Monday, July 28, 2014

living the dream!!!!!Elder Lindmeir

dang family having fun in lake powel!!!! that's what im talking about, thanks for singing happy birthday to us I know I felt it!!! but it was weird because I kinda forgot that it was my birthday wich was nice, but kind of sad at the same time, I never thought in my life I wouldent be excited about a birthday. but my comp elder olvera made me breakfast wich was nice and also the members we ate with made brownies for me, it was funny because they dident even know it was my birthday but when elder olvera told them they acted like they dud it on purpose haha, I loved it!!! but I was just full of love all day from it and am so greatful for all you and I love you all so much!
this week was a great week!!!
since most of investigators have been baptized we are looking for knew ones and in our area its the hardest place to find investigators! so we prayed and prayed and we worked with the members and because of that the members let us throw like a latino themed party for all the youth and there friends and it was on this Saturday, there was volleyball soccer, swimming and Mexican food! it was awesome, we invited like 400 people and about 30 youth came and a bunch of non members came! and because of that we picked up 3 new investigators whose best friends our members, so we are really excited to see them progress!!! so keep them in your prayers!
that's something that we are really learning how to do is to work with members and get there friends to teach and honestly the thing that makes it work is the fact that we are in and out of the members house hopefully below 18min. it shows them that we are here to work and to teach and so we can build that trust with them again. past missionaries in this area lost the trust with the members because we have a lot of young women and I guess the elders would always hang around them and  would flirt with them, but now since me and elder olvera are there we are starting to bring back that trust until the other night...... my funny story for the week!
we get a call from one of the youth who is our age and she tells us to come over to her house because her older sister is leaving on her mission and that there are a bunch of non members and she said there are guys here so you can come. ( so this girl is named Nicole and she was the start for the past missionaries that flirted and did all these other things) so anyways we are super stoked because our appointments just canceled and now we are going to get to know a lot of non members!!!!! sound great right??? so we pull up and as we walk up to the door we look through the window and there are like 2 chicks our age just chilling in pajamas! so we walk back to the car and we give Nicole a ring and tell her we cant do it there are no guys. next thing we know Nicole comes out of her house and tells us that her dad is right there and that there waiting for us to eat cake. and by this time my heart is pounding because I don't know what to expect and as soon as we walk in there are about 20 or more girls all our age, and I instantly just start sweating bullets! THATS THE LAST THING I WANT TO BE AROUND AS A MISSIONARY!!!! and so we do some small talk and im just ready to bounce but her non meber friends are talking to us, and we are getting to know them, and Nicole dad is the only guy in there just chillin on the coach and it honestly was the most akward thing in the world, like you know me I never get embaressed. it got super quit and silent so then I start telling them about the miracles we have seen and and these cool things and as soon as I was done I just said we got to go! and we left. it was funny because the girls in there obviously were creeped out by us and vice versa and it was just a bad. bad. bad. experience but did we learn something that day. never trust women that are your age! hahaha
well other than that it was a super spiritual week learned a lot and tought a lot of people!
my mission has ment the world to me so far even when you get put on the spot with 20 girls.
hhaha love you all have a great week!!!!

trusting in the Lord (Sister Waverli Lindmeir)

Hey Everybody!
Last week was one of the best ones that i have experienced on my mission and i am just filled with so much gratitude! I wrote this experience down in my Journal like a story and i am going to quote the exact words to you now :)
Eight weeks ago i got doubled into Wenatchee in the castlerock ward. training a new missionary, Sister Allred. i was filled with excitement to be doubled into this area. i knew that if we were diligent, obedient, prayerful, and faithful, that the Lord would provide away for us to see many miracles and bring about a change in the people here. The Castlerock ward is small but everyone in it is like a big famil. One of our greatest desires was to help build this ward up, who has only had 3 baptisms in a period of 4 years.  Sister Allred and i gave it everything we got for 7 weeks and we were seeing great miracles. we would meet someone amazing, whio we thought was prepared. We would get so excited to teach them again, but to our dissappointment, they would either drop us or simply wouldn't answer the door. At times we would get discouraged but we would keep pressing forward with faith, knowing that God would lead us to someone who needed the gospel.
The past couple weeks i kept asking myself what am i doing wrong? why are we not seeing as much success as we would like? why can't i see as many miracles as my other areas? we are being more obedient and my desire to serve is even stronger then ever before. I kept thinking to myself, what is the Lord trying to teach  me here? Thursday night i was really discouraged so i knelt down and just prayed that God would really help us find someone who needed the Gospel.
We got a call from the bishop the next day, telling us that someone in our ward boundaries that the Elders tracted into, wants to get baptized! the Bishop gave us their names which are Jeremy and Erika and gave us their address. We went to their house and met Erica first and then Jeremy. We asked Jeremy how he knew so much about the LDS church and he told us this story:
When Jeremy was 16 years old, he had his first kid. He had been in and out of jail many times. Each time he went, his family hoped that he would change and become better but to their dismay, he was the same person he was when he came out. The last time he was in Jail he heard crazy things about the Mormon church and decided to find out for himself in they were true. At first he didn't really care for the teachings of the church until he learned of the plan of salvation. As he read the plan of Salvation he said that his whole body from his kneck down, went entirely and completely numb, he had know idea what the feeling was but he just knew that what he was reading was true. After that Experience he studied the church 3 times a week inside the jail. He read parts of the Book of Mormon, bible, ensign, and even watched general conferences. At this time he was telling his mom, dad, and girlfriend about how he was investigating the church of Jesus Christ. At first they were super apprehensive about it, but then as they started seeing the change that he was going through, their hearts softened.
We taught their family the Restoration and it was so cool because Sister Allred and i didn't even really teach it, Jeremy taught almost everything to his family and girlfriend Erica and bore his testimony of how he knows that it is true. As Jeremy Talked about Joseph Smith Erica said she had Chills! we told her that, that was the Holy Ghost! She told us that all of this makes sense!
They had an interview with are Bishop, and are planning on coming to church next week. We gave them a church tour and they just can't wait to come! Jeremy can't wait to get baptized but he is on probation and has to wait a little while, and Erika is soft commited to baptism when she knows that these things are true.
I wish i had enough time to tell you every single little thing about Erica and Jeremy because they are both so amazing, and it's so crazy to see how far Jeremy has come, to hear about his past.

The past weeks God has been trying our faith and has been trying my patience. My faith was Dwindling and my trust in him was weakening. I felt like i was giving up hope. I gave my last little plea to the Father, and he picked us back up with Jeremy and Erica. He gave us that hope that as we trust in him with our whole hearts he will always bless us, but in his timing.
I am grateful for these past eight weeks in this area and the trial that the Lord put us through. I know now the lesson of what he was trying to teach me. "Trust in him, and believe in good things to come".-Elder Holland
I encourage all of you to always trust him and never give up hope. he loves you. he listens to you and he knows the desires of your hearts. I love you all too!
Love Sister Lindmeir

Monday, July 14, 2014

Re: Busy, Busy Week(Sister Kiana Lindmeir)

Well, That was my week... Almost! 

We also had a great Sisters Conference with all the Sisters in the mission! It was good to see all of them. 

As far as this week goes... It should be great! Sister Smith's Bday is on Sunday and that is my last Sunday as a missionary. Sister Smith calls it the Celebration of birth (Smith) and Death (me). But I am grateful to know that even in the Eternal Perspective, dying is not scary if you are prepared. My heart is a bit achey, but I know my time is short as a missionary and that I can go home knowing I did my best. 

Well, I hope you have a great week and Love you! 

Sister Kiana Lindmeir

hey family!!! LAKE POWELL!!!!!!Elder Lindmeir

hello family!!!! sound like you all are partyin on a house boat! lucky! haha its cool I love that tradition hope it still goes on when we get home. but this week was legit! I got my package and it was to much of a temptation to wait... im sorry mom all I know is that SATAN IS REAL. so I opened the package the temptation was just to high. bu I LOVE ALL MY PRESENTS YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!! I MEAN THE TIE!!! ITS LEGIT!!!!! THANK YOU!!! LOVE YOU ALL I CANT BELIEVE I AM ALMOST 20!!!!!  I just threw up a little.
time flies by and got a whole year to kill it!! so pumped! but I still feel like a greeny or a new missionary.
we had zone training meeting this week wich just means that me and elder olvera gave a training on how to use members more and how to be more effective, because our missionaries love to work and we get work done but instead of working harder we need to work smarter, and I cant believe im saying that but I am learning so much along the way.!

well honestly this week went by so fast and I cant remember much except that we went to the temple and it was amazing and Pam our RC is amazing! and she has the most amazing conversion story but it would take like 10 pages to explain it! but during her baptism me and elder olvera taught after the baptism in between them changing and we taught the restoration and it was so powerful!!!! everyone was crying and because of that we picked up 3 new investigators from pams family! so we are so grateful for them and that opportunity to share at the baptism.

this week went by so fast so I cant remember all the funny stories all that I remember is that we had so much pizza!!!!!!! it was a joke! since we drive so much we always have to get fast food and then for Monday threw Wednesday we had pizza for dinner, then on Friday threw sunday we had pizza for each dinner!!!!! what the???!!!! I have never felt so sick! so never feed missionaries pizza cause you never know they could have had it 5 times already!

well family love you all and I am so greatful for all you keep your heads up high and choose the right!!!
love you  all
elder lindmeir

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

The funniest thing in the world happened last week! so we go to district meeting and we are looking at our key indicators which are the numbers of lessons and such that we get each week. We look and see that the district had invited 36 people to be baptized in one week. Sister Allred and i hadn't invited anyone to be baptized that week so we were just amazed that the other two companionships in the district invited 36 people to be baptized! We were just in awww and we were like how did you Elders do that?! they were like ya whatever sisters you did 30 of those, you teach us! but we didn't even do one! apparently when we were giving our key indicators over the phone to our district leader he heard 30 instead of 0. So then after we told him we had ZERO, he tells the zone leaders that we had 30 and they were freaking out and so they call the assistants to the President and say "guess how many baptism invites the Castlerock Sisters extended this week?!!" they started with 5 and just kept going up! they get to 30 and they are just freaking out and are so amazed that they get President and Sister Ware on the phone too! they were dying, with excitement, thinking we were all pro! We felt so bad for the miscommunication, we had the zone leaders call and tell them the truth but Sister Allred and i were giggling all day about it haha :)
We met some really great people to last week! like one of the people we met walking around was awesome, loving God and all and then he starts talking about Greys and Jerconiams which are alien like human creatures, that are green and scaly that sneak around all over the place eating people and creepy things like that. Good thing though he said that i have never been visited before by one, by the look in my eyes. Poor Sister Allred though, he said that she has been visited before. Yikes! he was pretty cool but i don't well be visiting him again. 

Yesterday i walked into church and i see Ron and Dresdyn Briscoe, a less active couple that me and Sister Fletcher taught in East Wenatchee. I couldn't believe it! i was soooo excited! i ran up to dresdyn and gave her the Biggest hug and gave Ron the best handshake one could give! they both are so sneaky, but they suprized me soooooooo good! It was the best day ever! Ron and Dresdyn just got sealed in the temple 3 weeks ago. Ron Says it is because of me and Sister Fletcher that he made it finally to the temple and help him overcome his coffee addiction, but it definately wasn't. I am very grateful though for Heavenly Father for letting me be a part of their lives. It is so cool to see how far they have come in Just 7 months. 

I am forever grateful for the tender mercies that Heavenly Father gives us each day. whenever i feel sad because our investigators don't want to learn more, or when people reject us, the Lord always blesses us with a tender mercy. I love my mission so much! i love the people we meet each day and they crazy things that happen to us each week! a mission is never boring and i love it!

Good news, transfer calls were last week and i am not getting transferred! i am so happy because Sister Allred and i have Been working really hard and i know that God is going to bless us with mighty miracles this transfer and help build up the small but amazing Castlerock ward!
I love you all! have a good week!

Love Sister Lindmeir