Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hello family and friends!

This past week was AMAZING! The biggest highlight was that we had a Tri-Zone Conference where Elder Teh of the first Quorum of the 70. He talked about how we can get stuck in a current on our mission and it can become difficult to get out. It is a popular place and it can be comfortable for some people. It is a place where I don't want to be. I don't want to be comfortable. I want to grow, to learn, and change! After the Conference, President Riggs asked if I would have an interview with Elder Teh. I was terrified because I thought I did something wrong. But I was fine; he just wanted to get to know me better :). And he took a picture of me and sent it to my mom. It was great!
We had a missionary work focused Sacrament Meeting yesterday and it was wonderful! The Members in our ward are working hard to find people for us to teach. I love it soooo much! We gave each member a gift bag afterward full of pass-a-long cards, pamphlets and chocolate! We even gave out Preach my Gospel's for those that don't have one! Now all the members can be a missionary :)

Since Thanksgiving is coming up soon, my heart has been full of thanksgiving for the many things God has blessed me with! There are too many things, it is hard to name all of them. But I wanted to share with each of you what I am grateful for!
I am grateful for my family on earth (Especially those that write me letters or emails that mean the world to me ;)). I am grateful for good friends that are always there for me! I am grateful for Heavenly Father and that I can pour out my whole heart to him through prayer! And that he actually listens and cares and wants to help me! I am grateful for the infinite sacrifice of Jesus Christ and that through him, we can have Eternal Life. I am grateful to share this message with many people and to allow them to access all the blessings that Heavenly Father wants to give them :)
I am grateful for your support, prayers and encouragement! Happy Thanksgiving!
Sister Lindmeir

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Last week was the worst week and the best week ever! i will start off with the bad news. Last week a family that we were teaching dropped us and we had to give three of our investigators to different missionaries and they were all on date for baptism and it just really stunk! we had to had them off because they don't live in our ward boundaries but they have friends in our ward  and thats how we started teaching the them. we looked at our teaching pool and right now we don't have any progressing investigators this week which means our goal for this week is having the faith to find more investigators.
now for the best part! Natalie and Michelle Delgado were baptized last week and it really was the best day of my whole entire life! Nothing in the whole entire world brings you more happiness then helping someone come closer unto Christ. It was honestly the best feeling i have ever had and it was such a great day. we invited everybody from the ward to come to there baptism and a ton of people came there to support them. i wish you all could have been there and been able to feel the spirit so strong there! It was the best day ever! :)

Oh Family, you don't have to worry about me for thanksgiving. i don't have one person feeding us on thanksgiving, we  have four different families feeding us on thursday! Awesome right??? :)
i hope everyone has an awesome thanksgiving!
Love, Sister Lindmeir


good job shivani you passed, how much did you have to pay? ha ha I'm sorry that was mean I'm sure your a great driver. thank you so much for the letter i got, and the Christmas ornaments, yes there were many tears shed that night. i scared my companion i think. tell the ward that i love them all! what a great ward we have. sounds like fun going to Vegas!!!!! party central, don't party too hard.
this week was awesome!!! just a successful week!!! had great lessons met with some awesome people, like one time we were walking and a sketchy old guy came out of a bush, right off the sidewalk and we started to talk to him saying like" wow man were did you come from?" and he said " from the bushes" i started laughing and a little confused and i asked "seriously?" and he said "yeah man, theres a whole group of us were called the bush people" and then i found out that people actually live in these bushes, it was kinda strange and funny, so watch out for the bush people.
we have had some awesome lessons lately and our numbers are going up its great! loving it, my favorite thing right now about missionary work is actually the studies I've been having and how much awesome stuff you can find in the scriptures its scary. we have a member that just came back from his mission like 3 years ago hes supper rich and hes going less active and we have been stopping by to teach him and as we do, he just stumps us with the hardest deepest doctrine questions, that we didn't know, and i guess when he served right after he taught institute and i guess all he studies is deep doctrine, its scary the stuff he knows... yeah i don't want to know that much the simpler the better.
we have had just an awesome week, everything is great my companion is very slow. i mean slower than a 300 pound twelve year old girl, its kinda sad, but i love it because I'm really learning how to be patient and so far so good i haven't snapped or anything, when we run we usually walk for 30min but no one can be perfect, hes a great companion, before he to sanmarcos he  served in Carlsbad right on the beach, he was what we like to call a Pile. in other words a really lazy missionary, he used to sleep until like 12 in after noon and stay at members homes for hours, but its all changed and he loves working hard! its legit! hes really awesome at teaching and inviting the spirit so we work good together.
I'm loving it here!!!! love you all so much!!!! keep it up!
elder lindmeir

Friday, November 22, 2013

Elder Marcus Lindmeir

HOWDIEE! family!!!! wow its good to hear from you! awh i love the ties you got me!!!!!!! THERE LEGIT! sounds like everyone is doing awesome, its nice to know josh finally got married. that's fun you get to hang with grandma tell her i say HI! this week was a very wonderful blessed week. we saw many miracles that have really helped me and motivated me to work harder. the work here is really speeding up now with elder moolenbeek, because he know how to plan smarter, hes slower that elder board i mean by alot but with the smarts and my speed we get it done. our investigators are progressing very well. we have had some wonderful spiritual messages from them.
we taught Adrian twice this week, and is really working hard to know if the book of Mormon is true, he told us he wants to read the whole book in the next 3 weeks. i gave him props (that will be 1 more time than me) haha. him and his daughters really are starting to love church and the gospel. on Saturday we taught them about prophets and shared a Thomas. S Monson talk with them on there tv, they loved it.
we met a man named Alpancho, like the actor. hes in his 50s and we shared the first lesson, the restoration, and we invited him to be baptised, he said yes but he has alot of work to do haha (drug addict) we picked up victor again hes quiting drugs and really working hard to stop doing coke.
funny story: we were eating at the calas family outside when a sketchy old man comes up and is holding a box of donuts and says" why don't you take a donut?" he has like a pirate accent. " you can have 2 or 1 whatever you like" I'm laughing and then he looks right at me and says " why are you Mormons so particular" i was confused because honestly i don't remember what that even means. he goes on to say " i mean your creepier then me" and this whole time hes like grunting as hes talking. there are some weird people but i took 2 of his donuts and ate them.
dad and mom I'm going to have to show you how to make real Mexican food. with real jalapenos, we eat carnasada like everyday with full jalapenos, my immune system for spice has like tripled its awesome. but there are still some home made mexican salsas i cant eat a bunch of they make your ears ring. and you feel high. like if you were smoking weed, well i think that's what you would feel like.
really loving the mission its awesome were having a great time!!! i love it! love you all so much keep up the good work!!!!!!!
love elder lindmeir!

Happy Fall :)

Hi Friends!
This past week was a very exciting one! It was full of so many miracles! I am loving every second of it out here!! I just Love Heavenly Father!!!
And great news! I am staying in Colonial 1st another transfer with Sister Clegg. This will be the first time on my mission that I will be with a companion longer than a transfer. I am really excited, but kind of nervous. I like change and it helps me progress! But I love this ward and I love Sister Clegg; so I am excited!
We have facebook now (as you probably have noticed). But isn't it so exciting?!! We spend an hour a day on facebook! In that time, we can work with people out here, at home, or wherever!!! It is so great! We go to the library to use computers, but we are getting our very own IPADS to proselyte with. They will have our planners and area books on them. They should be coming in December!

All of our investigators are Chinese except Nicole, who is a roommate to many of our members. She has been so prepared and is soaking everything in! We taught her about the Plan of Happiness last time and she said that it just makes sense to her. She especially loved that we believe that the Fall of Adam was part of Heavenly Father's Plan. The Spirit was so strong in the lesson and she said, "I don't know why, but I feel like my heart is open and believes it is true". What he didn't tell her is that is what we prayed for before the lesson with her :). We have a lesson with her tonight and I am so excited!

There was a baptism on Sunday of a Chinese investigator in another Ward. We brought 3 of our investigators to the baptism and they loved it! There was a Chinese Musical number and the Spirit was so strong. Our investigators loved it and are excited to get baptized!!!
Yesterday, we had 5 investigators come to church (Star, Semmi, Legion, Jean and Brooke) and 2 Potential Investigators! It was amazing and a bit overwhelming! Luckily, our members were able to help us out! Sister Clegg and I started this new excel program for working with members to help investigators have an uplifting experience at church. It has been very successful and now our Mission President has found out and wants all the missionaries to start using it! It is very exciting!
Often times, we are too hard on ourselves. I am disappointed in myself all the time! When I am late for an appointment. When I say the wrong thing in a lesson. When I forget a name. When I sleep through the alarm. But in those times, I have forgotten the big picture. That is that through Jesus Christ, we can become better each day. As we follow him and access his atonement we can grow and change!
Lorenzo Snow said it perfectly when he said,“Do not expect to become perfect at once. If you do, you will be disappointed. Be better today than you were yesterday, and be better tomorrow than you are today.”
Let's all remember to not be hard on ourselves, but strive to be better tomorrow!!!

Sister Lindmeir

I received this pictures and a sweet note today in my email
Dear Sister Lindmeir,

I had the privilege of visiting with your daughter a few days ago as I toured the Washington DC South Mission.

She is very happy and loving her mission. She loves the work!  She is doing an excellent job in helping her junior companion.  President Riggs is very proud of her and she is an example to other missionaries.

Thank you for raising a good daughter. May The Lord continue to bless your family. 

Elder Michael Teh

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

We had such an amazing miracle! i am not sure if you all remember but every monday we have been teaching the Delgado Family. Susie the Mom is a less active member since 17 years old and the daughters Michelle and Natalie are 13 and 15 years old and they are not members. When sister fletcher and i found out that we were going to be together for at least one more transfer together, we wanted to make a goal of what we wanted to accomplish in these next six weeks together. we both agreed that our goal and focus for this transfer were to help Michelle and Natalie make it to the waters of baptism. to accomplish this we decided that every single prayer we were going to say, we were going to pray for them. we did this two weeks straight and oh boy did it work!!! last week on monday we had this amazing lesson with them. we talked about how life is a like a hike and we gave them things that they needed in this hike to help them, like a compass representing the holy ghost and a band aid representing Christ and how he is always going to be there when you fall and pick you back up and heal you. we also said that the first step you take before you go on this hike is baptism and it's just the first thing you do before you is go one this big hike. the hike represents the journey of life. i am not sure if this makes sense on how it is sounding but i wish you all were there. it was so cool and the spirit was so strong and so we decided to ask them if the wanted to Follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized? Before we could finish the whole question they both said YES!!! They are both getting baptized this Saturday! what is so cool about this too is that many missionaries have tried to get in with the Delgados to try and teach them but Susie has never let them in and has never even let her visiting teachers come and teach her or even talk to her! the whole ward is stunned that we have been able to get in. we thought this was pretty exciting! we are so excited for this Saturday, these two girls are so amazing and we love them so much and i am so grateful that i got to be part of bringing them closer to Christ.
i  also learned a valuable lesson from this. if you ask God and do your part, in working hard, following the spirit, being obedient, and praying with you whole heart in faith. he will bring about miracles!
I hope everyone is doing sooooooo amazing and i love you all!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sister Lindmeir and Sister Fletcher

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Family!
 Last week not much happened because my companion was sick for a couple days but i learned two really cool lessons! so for the past two weeks i have really struggled when teaching lessons! each time it would be my turn to talk during a lesson, i would forget what i was going to say and when it would try to come out, the flow would be choppy. This was really hard for me to understand why because i have been studying the lessons, reading the scriptures, and being perfectly obedient. i couldn't understand why, if i was doing my part in studying, why wouldn't the Holy ghost tell me "in the very hour, yea the very second which i would say". i was getting all beat up about this and i kept on thinking what am i doing wrong. what am i doing to not have the spirit with me? as i was thinking about this and praying about this. The scripture Ether 12:27 kept coming to my mind "And if men come unto me i will show unto them their weakness. i give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient  for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will i make weak things become strong unto them." The Lord as i kept studying and coming closer unto him showed me my weakness, to humble me, and to make that weakness into a strength! what is really cool about this too as i was thinking about this scripture Marcus sent me a letter saying that he has been thinking about this scripture alot and that it is one of his favorites! crazy huh??!! even though we are far away from each other! we think a like :)
Another lesson that i learned this week is that i have grown so much in just three months of being on a mission! Last week i talked to everyone that i saw and i was not scared at all how weird or awkward the question i was asking! which is crazy for me! because i get so awkward and embarrassed at what i say but not last week! it was really cool! Sister Fletcher turned to me last week and said she was so proud of me. she was just so amazed that i could talk to everyone! Talking to people that i don't know has always been a weakness for me and i have really turned to the Lord to help me turn this into a strength< and it is working!
I just know that if all of you turn to the Lord and show unto him your weaknesses, and you do your part, he will turn your weaknesses into strengths! Hope everyone is doing well!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Aloha Team!!!!
Sorry that there was no email last week, but I was enjoying visiting the beautiful DC!!! We had great fun visiting the Smithsonian Museums and Georgetown Cupcakes :). I had a delicious gluten-free cupcake!!! And because of the holiday yesterday, we are emailing today :). These past few weeks have been really incredible and I am very much loving every minute of them!!! Some of the Highlights have included:

  • Halloween!!! We could not proselyte in the evening so we spent the night with our zone! We were pigging out on junk food and watching Disney movies! We watched Monsters University and Mulan!!! Mulan was my pick, but no one else wanted to watch it! My companion and I set up our own TV and watched it in the Church and it has never meant so much to me! I was very emotional during the move; it spoke right to my soul. Sister Clegg and I felt so empowered by it!
  • We went to the Temple Visitors Center with Star and it was so neat!!! We watch the Restoration and we also went into the front entrance of the Temple. Star felt the Spirit so strong. He said that he has never felt so much peace before. We told him after he is baptized on December 21st, he can go inside!!! He is soooo excited for his baptism that he has been telling everyone about it!!! He is so great!!!
  • Semmi (Star's good friend) is also progressing real quickly. She is praying about the right date for her to be baptized!
  • We went to the Temple yesterday (Monday) morning. The drive over there was so beautiful because of all the trees! I learned so much in the Temple yesterday and it was a really neat experience.
  • Also, for Preparation day yesterday, we did Zone crafts (that was my idea). It was really fun and I think everyone enjoyed it! We had a Turkey making competition. I made a cute, giant turkey!!!
  • Lastly, I will be on facebook today and will be using that as a way to share the Gospel. I have been waiting for this day for so long! I am looking forward to being able to not only share the Gospel with people in VA, but I can share it with anyone around the world!!!
Have a great week!!!
Sister Lindmeir

Elder Lindmeir

wassuppp!!!!! everybody!! aw what a great week its been!!! 70 degrees everyday with a cool ocean breeze!!!! you cant beat that!!! hhaaha I'm sorry that was mean, its probably cold and nasty in Utah right now. but i still like Utah more than Cali, there are alot of mountains here i didn't even know that.
i got the package you sent me mom thank you so much! the ties are fantastic!!!!! i have like 20 ties now, i am very happy. for p-day today were going to go to nordstroms rack and check out there clothes ill probably buy a pair of pants or something, but ill make sure it will be a good deal!
my new companion is elder moolenbeek, hes Canadian! hes from ottawa, he speaks french too, he looks like Landon!!!! its scary. he is supper rich and buys like everything so im kinda of excited he might buy me something hehehe. me and him have been getting along so well! honestly we both work hard hes funny and we just have a blast, Ive really learned how to have fun and work hard and have to spirit, its AWESOME!!!! he is a musician and has a voice of an angel, i was like " elder you have to teach me how to sing!" and he said " you cant " it crushed my dreams for a second but then i laughed. but i am getting better i sing alot and listen to motab!!!! all day everyday! there bomb first time i have ever listened to them has been on my misison.
funny story we picked up a new investigator ? and shared the restoration lesson with her and after we were finished and was ready for the closing prayer she put out her hands and he grabbed it for the prayer and then she started to yell but not yelling English but in tongues! i couldn't understand her and she was shaking her body just speaking some random language that doesn't even exist, me and elder moolenbeek looked at each other and just started busting up laughing, but holding it in as long as we could, it was awesome!

we have had some awesome spiritual lessons this week and my testimony has grown so much, and wow the book of Mormon has some deep deep i mean deep stuff in it its really crazy! i love it!!!! Ive learned so much already and its filled a part of me and has made me a better person. i love it so much and i love you guys so much! mom keep up the good work, you wonderful i love you to death! and the rest of you clown keep up the good work love you all!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Family!
GUESS WHAT??!!!!!!!!! I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED TO.......... CANADA!!! hahaha just kidding i am staying in Wenatchee with Sister Fletcher for at least six more weeks! which makes me so happy because she is such an amazing missionary and we have a lot of great things going on! k we get a text from some changes were made though. we are now only covering the  Columbia hills ward instead of the eastmont and columbia hills. i am a little sad but now we can really focus on helping the columbia hills ward.
some of the amazing things that are going on in this area is we got six more investigators last week and they are so awesome! they were are referrals from people!
Last week we get a text from a bishop from moses lake to go see this lady named judy and her daughter sarah that just moved into our ward boundaries. so we go to her house and  knock on her door. when she opens the door, she asks us did the bishop send you here? and we said yes and she let us in! we started talking to her and she knows the bishop because she has worked with him for many years. Judy recently just got through a divorce and had one of her sons pass away. she told us that at work the bishop would talk to her a lot about what mormons believe and he said that he would send missionaries to her when she moved to talk to her and pray for her and she said okay! as we were talking to Judy, she said that she believed all this happened because God was punishing her for all the bad things in her life. Sister Fletcher and I started Testifying to her that is not the reason and that her Heavenly Father is there for her and loves her so much, and that one day she will get to see her son again. she started crying and she knew that this was true.
we also recieved two couples that we are teaching and they are awesome! They are just like Joseph Smith and are really trying to find out which church is true!
Tomorrow we have a baptism for this sweet girl named Jadelyn. she is 13 and she is so ready to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized! The Sisters before us taught her most of the lessons so we didn't have to teach her much. she is so awesome and i am really excited for her!
i am so thankful that i get to stay in this area for at least six more weeks. i feel like this is every missionaries dream area because we are finding and teaching so much (not baptizing much yet though) haha but we are working on it! i am so thankful for members who share the gospel with their friends so we can teach them and i am so thankful for the peace the gospel brings to us. i love that we know that when someone we love passes away, we will see them again and we can be with them forever!
hope everyone is doing so great! i love you all!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

Elder Lindmeir

howdee! lindmeir family! weeks are going by so fast now! i honestly feel like i just wrought to all you. my stories are going to get shorter and shorter cause everything just goes by a blur! well first off I'm done with training!!!!! hahaha and I'm leading my area like a boss! I'm really excited to have all the pressure on me for a little, so i can learn and grow like 5 times more! i guess you all got my letters and my videos. i hope you enjoyed them! yeah we have fun but the funnest part is working as hard as we can!!!!!!! running up and down the streets to give out law of Chasity pamphlets and plan of salvation cards! its awesome! just being a part of peoples lives is really cool.
last night we get a call from a member asking us to teach her seminary class at 6:00 and we so did it. it was about the book of Enos! in the first 2 verses it says "and i wrestled before god" and we discussed this with the class. what does wrestle with god mean? and then me and elder board started to wrestle and after we said its not like that. and we had awesome visuals and games the class was having a blast and towards the end we had a really spiritual class. it was Legit!
i cant really explain everything to you in writing but wow it was fun!
this week was a good one worked really hard, and had some awesome success!
we were walking up a hill and we saw this lady walking down with two hiking poles, i said" wow nice walking poles i need a set of those" and she said "yeah they help me alot" then i said "yeah i bet!" and then as we passed her to the top of the hill my companion looked at me and said " wow man you know that women was blind right?" i had a laugh.
Halloween was awesome! thank you so much for the box of candy! we used some of it for the little kids to have. when they knock on the dorr i would swing the door open and scare them! it was fun! we have been talking with a Muslim family they are really curious and want to learn more. the only problem is that if people know that they are taking lessons that aren't Muslim they can be in serious danger. its pretty crazy.
well I'm having an awesome time and wow 3 months in already??? dang goes by fast! love you all so much!!!!
elder lindmeir!