Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Elder Lindmeir's update!!

Hey family, sounds like you all are doing great, shivani thanks for the picture ( a few tears were shed) but I'm glad to hear everyone is doing good.... i cant believe its been 3 months about, its gone by fast! I'm ready to get out of training, i still got like 2 and half weeks of it but honestly getting trained isn't the funnest thing. just because he feels like he has to lead everything so I'm still kinda in a shell but i slowly opening it more and more. this week was a pretty awesome week, besides i got the flu. On Wednesday I threw up about 20 times. What a great experience, it was around ten that day when we got a call that a family needed help moving so i got up and even though felt like death helped them move for four hours, and then went back and slept. I'm still recovering i still got the head ache but nothing to serious.
This week we got alot done! We picked up four new investigators! and even better we gave three of them to YSA!!! ha ha yeah that part stinks but the one we got is getting baptised on the 17 of November. and the one of the investigators for the ysa that we found is getting baptised on November 4th i think, and shes pretty firm on that, so it should be fun. 
Robert is doing great his girlfriend just got out of jail and there living together,(not so good part) but they have no where to go they have no family that will support them they only got themselves so were going to try and get them married. but they are golden! hopefully they will get baptised sometime this next week.

It was kinda surprise we so Adrian at church on Sunday and he really like it so we will be teaching him more and his two little daughters. he was the one where his back hurt and i gave him the blessing. the work here is good I cant complain, because I'm most likely going to be here for 7 months..... its going to be long but its a good place. When elder board leaves theres alot of things i want to change, like walking everywhere, I wanna move to bikes, our area is small but takes like 1 hour and a half to get from one side to the other through walking and that's just a waste of time, but were doing great and having a blast! i love elder board, sometimes we argue and he usually wins but he means right.   

thank you mom again for the package with the swords and for all the letters, I haven't got any letters for the past two weeks. i really like them but its fine if you don't, o yeah could you send me my black scriptures with my blacks scripture case and brown scripture case. that would be awesome my scriptures are breaking/ripping and i don't want to damage those ones to much. that would be awesome mom. i love you so much mom I took advantage for all the things you did for me I'm sorry. I love you so much you are the best mom ever. keep it up mom and dad and the family I'm so proud of all you, love you all so much!!!

elder Lindmeir

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