Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Elder Lindmeir's Week!

hey family! hows everyone?! this week was a fast one, feels just like yesterday i wrote you. thank you for the letters mom i got it, for some reason it was late but I did get it, thank you so much! i love the colors they fit in my color palete. I love getting letters from all of you, its hard for me to wright them, i don't get how everyone else does it, i honestly have 0 time to do it. We usually play football or soccer all day on pday or we get and do something else, we never stay at home and have time to wright letters, I'm sorry but ill try to make it up for the letters i send on my emails.
this week was honestly amazing! since we walk everywhere we meet a bunch of people a day, and as we walk to appointments we set goals, like give out a plan of salvation pamphlet in 10 minutes. we do this to make it fun cause we walk all day, and one of the challenges was a word of wisdom pamphlet, and as we were walking i saw a guy smoking and had a cup of coffee so we ran to go give him one pamphlet and as we talked about it, he realised how bad smoking and coffee is and it really hit him and he really liked the churches stand point of the word of wisdom. although he didn't want us to teach him it was so nice to share him a little testimony of the church.

this Monday we had a lesson at a recent converts home, and they brought there friend and we taught his friend the restoration of the gospel. the spirit was so strong as we shared the first vision that he was crying, and then we invited him to be baptised and he said yes. baptismal date on November 17th. 

we picked up some new investigator great people, we have 7 investigators right now and been teaching them alot hopefully we will be able to help them out by sharing the gospel. so far its been awesome there all great people, one of our investigators went to church with his two daughters this was his second time ever at church and we had the primary program, and the  primary president went up to the girls during sacrament and gave them the primary songs for the program, they got up there and sang amazing! He was so happy all the members treated him so great and he really is liking church hopefully we will be able to get him baptised soon. 

funny story we were walking and contacting and we came across this guy and right off the bat he gave each of us 20 bucks, and told us to pray for him and so we did, it was weird but we did. then he put his hand on each of our heads and gave us the scariest prayer Ive ever heard. it was like a weird prayer but at the same time he cared about us so it was weird. he said something like " protect these missionaries and never let them feel of your demons" alot more but cant remember it was so weird, then he started to cry and was so grateful for us,... he was drunk but then gave us another 20 bucks each. we said no but he made us take it. so now I'm 40 bucks richer its kinda funny.

one last story we went to a restaurant like betos and my companion ordered a fish taco and he went to bite it and a cockroach popped right out and ran across his plate! ha ha it was so funny... the gross thing about it he ate the whole taco. i lost my appetite just seeing it. 

well love you all so much so grateful for all the things you do for me, pray for you all every night i miss you all but that's what motivates me to come home with honor!!!!! love you all so much ill hear from you all soon!

elder lindmeir

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