Monday, November 4, 2013

Elder Lindmeir

howdee! lindmeir family! weeks are going by so fast now! i honestly feel like i just wrought to all you. my stories are going to get shorter and shorter cause everything just goes by a blur! well first off I'm done with training!!!!! hahaha and I'm leading my area like a boss! I'm really excited to have all the pressure on me for a little, so i can learn and grow like 5 times more! i guess you all got my letters and my videos. i hope you enjoyed them! yeah we have fun but the funnest part is working as hard as we can!!!!!!! running up and down the streets to give out law of Chasity pamphlets and plan of salvation cards! its awesome! just being a part of peoples lives is really cool.
last night we get a call from a member asking us to teach her seminary class at 6:00 and we so did it. it was about the book of Enos! in the first 2 verses it says "and i wrestled before god" and we discussed this with the class. what does wrestle with god mean? and then me and elder board started to wrestle and after we said its not like that. and we had awesome visuals and games the class was having a blast and towards the end we had a really spiritual class. it was Legit!
i cant really explain everything to you in writing but wow it was fun!
this week was a good one worked really hard, and had some awesome success!
we were walking up a hill and we saw this lady walking down with two hiking poles, i said" wow nice walking poles i need a set of those" and she said "yeah they help me alot" then i said "yeah i bet!" and then as we passed her to the top of the hill my companion looked at me and said " wow man you know that women was blind right?" i had a laugh.
Halloween was awesome! thank you so much for the box of candy! we used some of it for the little kids to have. when they knock on the dorr i would swing the door open and scare them! it was fun! we have been talking with a Muslim family they are really curious and want to learn more. the only problem is that if people know that they are taking lessons that aren't Muslim they can be in serious danger. its pretty crazy.
well I'm having an awesome time and wow 3 months in already??? dang goes by fast! love you all so much!!!!
elder lindmeir!

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