Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello Team, Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Hello Team Sister Lindmeir,
This past week was  absolutely amazing and a bit overwhelming too! There were meetings every day and no time to think or blink. But the good news is that I learned a lot.
We had a half mission conference and it was so great! We got a new missionary book called "Adjusting to Missionary Life". It was really great! There are surveys to take in there to determine your stress level. My companions rated me at the "red" level. Which means I am REALLY stressed. But there are differents things I am supposed to be doing to lower my stress level haha.
At the Mission Conference, each companionship listed progressing investigators for us to pray for. Attached is this prayer sheet. I thought since I was praying for all these people that your prayers would be great too. You don't have to pray for them all the time, but maybe just once. I know your prayers will help these people be prepared for baptism.
We had a lesson with -, our new investigator. He is from Pakistan so he had to have an interview with President Burton of the Mission Presidency. He passed the interview and so we can officially teach him. He wants to get baptized. Ah it is so great! God is so great!!!
We had a lesson with - this week and he finally admitted the he knows that Book of Mormon is true. We explained that if he knows the Book of Mormon is true then he also knows that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and that the LDS Church is true. He is comfortable where he is in the Catholic Church and so he just needs to act. We are close to getting him to that point :)
I loved the RS Broadcast Saturday night. They talked about Coventants (aka. Promises) with God and keeping them. One thing that was said in the Conference was that “As we remember prayer and take time to turn to the scriptures,…our burdens will be made lighter.” I know that is true and I hope and pray that each of you WILL remember to pray and read from the Scriptures. Those blessings do come and your burdens will be lightened!
I love you!!!

Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sister Waverli Lindmeir " learning our prayers are always heard!"

This week was a really tough week. One of the hardest weeks I have ever had in my life. Nothing went right.  The hardest thing about a mission that i have come across so far is that you feel so alone. You don't have any friends or family you can talk about your problems with and you just don't know what to do. So I did the only thing I could do, I prayed alot.
I am so thankful for prayer, that you can tell Heavenly Father everything that is going on in your life and what you should do to help things become better. I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father does listen to us. He loves us and wants us to be happy. Everytime last week when I prayed, I was filled with peace and I knew everything was going to be okay.
On Saturday all my prayers were answered! Saturday was transfer calls. I am leaving west Richland! I am going to be serving in Wenatchee with Sister Fletcher!
 I don't know who sister Fletcher is but I heard she is a sweetheart and I can't wait to meet her! she is a really new missionary too and she has only been out one more transfer then me. we are also being doubled into Wenatchee, which means we both don't know the area at all and it's going to be like an intense game of clue! I am really nervous but excited! I hear from everybody, that Wenatchee is so beautiful and green! but i also hear it's really really really cold so that will be fun! :)
I am really sad that I am going to be leaving all the amazing people in Richland though. it's crazy how you can love so many people in just six weeks. I hope sometime I will be able to serve in Richland again!
hope all is well with everybody! Love Sister Lindmeir

ps: everybody look at pictures of Wenatchee! apparently there is a little German town there or something that is the cutest thing in the whole wide world! :)

Sister Kiana Lindmeir! Great lessons I have learned!

Hello Team Sister Lindmeir,
I have learned many lessons this week.
Lesson #1: If you decide to go on a mission, become Gluten free first. I am so grateful that I cannot eat gluten, because we have been bombarded with every kind of cake and cookie this week from all the members. I kind of feel bad for my companions, but I am so grateful that I cannot eat any of it :). However; these members know how to feed us so well and so I am still gaining weight :(
Lesson #2: If you decide to go to an old folks home, make sure you can sing first. We went to GreenSpring this week and we sang for about an hour. I was off in every key and I was squealing and screeching. And I just kept thinking that I am so grateful that I am singing for the people with Alzheimer's because they will forget it in a couple minutes. I don't know if the nurses will let us back next week though haha!
Lesson #3: (This is for all those men that pass the Sacrament). Make sure the Sacrament tablecloth gets washed every once in a while. We did church tours this week and the Chapel smelled so bad! It smelled like Urine and was very rotten. Turns out that it was all coming from the tablecloths that were sitting in the humid chapel. So gross. Thankfully, a kind women in my ward offered to clean them and spent SIX whole hours doing it.
Lesson #4: Faith = Miracles.  Monday through Saturday, appointments fell through, lessons did not go well, I was sick and each night we were writing zero's in our key indicator's. I was feeling defeated, frustrated, and upset. We felt like we had tried everything, but there was just nothing good happening. However; yesterday was a different day! Two of our investigators came to church, and it was great!!! One was actually not an investigator yet, but we had a lesson with him after church and he became an investigator. His name is Ahsan and he is sooo prepared; he has such a desire to learn more about the Gospel. My companions and I began to feel our faith increasing and we decided that we would find one more investigator yesterday, and we did!!! After that, we knew that if we had the faith, we could find two more investigators and that is exactly what we did. So in total yesterday, we found FOUR new investigators in just 3 hours! I then realized what made last night so different from any other day of the week. I had the faith that we could find 4 investigators. It reminded me of a scripture in Mathew 17:20. Christ said that "If ye have faith as a grain of Mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you". I know that that is true!
Have the faith that you can help people come unto Christ. Have the faith this week to share your testimony with a friend, a neighbor or anyone else! I know that "The Lord will put prepared people in the path of his prepared servants". You will have the opportunity as you prepare yourself.
I love you all!!!
Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Marcus's Busy Week!

Wasssssupp!!!!! hey thanks for the letters mom and everyone! mom thanks for sending the nerf swords!!!!!!! I'm going to need something to get out my energy! shivani sounds like your doing so amazing!!!! I'm proud of you! (your my best Friend from the start to the end and we made it!) keep it up!!! this week was a good one! especially since i got all that candy! mom you seriously want me to get fat. but i don't mind. we are still in the same place mom until at least for another six weeks, but I'm most likely going to stay here for six months, my companion has been here for about 6 and a half and everyone before him have done the same thing. so yea! ha ha i already know like most of the people in my area its really small because the sisters took half of it. o it sucked the first time i go and ride my bike, it breaks! the gears are jacked up and the brakes are ruined i don't even know what happened, and it stinks because i cant go over there to get it fixed cause we don't have a car =( so i don't know what to do about that one. i guess the missionaries advise you not to buy from him, but its OK ill try to fix it. so this week was so successful I'll tell you the stories! Oh mom you wont have to worry about me with the gang members they love me!
hm mm, ill tell you the good ones first because i cant think of anything funny that had happened right at this moment. well alright first off we taught Adrian(the guy with the hurt back that i gave a blessing to) this would be the first discussion lesson because he is always working. anyways we brought a member with us, and this member got converted about a month ago, and he has changed so much. but during the lesson i knew that it wasn't going to go well he wanted to give the book of Mormon back, but George(the member) told him about his conversion story and with our testimonies on it, it turned out great, hes still going to read and to pray if it is true. then we taught victor again and wow hes getting baptised on Oct 12 hes such a stud, he was into so many drugs that he has these boils all over his skin caused from sharing needles and he could honestly die pretty soon because of it, but he stopped those and all he does is smoke cigs. we got him to go to church! but he has really bad anxiety so he had to leave after sacrament meeting, but wow did he love it!

so i guess if your Muslim and you convert to something else you have to tell them the dangers of doing that are, because theres a good chance that the Muslim that converts will be killed by other Muslims. we were teaching one the other day and he really loves it but then he told us that he was scared of doing pretty much because that's like a big disgrace on the Muslim church.

so elder Daniel is going home today hes in my district and he is such a stud! 

so crazy how many miracles you see everyday on the mission and theres a scripture that just hit straight in the face, like a full on backhand slap! its Ether 12:27 READ IT!!! and it will make your weaknesses not feel so weak. its hard but I'm loving it, my companion can be so annoying sometimes but you just gotta take it. 

mom thank you so much for being the best mom out there!!! honestly i miss you so much and everyone and I'm sorry i took advantage for all the things you did for me, i love you o much and im so happy for all of you and keep it up!!! o yeah its getting chilly here and we can wear sweater's that have the v necks so you can see my tie and stuff. so i would love it if you could send me a couple of them. thank you mom so much!!!! cant wait for the swords to come in!

Gabe i love you to death man, and its so weird to think because i actually miss you a TON! so keep it up and master a skill!!! i don't care what it is as long as you lovr doing it and if you master it!

dad! sounds like your busy, i cant believe how dedicated you've been to all you jobs dad I'm so proud of you! your such a great example to me and i love you so much!!!! you should hand wright me letters so i can have more time writing it than using the computers for an hour.

i love you al!!!! keep it up!!! see you in 2 !!!!

elder lindmeir

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Marcus's adventures this week

wasssup!!!! family, awh this week was a good one, you know just sleeping in till like 2 and then relaxing till about 4 and then maybe going out and teaching a few peeps, or my homies. ya its pretty chill, sometimes we don't even do anything and just sleep or play uno. haha kidding we work our buts off!!!!!!! walking everywhere starts to take a tole on your body, ya i pretty much got like a 4 pack now.
This week we were walking down and this drunk man was following us and we stopped to talk to him, at first we said were Mormon missionaries but he thought we were deportee people he was a little scared. but he was just yell in super loud cussing and cracking jokes, it was so funny, but then he said he wanted to go to our church and i told him" you can but you cant be hung over" and after i said that he wasn't so happy about going to church, he was a funny guy and made my day at least.
There is this family I'm getting so close to, there so awesome there the callas family, all Mexican and the have a pit bull and a husky both the nicest dogs. they feed us everyday we walk past our house they bring food to us, that's probably why I'm getting fat. and the candy you gave me doesn't help, but i like it thank you. the people in my ward are awesome and it feels like home,
We were able to teach victor again this week and he really enjoyed the plan of salvation, i told you about him already but ya he went to jail has tattos all of his body, and he loved how he can be clean and glorified after death, at first it was hard to teach him about how we get resurrected with or bodies but once we taught him about it he knew it was true. Hes getting baptised in the next month.
We got a new investigator named Ramona, shes 21 likes to party smokes drinks, everyday but we have had a couple of good lessons with her and she told us after each time we teach her desire for doing those things drops and shes been slowing down on those so that's nice.
Its been a tough week though i mean we picked up 8 potential investigators but they all but one fell through. we were contacting on exchanges and we see this group of gangmenbers all chillin and smoking in a circle by there house and we walked passed them and i for some reason turned around and popped right in the middle of the circle and talked to them, they were pretty cool they all had pit bull on there leashes and everyone was really nice i was able to share some of the message and was able to give all of them our cards, and its just nice to know doesn't matter what they look like but you have to take that faith and try to get to know people before you judge.
This week was a good one and I'm so grateful for all of you and i love all you so much!!!!! Great times and memories already, mom I'll send you a letter today, sorry you can only wright on pday i guess? But got the box and the tie!!! Thank you its awesome I hope I can wear it soon! Honestly love you all so much mom love the letters you gave me and I'm so grateful for everything that you have done for me! Mom and Dad love you both with all my heart and pray for me. Gabe your a stud keep it up Shivani love you and miss you, Waverli Kiana love you both dearly! thanks for the letters!
elder lindmeir

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Received a few pictures of Marcus and his companion today!!

Sister Waverli Lindmeir's News of the week!!

This week was a really good week! alot of really cool things happened! so we have been visiting this family called the big mountains alot lately because it is a part member family and the husband has been seeing the missionaries for years but has not seen them for like six months. but every time we have stopped by he was never there. so last week we get a call from him,  and he says, sisters i want to get baptized! it was the best call we have ever heard! so we went over to his house and talked to him a little bit and we asked him why he wants to get baptized now? because he has been meeting with the missionaries for like four years. he said that before, he used to just have the missionaries over to argue with them because he thought it was fun. he also said to have a good argument though, you have to do your research. so he was researching things about the LDS church just so he could argue haha. but as he did that, he began to become really interested in the church and he really wants to be sealed to his family! which is really cool! so we have been over there already three times teaching him the lessons. he doesn't have a date when he wants to get baptized but we think it's going to be soon but we don't want to push anything on him because he still has a few concerns. We are so excited for him and his family!
we were able to meet with Orlando again last week to see how everything was going. he is still very interested and his kids are too! somehow when we were talking with them, baptism was brought up and his kids were like i want to get baptized so badly! then they asked us, can we get baptized again?? and we were like of course you can! they are catholic so they were baptized when they were babies. we invited them all to be baptized on October 26th. they said YES!!!!!!! we are really excited for them and hopefully they will be ready on that date.
On saturday, the whole Tri-Cities had a day of service going on! so all the members from the LDS church went out and cleaned up their cities. We invited Orlando to come to this and he came! he was so amazed that so many members of the church came out and cleaned up the communities. He seemed like he was really excited and he had a great time! i think this helped him really like our church alot more and he was able to meet alot of the members in our ward. Sister Young and i were assigned to clean up the sidewalks and pull a whole bunch of weeds along the street with like twenty other people. when we were pulling weeds this old man came out of his house and asked Sister Young and I if we could help him. we were like sure! he lead us  to the side of his house and there were tons of dead trees and branches just chilling there. so we pulled them out of his yard and he said thank you so much. He told us that was praying a few days earlier for someone to help him clean up his yard and then we showed up. This was awesome! we were able to tell him about us and our church. he told us he was really intersted! we invited him to the free lunch after the service project and he came! we introduced him to the missionaries that cover his area and they are going to help him out more and teach him about the Gospel! this was really cool! i really do know that Heavenly Father answers all of our prayers and he will deliver all the people who are prepared to hear the gospel into our hands. it was no coincidence that we, the missionaries happened to be weeding in front of his house and that we were assigned to weed because there were a ton of different projects we could have been assigned to. I love this Gospel so much and i love serving the people in Washington. i feel like i already love them all so much!
 Hope all is well with everyone!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

Sister Kiana Lindmeir: Here is a great email to make up for the lack of emails :)

Hello Team Sister Lindmeir,
How are you all doing? It has been great to hear from all of you and I promise if I have not wrote you, I will.
Two weeks ago, we went to the DC Temple on Pday. It was a great experience and we spent some time afterward making a video for Zone Training. We were in it and it is super cheesy, but I love it.
Last week, we went to DC on Pday. My companions are leaving this mission soon and so that is why we crammed it all in. But anyways... We went to the Holocaust museum and oh my! It was really hard to see some of the things in there, but it was very eye opening. It was also very comforting to know of the Plan of Salvation. And especially to know that all of those little kids that died went straight up to the Celestial Kingdom and that they live with Heavenly Father and are happy. I sent home a postcard, Did you (mom) get it?
We also went to the Pentagon because a guy in my ward works there and gave us a tour. It really is a mini City. It is so huge in there and a person would never have to leave because there are stores and all sorts of food places.
We saw the "Changing of the Guards" near the Arlington Cemetary which we went through as well. I forgot to bring my camera to library but there will be many pictures next week :)
For more exciting news... We went to the Nationals Game on Friday!!! I was shocked to hear that we would be going from President Riggs, but so excited to!!! It was soooo much fun!  It was great to see all my missionary friends/old companions that I never get to see! Bad news is that we did'nt get home until 1:30am and had to wake up at 6:30am the next day. I am still suffering from lack of sleep and I am still not sure if it was worth it... But all is well.
Rolling Valley has been STRUGGLING this past couple weeks. Our Investigators once again are having committal issues and no one is agreeing to set up appointments. We are hoping it will get better and that this is just temporary due to school just starting.
But I do have to tell you about the greatest family ever that we met last week. They are from Bolivia. They have three kids. She is so cute and gets so excited when we come by. We had a church tour with her and taught them the Restoration on Saturday. The Spirit was so strong and they both agreed to baptism when they know it is true. We had FHE planned for them tonight but were just informed that it won't work tonight. But we will reschedule with them :). Satan just works hard in this area because he knows how great the people are out here and he does not want them to join Christ's Church. But don't worry, I won't let Satan win ;)
Yesterday, we had Stake Conference and President Riggs spoke about PR's(Personal Record) and I got so excited because I could relate. He talked about how we are all at different levels in missionary work and that all we need to do is reach our own PR in missionary work. I thought about what he said a lot and realized that I should not be comparing myself with other missionaries and wishing that I spoke as good as this one, or was as smart as that one. I just need to continually progress and be an improved "Sister Lindmeir" each day. I hope that each of you will do this same thing. It does not have to be with missionary work, but stop comparing yourself to others! And start reaching your own PR's each day. Allow the atonement of Jesus Christ to change you and to shape you. Let Christ's Grace strengthen you and enable you to be more than you could be on your own. I know that through the atonement I have been strengthened to be more than I could be on my own. The Savior loves me and he loves each of you. I love each of you to! 
Thank you for your letters and emails; they mean so much to me!!!
Love you!!!
Sister Kiana Lindmeir
6302 Tall Trees Ln. #T1
Springfield, VA 22152

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kiana's Wonderful Week

Hello Team,
I hope you are all doing great and getting back into the swing of things with school starting. I know that a lot of people have been so busy out here because school started yesterday. I still feel so blessed that we had a lot of great things happen this past week. And a lot of things that really humbled us (but it is great).
Here are some great things that have happened since last Monday:
 We stopped by his home to gave Raymond a Gospel Principles book (Which we wrapped in a brown whole foods bag) and he loved it. He then asked us a question about the priesthood. And that at that same time opened right to a chapter in the book about the Priesthood. We all just went silent and were like "Whooa, Heavenly Father loves us". It was great. I love little miracles like that :)
We had a lesson planned with a man named Paul. We had a couple from our ward come to the lesson. Well, Paul was not there so we asked the couple if there was anyone on their mind we could go and visit. Well, that thought of someone, we went to visit her and now she is our new investigator! Her name is Zenaida. It just go's to show that members have the capability to reach out to a lot more people than us missionaries.
We had a new neighbor move in right above us, Monique. She must be kind of lonely because everyday she waits outside for us to come home so she can talk to us. It is great! There are some other Sisters in our Apartment that are assigned to our apartments so they just started teaching her and everyday we get to hear all about her prayers and Book of Mormon. She loves the Gospel and it makes me so happy.  It is a great way to end each day.
My companions and I have been brainstorming some ideas on doing church tours each week for a couple hours as a way to get people comfortable with going to church and to meet new people. Have any of you tried that before or soon it done? Any ideas?
Sunday night, we were doing some street contacting. We met an Asian man who was Catholic. We started talking to him and he cut us off. He wouldn't even listen to us. We finally got to a point where I was able to share my testimony. But then he started to yell again. I put my finger to my mouth and shushed him kindly! I was just as surprised as my companions that I did that. It was so weird. But the good news is that it worked and I was able to finish my testimony before he walked away. Don't worry I won't be doing that again though...
I was asked to lead music yesterday in Zone Conference. The Zone Leaders asked through a text a few days. My companions and I started laughing about that. They texted back saying that I am tone deaf, I won't smile and I will look down the whole time. Then the Zone Leaders said they will keep me in their prayers hahah. It was pretty funny. But anyways I practiced a 6/8 song one day and thought "Oh, I won't practice it because they won't make me do it". And of Course in Conference it was that same song that I couldn't do. I could hear my companions laughing and the Zone Leader laughing at me when I found out. And sure enough I couldn't get on beat, I couldn't look up (or else I would laugh to) and I had my concentration face on. It was great haha. I almost peed my skirt after the prayer because I was laughing so hard.
Well, that is all for now. Have a great week and PLEASE be safe!
Sister Kiana Lindmeir

That is Sister Nowels, Sister Magaoay, me, Ward mission Leader and his wife (the MaCarthers), and the office Elders. It was a great day at the temple

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Marcus's News!!

the first funny story i have for this week i just have to tell you, it was so awesome, we get a call from the sisters in our ward telling us there car ran out of gas. we told them to call people who could get them gas and we hung up... anyways the next day the mission president came to us and said i have to tell you a funny story, and the story was about the sisters and the sisters decided not to call anyone but to grab there all the water in the car and they put it on the ground and prayed to heavenly father and asking it to turn into gas so they put a few bottles of water in the gas tank and got in the car and it started! and the drove for about 50 feet, and then it shut down. haha i thought that was the funniest thing and now i cant even look at the sisters without busting out in laughter.
another funny story that happened this week, we had to go buy something at the grocery store so we could get quarters for the laundry place. so me and my companion bought 2 sodas. your not supposed to buy anything only on pday but we needed the quarters. anyways we drank the soda and stopped at a house the First thing the gave us was a can of soda so we drank it, next house we went to they handed us a soda. we went to 9 houses that day and in every house they gave us a can of soda and we asked for water and they still brought us soda! i haven't even been offered soda 1 in the last three weeks, so lesson learned don't buy soda!

now the serious stories, we got this investigator named victor, and i first met him on the street late at night, he was walking very fast with a cane i ran over to him and asked him if he was having a good day, he said no and we had a good conversation. long story short, some guy stole 20 bucks from him and he was going to have to starve he had no money for the week, this dude was beat up btw his arm was broken it was bulging out of his arm you could almost see the bone. anyways so he had no money and he was scared so i pulled out the book of Mormon and said i know this will help you find a peace, and if you read it, it will make your problems feel less, it went something like that. anyways he gladly took it, then i remembered a couple of days before that i found a 20 dollar bill on the ground and i picked it up no one was around, and i put it in my pocket, and then remembered and felt that 20 dollars in my pocket, i pulled it out and told him i found this money on the ground and that i knew i found it so i could give it to him. it was a great experience. anyways we made an appointment and we have been having great success with him, hes a hardcore drug addict been to jail over 10 years of his life. a member saw us go to his house and later told us to be careful because one time the swat had to come get him. but after teaching him he told us i really want to change and you can see it on his face so i asked him at the perfect time if we wants to be baptised and he said yes, the baptism will be next month but hes obviously not ready were going over 3 times a week to get him to that point and if hes not ready then we will have to move it back. its cool to see how he was a insane drug addict and now hes changing his life for the better. 

i hope that story made sense I'm a terrible speller. i love you all so much keep writing me i love to hear from all you!!!

its awesome to hear mom and dad that your all doing well, I'm excited to get that thing from you christian!!! i miss you all, dad i love what you tell us keep it up i need it!!! i love you all so much its going by fast already a month?? wow! my companion is so obedient its scary he has to smack me around when i get off topic. haha, my award is good the people are pretty cool, theres a kid that runes a 4.21 mile hes a senior this year so we talk. (I'm faster!) haha not for long though, we run everyday though its nice, I'm getting fat, mexican is so unhealthy haha, they never stop feeding you its insane!!!!!! they bring out like 20 tacos and expect you to eat all of it! o ya mom send me my nerf swords so we can fight each other! there is four of us in the room, we room with the spanish elders and there so funny. and i love that letter keep it up, ill try to send some out today. I'm learning so much its awesome. love you all so much I'm doing great love you all!!!!!

week of many miracles!

Last week was amazing! Me and my companion worked very hard visiting less active members and potential investigators. we worked so hard that we filled up two progress record sheets and apparently my trainer has never done that before! all that hard worked paid off though because we found five new investigators! i was so excited and still am so excited!
On Friday last week we taught one of our investigators the plan of salvation and she loved everything about it so much. she is fourteen years old. even before the lesson was over she was like, i want to get baptized so bad! me and my companion were so excited and we put her on date for September 21! she is an amazing girl with such great faith.
on Saturday one of our appointments fell through and we were super sad about it, but we decided to go visit Orlando a potential investigator,to see if he was home. he was home and he let us in. we talked to him for awhile and he told us about these amazing experiences he has had. He told us many times when God has been watching over him and has literally saved his life many times. it was really cool. we were able to teach him the restoration and he believed everything we said to him, which is pretty cool! We invited him to be baptized, and he said YES!!  we put him on date for the 21st also. we also invited him to come to church with us on Sunday and he did, and he brought his 11 year old girl with him to, which was awesome. i think he really like it too but he said it was very different from his other church. were excited for him!
We had so many other miracles last week. And i know that we would not have seen any of them without the Lord. He knows what we need to do, who we need to see, and where we need to be. 
i am loving being a missionary so far! there is no place i would rather be. i love it here so much. nothing makes me happier then bringing others unto Christ! it's Awesome! Hope all is well!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Received this from Waverli's Stake President Today. Looks so Yummy!!!

Tonight I stopped by a family in our Stake and found our two great sister missionaries (Young and Lindmeir) having an interesting dinner.  Hope you can see from the picture that they are eating without any plates on the table.  We love your daughters!  They are doing a wonderful job.  Thanks for sharing them with us.