also on "Baptism" and on "Member work" by the end of the meeting we got all the missionaries so stoked to do member work! something that has been on my mind lately is how we can help everyone become more confident, and as I prayed about this I totally received some revelation on a practice we gave to our missionaries and it really has built them up.
"Confidence is the outward expression of ones faith"- Elder lindmeir- hahah I totally made that up isent sweet haha

ok so after an awesome day of work we get a call from elder rivers and elder bringurst telling us that they locked themselves outside there apartment, so we went to pick them up around 9:30 and we spent 30 minutes re tracing there steps to find there apartment, and couldent find them and then we go back to there apartment and there on the second story of this complex and so elder rivers climed on the wall as I pushed him up to get to up on his porch and the back door was locked and we realized that it was like a 20 foot jump he would have to make to get back down and man was he sketched! especially since the landing is next to a tree with a bunch of roots everywhere. so I looked in other people back yards and grabbed a nice pillow and a slab of carpet so he could land on. and it worked... so then by 10:40 we get to our place I give them all my bedding and I slept with a sheet on the floor. and got like 3 hours of sleep and got up at 5:30 made breakfast and then i wrote my talk for sacrament meeting, and i just knew i couldent do it alone and relied on the lord to help me and everything went awesome i wrote my talk and the spirit led everything that i said during it. it was awesome i through down on the book of Mormon and how it testifies of jesus Christ.
but the greatest thing about this week was i got a call and Roy brady got baptized! it was awesome to see that the whole family is coming together now!!!!!

the video he is the gift, is absolutely true and amazing. i know he is the gift, and there is no cure for a broken heart regret, or sadness other than through him. his Gospel heals everything. Because he is the gift we will all enjoy this Christmas.
love you all have an awesome week!!!!!!!

Miracles! Miracles! Miracles!

Have you ever been so swollen in your heart filled with gratitude that you cant stop yourself from crying with joy? this is how i felt all week!
Miracle #1: So Friday night we had an appointment with a less active lady in our ward but she didn't answer the door but while we were waiting this lady across the street comes out of her door and so we go over and start talking to her. She let us in her house and while we were getting to know her she just started crying when she told us about her life. She has had such a hard life, and the only thing that keeps her going is her dog. She told us that she had no reason to be here and live anymore. She told us that everyday she prays that God will just take her away so that she can have happiness. It was really sad but so comforting to know how much the Gospel can help her! We invited her to church and she came and loved everything about it and even started to cry and just felt so loved! Her name is Rhonda and i just love her so much! We have just met with her a couple times since Friday but we have so much love for her because she is just the sweetest old thing ever! I know that she is somebody i knew from the premortal life!

Miracle #2: On saturday while we were tracking, we met this guy named Nathan who used to be a hardcore druggy and he even got shot in the head and should have died but he didn't! He has totally changed his life around and loves God so much! He also came to church on Sunday and loved it so much! He said that he has already put church in his calender for next week because he wants to come again.

Miracle #3: Sunday night we were going to see  Linda and Chava but they were Sick so we decided to try by their neighbors which was 8:40 at night. We knock on the neighbors door and the wife let us right in! She let us sit down and all the kids gathered around to hear what we had to say. They have 5 kids and they are the most humble family ever! they love our Savior so much! They barely have anything but they have so much faith and they know that God is going to take care of them! We shared a message about Christ with them and they said they were so excited for us to come back to teach them more!

Miracles have been pouring out upon our area! The lord led us to 11 new investigators last week and every single one of them is so solid! It has been awesome! We have been working hard and the Lord has been blessing us like crazy! I really think that it's this time of year because so many people our feeling the love of our savior and our wanting to come unto him!

I love you all! Have a great week! Oh and Family, a surprise is headed your way and should be hand delivered on Monday next week! :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Last week was such a great week! I don't have a lot of time today because we went to the temple this morning and we still have to finish all of our preparation day things. The temple was amazing though. I always love going. When you go there, there is no way that you could deny that it is the House of our Father because of it's beauty and the way that you feel when you go!

I wish i had more time to share because things are going so great but here is just one experience that just made me so happy because we were truly exactly where God wanted us to be in the very moment he needed us!  So Sister Faulkner and I were driving to an investigators house for an appointment around 7:00 at night and on our way we saw this lady crying on the side of the road. we immediatly stop roll down the window and ask her if she needs help. She said no i am good, but obviously she wasn't good. so we Jumped out of our car and went and sat by her for a minute and she told us that she was really okay, so we got up so that we could give her our number and a card and then she saw our name tag and Said "Oh my Goodness you are Missionaries!" When she knew that, she literally fell into our arms and started sobbing. She told us that she was baptized 3 years ago and that she had fallen away but wanted to start coming back. She Kept asking us how we knew she was going to be there. She was amazed that out of everybody that could have been there and stopped it was the missionaries. We told her that God led us to her. God truly loves every single one of us no matter what we have done, no mattter who we are, he loves us all the same.

Nothing fills you with more Joy then when you get to be an instrument in the Lords hands! It truly was the best day ever and we can't wait to help her to start coming back! I am filled with so much Joy that God lets me be his servant. i love serving him!

Things are going really great! We had an investigator family come to church on sunday! we were so excited! things are good! Love you all!

Monday, December 8, 2014

mission life!!!!Elder Lindmeir

This week is totally legit!!!!!!!!!
Alot of things happened, like always. but im going to have to make this email short because we have to plan a really long meeting so ill make it quick just know i love you all so much!!!!!
but the Highlights for the week!!!
we totally poicked up the awesome family this week and one of the daughters is best friends with a member in our ward and we tought the family 6 times this week and she is ready for baptism on saturday and hopefully the whole family can slowly see her example and change and prepare for baptism. there such a great family and we totally love them already the mom is like 350 pounds and she is hillarious her husband left her like a year ago and there grandpa who came in to be there father figure just passed away and it really has torn there family apart, and our ward is inviting them to activities and doing everything they can to help there family and you can see the love thats comming back into the family, becasue at first the mom wouldent even talk to s about anything and now her heart is softening and everything is doing great!!!!
tought Brian and Shanda this week and they are the most solid couple. i talked about them the other day. shanda is the member and brian is the investigator, he was the one who loved the book of mormon so much he dident even care were the gold plates were.
well anyways we tought him this week and we tought the gospel of jesus christ and as we were teaching we get to the holyghost, and shanda just starts balling, and while shes cry brian stopps us in the middle of the lesson and he says" i am feeling the spirit so strong right now that i could brake this table in half! " and he just breaks down crying it was an amazing experience and in the middle of it i just throughout the law of chasity becasue there not married and they now know they need to get married before his baptism and there stoked!!!! so they will be praying to see when they can do it. also they read everymorning for 30min and during lunch together and dinner together everyday for the last 2 weeks and they pray together and there whole life is changing!!! i could go on for days about them there just so great!!!
i love you gusy so much!!! the gospel of jesus christ is real and it only takes an experiment!
love you all!

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Mission Life!!!!!

This week was legit!!! hope you all like my videos although they probobly were not as funny as before, just dident have time haaha thats funny how that works. you feel like theres no way you could work harder and smarter and then you hit a total different level of hardness. i feel thats were i am at but there deffinitly more levels for me to hit.
alrighty there was some awesome things that happened this week!!!!!!!!
we had zone activity and it was legit!!!! my comp and i totally came up with the idea that morning and we ran to home depot and totally bought like 6 poles of PVC Pipe and bought 12 bags of marshmellows!!!!!
- we went to the church after making all the guns and we set up the sickest battleground in the gym we totally used all the tables and chairs, chalk boards and everything and when you would walk in it looked like a real battle feild.
- the whole zone came we got them so stoked!!!!!!!! everyone had a blast and we had the most epic marchellow battle for like 2 hours until there were marshmellows everywhereon the ground..... and then we cleaned it all up!!!!! it was awesome.

we had another visit from elder Ballard and he is just the greatest guy! hes 86 years old and has more energy than 60% of the missionaries. hes a stud. he talked to us about leadership in the church and how it only gets harder and harder after the mission but there were a few things that really stook out to me when he was talking. he told us how he was able to deal with all of his callings he has had and especially how tiring it can be. he said the secret and he was crying as he held up a pocket size picture of jesus christ and he said " everytime i feel tired and weak i look at this picture and realise its his work, and as i get up to serve i feel him carry me every step of the way." something else he told us that i really liked was " whenever you think you cant do something or you feel weak take your mind to gethsemine and i promise if you are really want the help he will carry you.
- it was an awesome experience to have!

#3 thanksgiving!!! i hate thanksgiving haha the only reason was because all of our investigators went out of town so we had this whole week to find new people to teach wich was good but there was alot of uneccary walking but some sweet things happened. 
the other night we were walking to our car to leave an apartment complex and we see this dude sitting down next to the pool late at night and we just simply asked him if he had 10minutes to spare that we could share our message with him and he said yeah and we sat next to him. a little background on this guy hes cacasion totally white and has tattoes from chest to toes, and is a total gangster. like a real Gangster, while we were talking her turned around and stood up and whistled and started to through up some sign language but it was his own language that his gang made up. pritty sick right?? so we started to talk and he was telling us how he is trying to change his life around and he has had all these crazy experiences in his life, and especially alot of sin in his life. he told us alot of the things he has done and as he kept talking about all these things we answered his questions and tought alot of the gospel of jesus christ to help him feel like he can change and be forgiven. we tought him alot of things and at the end he is totally down to learn more buthe has some big things he needs to get over first but at the end he grabbed my companions book of mormon and started to draw in it. It was so sick he is a Gangster artist/ tattoo artist and just wrote his name and drew like 3 little doodles in his book and after her was done with his he drew in my book of mormon and in like 3 minutes he has a nice master piece. it was cool to see how much talent are in some people and becasue of bad mistakes it brings them down from there true potential.

#4 last night we had to walk everywhere because we ran out of miles to use and at around 8:20 after talking with 55people we meet this guy dustin who totlally let us teach him and he is a great guy who is just searching for the truth and so we tought him the restoration and it really helped him answer his question and it helped feel closer to god. so were totally stoked to see where this taked us.

we had some awesome miracles this week and the biggest thing was to just expect a yes from everyone and be totally stoked!!! because this is the greates message in the world. thanks for everything family love you all!!!
Elder Lidnmeir

Great week in the WKM!

Thanksgiving was awesome! We got to spend it, doing some service, had thanksgiving lunch with the Stake President and his family, and then Thanksgiving dinner with Cindy Killen and her Husband! You all probably don't remember me talking about her in the very first emails i sent you in the mission field but it's been good to be back to see her, and help her prepare for the temple! I love her a lot! I was so full at thanksgiving! I was glad i wore my most stretchiest dress! it was a great week!

This whole week has all been pretty great! Even though Sister Faulkner and i were in meetings 20 hours last week and had thanksgiving we were able to really kill it still! We seriously went Bananas, and digged and scratched to reach the goals that we had set! we met some awesome people and had a lot of great lessons!

Our investigator Joy who is on date for baptism for December 27th is doing really good! We taught her the 15 step program to quit smoking in seven days last week and she was so excited about it! When we had her read the Declaration of independence that says i promise to follow each step for 7 days perfectly so that i can be a non-smoker and some other things like that. She said right after, "Sisters give me a pen now." we gave a pen and she signed it and gave us the copy, and we were like, Joy that copy is for you, She said "Sisters i want you to have a copy also, so that you both Will know that i will be a non smoker in 7 dyas"! she was super firey about it! It was so awesome!  she is just so ready to quit smoking! she has been smoking since she was 13 years old. She knows that through her faith in Christ, she can do this!

We are teaching some great families and people right now, the area has been picking up so much and it has really been cool to see! It was a dead area and now it is getting better! The ward is really starting to get more involved in the work also and they love going out with us to go and see and help our investigators!

Things are really good! I love you all! Love Sister Lindmeir