Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Elder Lindmeir

wow it was great to see you all, but at the same time it sucked because i keep thinking about you guys and it makes me sad... its alright though, we had an awesome Christmas! hung out with the taotafas there legit!!! the hooked us up gave us a bunch of presents and gift cards. there like family to us its awesome! wow i am so proud of you guys you have all grown up so much, Gabe dancing like a stud that's legit homeslice! Shavian making a fashion club! fantastic!!! proud you! then christian looking like a mountain man, so sick i love it, and don't ever tell me you guys are getting married until i come home hhaha i wanna be there... it was a great Christmas that's for sure!
this week was a wonderful week! we had a mini missionary come with us the day after Christmas and staying with us till Tuesday, hes in high school his name is ? but his stake lets people go on what they call mini missions were they stay with us everyday and all day for about a week, so that they can get a better feel for it. this ? kid is a weirdo but i sure do love him my companion on the other hand wont talk to him, so its been kinda tough, and ? broke down and he told me his whole life story... but it all worked out hes great and he still wants to be a missionary so i guess we did something right ha ha.
funny story we went over to this less active family and only ? was there (hes the one who drives the WRX) but anyways he has a big pit bull for a pet and wow she is the nicest dog you will ever meet the only problem is if your not paying attention she will try to jump on you and make out with you and its horrible cause there nothing you can do about it, because she weighs like 100 pounds, and while were teaching tinker(the pitbull) jumped up on ? our mini missionary and just started attacking his face and tinker pinned him down on the coach so he could move... it was so funny cause i saw tinker whole tongue go in his mouth!!!!! ewww so nasty she was on him for like 2 minutes and he couldn't do anything!!!!! it was so funny.
we have been teaching a less active family for a while now and the only reason why she hasn't been going to church is that she ahs been sick. and recently she just got lung cancer, and she is going through chemo therapy, its so sad to see her struggling every time we go by her home, shes about 60 years old and the reason why I'm sharing this is because i have never seen anyone so happy in my entire life, she just laughs all the time cracks jokes with us but at the same time you can see her in pain, and you know that's what this gospel is all about giving this hope to you that no matter what you have or what your going through just be happy because if your not your just bringing everyone else down with you.
well love you guys tons it was great to see you all love you!!!!
elder lindmeir

Sister Waverli Lindmeir Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everybody!
Last week was an amazing week! Christmas eve night was really good! All day on christmas eve we were trying to find a family that we could help and share the Christmas Story to( Luke 2) and finally at 8:30 at night we decided to go to this less active family and some were not even members and they let us in and we got to share the christmas story with them! They Loved it alot and they said we could come back any time and share the gospel with them! it was a great Christmas Eve!
Christmas day was an amazing day! we woke up and Prests the family we are staying with made us a really good breakfast! and We opened presents and i got a GPS from Mom and Dad! so i no longer get lost anymore! it is amazing! :)
Then i got to talk to the Family and i didn't realize how much i missed them until i saw them but it was really good! Then we went to a nursing home that one of the less active members in our ward is staying at and talked with her for awhile and then we sang to a whole bunch of old people in the nursing home! one of the old ladies there that we sang to, started crying because she said it was so lovely! it was so sweet and it was a great Christmas day! :)
Last week me and my companion worked really hard visiting less active members and part member families and some tracting! we have really been trying our hardest to be exactly obedient and always being on time for everything and we have been so blessed from it! we got six new investigstors last week! and Most of them were referrals from the ward! the ward here is such a great ward and i love serving here so much! even though Sister Farnsworth and i are brand new in the ward! i feel like it is home already! it is Great!
I hope everyone is doing fantastic and i hope you have a happy new year!
Love, Sister Lindmeir


Sister Kiana Lindmeir Happy New Year

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!! I sure did! I will never forget this memorable Christmas that I had.
Christmas Eve was like any other day. We did Caroling and the Metro Station with our Zone. It was the greatest! Sister Gray and I went out to a nice restaurant afterward. I splurged on some delicious steak! We then went to our apartment  and acted out the Nativity and enjoyed an evening with the other Sisters in our apartment :)
Christmas Day was wonderful. We opened up presents instead of exercising! I was so spoiled (Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!!!). I even got a hand sewing machine; which happens to be very useful on a mission. We then went to our Bishop's home and we ate yummy breakfast. Both Sister Gray and I skyped our families and it was amazing! I very much enjoyed looking at their beautiful faces and hearing their voices!
After Skyping, we left to go to a members home for Christmas Lunch. Our investigators were there and it was great! They even had a testimony meeting where our investigator, Legion, shared his Testimony.
We sang at an old folks home afterward. We went up into the Alzheimer's unit and sang. I realized that I had no reason to feel bad for myself on Christmas day when these amazing people may have had no one to Cherish this day with. Most the people we sang to enjoyed it and they were singing along. One women kept yelling in the songs to stop singing. She said "I TOLD YOU TO STOP". So we did. It ended short, but it was fun :)
I talked to Marcus and Waverli later in the Day!!! It was soooo good to talk to them! They sound like they are doing very well!!! We watched Tarzan at night! Movies on my mission tend to be so much better, even though I have seen Tarzan before! But WOW, it was amazing!

So that was Christmas. The rest of the week was not so memorable. Most of our investigators were out of town, but if they were in town they didn't want to meet! The good news is that in a couple weeks things should be a lot better :)
I have felt much love from the Savior this week and I am grateful for that. He wants to help all of us, but we must allow him to help us. As you pray for help, the Savior will be there :)
Love you all!!!!!!

Sister Kiana Lindmeir
3201 Landover St. #502

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Guess What!!!!Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Hi Team!
Guess What! I am staying here in the Colonial 1st Ward for at least another Transfer! I am so excited! And I will be training! Which means Sister Clegg will be leaving. Transfers will be this Thursday and I am looking forward to meeting my new companion. I am a little nervous about my new trainee coming right in for Christmas. I am hoping to make Christmas very special for her! I also feel kind of bad because we have bed bugs in our apartment. Oh ya, I think I have forgotten to tell you haha! We have had them for about 2 months. If you don't know what they are, you should look up a picture! They are gross. They are not as bad in our bedroom, but our roommates are covered in bites from head to toe :/.
Well, This past week was amazing though! Nicole had her baptism interview and she passed! She is so excited for her baptism! I think I am just as excited!!! Sadly, most of our Ward Members are going to gone, so we am trying to plan a baptism that we have no idea how to plan, but we are figuring it out :).
Yesterday was our Ward Christmas Program so church was just an hour long! Our ward is so talented and all of our investigators loved the music!!
We went to the Temple this past week with Star, Semmi and Legion! It was beautiful and the lights were amazing!!! They loved it and they want to go again! We listened to a hand bell music performance and it was very neat!!!
We also had a whole mission Christmas Party! It was amazing to see all the 260 missionaries there! And especially all the Sisters! There was a talent show, and oh boy those missionaries are so talented! It was very  fun!!!
It is fun to be on a mission during Christmas Time and to remember the true meaning of Christmas! I love what President Thomas S Monson said "To catch the real meaning of the spirit of Christmas, we need only drop the last syllable and it becomes the spirit of Christ."
Let us all remember this as we go about this Christmas Season!

Sister Lindmeir

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Family!
Guess what??!!!!! TRANSFER CALLS CAME! AND I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED TO NACHES WASHINGTON WITH SISTER FARNSWORTH AND WE ARE BEING DOUBLED INTO THIS AREA! Being doubled in is that the missionaries that were serving in Naches were both taken out and now Sister Farnsworth and i are both being put in there to take over the area and starting on a clean slate! My mission President also called me yesterday and asked if i would be the senior companion! pretty sweet right???! Bad thing though is that i have met Sister Farnsworth  a couple of  times and she has this condition where she hick ups all day everyday and it never stops. so i am going to learn a lot of love and patience which is very good though! :)
I am going to miss Wenatchee so much but i know that i am needed in Naches! and i am very excited to serve there! yesterday  at church that when i told everybody that i was leaving they all were so sad. some of them were even crying! one lady named sister stuart didnt want to leave so much that she was trying to find a man in the ward that i could marry so that i would stay there forever! weird right??? it was so cool though! i had no idea that i ment so much to the ward! it was a really was awesome! it really felt likw that ward was my home ward!
i am very grateful for the things i have learned in Wenatchee! i really feel like i am starting to become the missionary that the Lord wants me to be and the person i have always wanted to become! i love this Gospel so much and i am so very grateful for this time of season that we get to think all about Christ and all of the amazing gifts he has given us all! i am so very grateful for all of you and i hope you have an amazing week!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

Friday, December 13, 2013

Elder Lindmeir

hey family!!!! sounds like everyone is freezing!!! ha ha it like 60 degrees here!!!! love it the weather is perfect its green/brown/geto couldn't ask for anything more. except I'm going to buy a coat today because the sweater are not warm enough, it gets down below 40 around 7pm and the last week Ive been trying to bear it but cant anymore haaha. awwwwhhhhh mom thank you for the packages!!! i hope i get them soon I'm so excited!!! did you ever send back my sd card for my camera, i have one right now but i want to send it to you guys soon. i learned alot this week it has been a great humbling experience. o ya mom you should save all my emails i send you because i usually don't wright in my journal, and so this is my journal.
this week, went to one of our investigators home, his name is ?, he has been through alot. i mean alot, his wife got deported and want to take the kids so hes been in a big pickle. and everytime we had a lesson i knew he wasn't feeling the spirit and something was wrong. after we found the concerns why he wasn't feeling the spirit we turned to Alma 36 and read from it and it just says that we don't have to worry about past mistakes as long as we repent blah blah blah. and as we shared this with him the spirit was strong in the house that i could just see his worries lift off his shoulders.... IT WAS AMAZING! and he said to me "for once in along time i feel peace" BOOOMB! it was that amazing! he found out that this gospel is the true gospel. and so were really excited for him right now.

you know lately we have been so blessed in our area and you know what i think it is? its the fact were working hard and were just having so much fun, there are so many great people we get to meet and to help out its LEGIT! transfers are next week and i hope i stay because the work here is going great.

i love you all so much i get fuel off your support, i pray for all you daily love you all keep up the good work!!1

elder lindmeir

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Everybody!
I am really sorry that i didn't write an email last week! to be honest it was a really hard week in the field and i didn't want anyone knowing about it! it was a hard week because we have not been able to get in with any our investigators and we only had a few investigators anyways. So Sister Fletcher and i decided that we needed to do something about this. we have been praying every single prayer to help us find those people that are waiting and ready to hear the gospel. And guess what???!!!!!!!! it worked! :)
On monday we got one new investigator ? and she is so amazing! she is 13 years old and asked us if she could prayer after the first lesson and it was such a great prayer! Then on tuesday we were tracting some apartments and a young mom answered the door and let us come in. she told us that she recently moved from Chelan to East Wenatchee and that she told us that her and her husband used to  meet with missionaries in chelan and that that would love to learn more about what we believe! on Thursday, we were tracting some different apartments and this young lady let us come in and teach her and her 8 year old son!  and then on sunday, we went to go see this less active member in our ward and when we knocked on his door, it turned out to be a totally different guy and his name is ? and his girlfriends name is ?. we asked them if we could come in and share a Christmas message with them and they said yes! it went so well that they said we could come back next week and teach them more. they are so cool and they have such a strong belief in Christ. they even both served, service missions for four years!
All together that equals 7 NEW INVESTIGATORS! we know that it was because of our constant prayers, willingness to work, and faith to find! it was a really good week!
i encourage all of you to pray for opportunities to share the gospel with someone and i know that as you do so, you will be able to find people to share the gospel with and you will be able to develop a stronger relationship with your Father in Heaven and Savior. Especially at this Christmas season. what better gift could you give to Christ then helping one of his lost sheep come unto him!
i hope everyone has an amazing week!
Love Sister Lindmeir :)

Happy Winter!!! Sister Kiana LIndmeir

It snowed yesterday, and I felt right at home :). I love the Holiday Season! It just brings back wonderful memories and it is great! Yesterday, I watched the Christmas Devotional and it was amazing! I especially loved Elder Nelson's talk when he said "Peace can come to all who choose to walk in the ways of the Master." That is so true!!!
This week was incredible!!! The Lord was blessing us so much with so many miracles! ? is getting baptized on Dec. 21st and is so excited! She is so happy and when she made the decision, we all could not stop smiling! Her life will be forever changed! I will finally have my first baptism and I feel so blessed :)
We were also blessed with 6 new people investigating the church this week and 11 lessons! This is the most lessons I have had in a week! I love being busy! Especially after our slow thanksgiving week!
Transfers are on the 19th of December and I am not sure what will be happening! I love this area but It is will be okay if the Lord calls me another way!

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Lords Church. And I know that I am taking part in his Marvelous Work
I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!

~Sister Lindmeir

(PS. For those driving in the snow... PLEASE BE SAFE!!!!)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

being missionary ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

hello... my fellow family and friends.  i love being a missionary, honestly its freaking awesome, this week has been the greatest week of my life! we have had the most amazing miracles ever!!!!!! ahw its awwwweeeesssssooooommmmmmeeeee!!!
but first off thanksgiving was legit! we ate over at the stotts! honestly love them as family they are so great, we kinda piled out at there house because she made us eat pie and relax.... but i repented we there for three hours, i confess haha. but then we went crazy!!! this week i promised myself i was going to talk to everyone!!!!!!!!!!! i mean everyone weather there on a phone whether there in there car if i have a chance to talk to them I'm going to do it!!!!! and we did and we saw some awesome miracles, there was a 20 year old guy yelling on his phone with some one else, and we walked to him told him we don't want to interrupt your conversation but this message we have is going to bring more happiness in your life than any worldly thing, and then he hung up and listened.. or we were crossing the street and a car pulled up with his window down we jumped right to the window and bore testimony!!! it works!!!! we had the most lessons most contact most baptismal dates we have ever had since Ive been here! i guess if your showing your faith that your willing to talk to everyone god will trust you with people he has prepared to except the gospel in your path.
funny story, we have been teaching this lady named ?, and shes about 300 pounds 50 years old and doesn't have teeth, well she a Born again christian, and as we have been teaching her she told us that she had evil spirits on her and randomly she would speak in tongues. it was scary so first we gave her a blessing to get rid of them, and as we did so she felt so much better and she was good until she asked us if we could bless her house.... it was just her there so we would have to do it with her sitting outside, and her house isn't any normal house it used to be an antique store so it has metal bars and metal gates everywhere so its like a safe the house is scary, so we open the steel door and we walk in and give it a blessing, i was freaking out a little but it was awesome! as we finished we went to the front door to leave and i opened the door and it opened about 2 inches before it hit the metal door, and so i pushed and pushed, but the metal door was locked!!!!!! i looked at my companion and i was like O CRAP WERE GOING TO DIE, so my companion switched me places and turned the door handle and it opened.... i guess i forgot to turn the handle all the way.. i don't mean to scare you if i did but it was awesome experience.
then on Sunday we went to pick up ? for church, a member drove us to her house to give her a ride, the member drove one of those huge twelve seater vans, and we parked on the front of her drive way as she came up to the van i was out side and my companion was in the van, there was a problem she couldn't get in!!! so the member reached over and grabbed her hand and started pulling her in the van and I'm behind he pushing and lifting her up! i was sweating that's how much effort i had to use to pick up this lady to get in the van, it was so funny. and then when we got to church we sat in like the 4th row in the front, and she loved it!!!! people were going up to bear there testimony! and next thing i know she goes up there!!!!! right then and there i was praying she wasn't going to speak in tongues for everyone to hear. she gets up to the stand and says "? I'm a born again christian and i just felt promted to come up hear and bear my testimony on this gospel and those two cute missionaries right there (she was pointing at us) and it was awesome her testimony was beautiful!!!! loved it and thank goodness she wasn't speaking in tongues.. o and the best thing about it was President Kendrick was there!!!! BROWNIE POINTS!!!!! hhaha
well i love you all so much I'm so thankful for your beautiful spirits and testimony you all have KEEP IT UP!!!
love elder lindmeir

Monday, December 2, 2013

Merry Winter!!!

Hello Team!
I hope your Thanksgiving was amazing. And that is was full of gratitude and food :). Mine was amazing! We spent it at our Bishop's House! It was fun to be in a family setting, Especially since I have been in a Singles ward for a few months! But I loved it! It is great to focus more on the meaning of thanksgiving than to focus on Black Friday shopping (although I did really miss it this year). We also dropped of Thanksgiving Dinner to Semmi and Star. They locked themselves in their apartment most the week to study for finals. I really admire them for their diligence!!! It was their first Thanksgiving Dinner and I think that they enjoyed it!
The rest of this week was a bit dead considering that all of our members and investigators traveled or went home for the holidays. We did have one short lesson with Star. We read the Book of Mormon with him. He said the most beautiful prayer ever! He asked that Sister Clegg and I have peace in our hearts because we couldn't be with our family for Thanksgiving. Isn't that the sweetest?! Yesterday in Church he received a blessing for his finals. He is very stressed right now. After the blessing, he had tears in his eyes and said "I feel peaceful now and I know that Heavenly Father will help me". It was great!

We also were able to go to the Temple Visitors Center with Nicole and it was amazing! We taught her the Word of Wisdom. She agreed with most of it, but is not sure that Joseph Smith is a prophet. In the Visitor's Center, she watched the new Joseph Smith Movie and she loved it. I love it every time I watch it! It is amazing! She felt the Spirit so strong and is feeling good about December 21st as a baptism date. Sadly she is kind of on a time crunch because she is moving to the Middle East in January and there won't be missionaries there. But we are hopeful that she will get baptized before then. She checked to make sure there is a church where she is moving to and there is :). She came to church yesterday and loved it!
I found out we are not getting Ipads until January and I am a bit sad about that. Also, transfers are the 19th of December. I kind of have this feeling that I am leaving but I am not sure. Around that time please remember to send things to the mission address (5242 Lyngate Ct. Burke, Va 22015).
I am so excited to watch and listen to the Prophet and Apostles speak at the
First Presidency Christmas Devotional this Sunday. I would encourage all of you do watch it as well! It should be amazing!!! Have a wonderful week!!!
Sister Lindmeir