Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wassupp Family Elder Lindmeir

Wassupp family!!! ah this week was a goody! we worked double time, my feet are feeling and looking pretty worn out already, walking about 6 to 7 miles a day, but its super nice! Ive met some really cool people, the town is really small so I'm getting to know the people really well already! theres these little kids were i live everyday i see them they ask me if i got any yu gi oh cards i can give them because i told them that i had a whole bunch at home so mom you can Gabe can look through and that would be cool to send me some of the ones that we don't need so i can make these kids happy. there so cute there little Mexican kids in tight shirts and are super fat. i love it! we had a really successful week, no complaints at all. besides me and my companion arguing a little, i mean were both stubborn and he wont let me do anything that he doesn't agree with. but its alright hes taught me alot and Ive really learned how to have exact obedience from him. sorry my spelling sucks. wow mom sounds like your really stepping up. I'm proud of you and i wish i did that stuff before the mission. 
we talk to so many people and they thank us because they know that were here to share the message of Jesus Christ which encompasses love charity service and etc. but the point is they know the goodness it brings. i read a great talk the other day and has helped me because i was struggling with my testimony, because i would get asked questions like do you know this book to be true and i couldn't answer yes! even though i knew that was the answer they wanted me to say i couldn't do it because i didn't know! and it was so annoying and i kept on beating myself up about it, and everyday my testimony got worse and worse, and i started to feel like it was gone. but then i read this talk its called Lord i Believe by Jeffry R Holland and it hit me, I don't have to have a knowledge of everything to convert me to these words to be true, to have a testimony on it, all I have to do is believe it to be true! cause I know that this gospel blesses families more than any other religion, I know the standards it gives to people will get them reach there full potential in life, I know the gospel and the book of Mormon only brings goodness into peoples lives! that is my testimony, and with that I do believe the Joseph smith restored the gospel and saw Jesus Christ and god. because the things I know only work and are there because of Joseph smith and him restoring this gospel and that has helped me alot this week, I truly believe that this church is true. and I'm so glad its been in my life since the beginning, so thank you dad and mom for always leading me on that straight and narrow path. 

I'm so grateful for all you and shivani our date was still better. ha ha i love you so much! ah i miss you.

Gabe man I'm really starting to miss you! keep up the good work! the scriptures say we are nothing without works, so work!!!! on everything reading Scriptures running, soccer, karate, robots!!!! cause you can do anything all you have to do is work! i love you bud!  lol i love you!

mom love you so much! keep it up, have shivani pick out the colors of my sweaters. and about my bike i don't know what to do we cant visit him unless were getting transferred so in 6 weeks or so. but don't worry about it ill figure it out, love you so much!

dad, man i miss you, think about what you told me everyday, and it keeps my fuel burning! dad read that talk its pretty cool. 

waverli, keep it up i know its tough, but with your light you carry in you no one can shake your testimony.

kiana, love you so much you my example keep it up!!!

christian, haven't heard from you in a while, but thank you so much for the tie its pretty much legit!!! i love it, and i have it hung up right next to my desk, so when i study i know your supporting me. man i miss you please wright me. love you so much i wanna hear how you been.

well family keep up the good work love you all so much!!!

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