Monday, March 25, 2013

Love you all!!!

Mom, when I emailed you last week, I still had not tried on the clothes. There is one skirt that is too small but everything else fits perfectly! Thank you Thank you!!! I am looking forward to my Easter box and it will be hard, but I will wait until Sunday to open it :)

Sounds like a great week for Marcus. Incredible in the mile and 800m. MIND BLOWN! Any colleges trying to recruit him? what about USU. Also that is great that he did the Book of Mormon read a thon. Those are pretty popular out here. Did he get through the whole Book of Mormon. So exciting that his papers are in. I bet that will be a great Bday present. 

It is very exciting that Waverli is just about done with her papers too! And about Grandma... Maybe her papers did not make it. I heard that happens sometimes. You should have her call and make sure if she has not already done so. What about Teryn's mission call?

Sounds like the house is crazy right now. I am kinda glad those couches are no longer there. That will be fun to pick out some new couches!! 

I just went onto dropbox and there are no photo's on there! Do you know why?!!! I am really hoping you saved all those photos. You can get pictures on dropbox, but what I really want is a million pictures in hard copy. My companions all have albums with a lot of pictures and I want to show them pictures too! Not sure if I can see videos but I am pretty sure I can :)

Dad, Thinking of you too :) I hope you telling the bishop that Marcus can go international was a good idea

Well, here is a little bit about how my week went...

I went to teach a recent convert mother on Tuesday. One of her children, Dylan is 7 years old and very hyper. He always gives me hugs when he see's me. During the lesson, he jumped on my lap and gave me a big kiss. I had to work pretty hard to get him off of me. I had to explain to him that he can't do that. But anyways it was pretty funny, but I just don't want to get in trouble. 

We got two new investigators this week and they both dropped us this week too! They were both non denomenational Christians. One of them was very nice but her husband told us we could not meet with her after the first lesson. The other one, Wesley let us teach the first lesson but when we came back to teach the 2nd lesson, he said that we were wrong and that we will go to hell if we do not change our ways right away. Both of them said that we were not Christian. But of coarse I know we are :)

We got a call from a women named Mary (age 50ish) that had received a pass a long card from the missionaries about 2 years ago. She asked me if we could give her advice on how to know who the right mate is for her. I told her we can't do that, but that we would love to share a message with her about how much Heavenly Father loves her and about Jesus Christ.  She agreed and within 10 minutes we had a lesson at the church. She is great! We still heard her whole life story but then we were able to discern her needs and help her. She believes that everything that happens is from God and that she needs to pray before making any decision. We took her to the chapel and talked in there. We also said a prayer. The spirit was so strong it was incredible. She recognized it and wants to feel it all the time. We are doing service for her on Wednesday :)

We had Zone Conference this week and the stake president came and talked to us. He gave us a message he wants us to share with each family in the ward. It talks about how we need to find families to teach and not just one person. Convert families are a lot stronger because they have each other. We have already shared the message with a few families but we have a lot more to go. I know that this is going to impact our religion. We then often ask families "Has the Lord revealed any way that we as missionaries can serve you, your family, your friends or your neighbors?" This question has worked incredibly. And then we ask them to pray for revelation and that we will follow up soon. 

We went to the temple on Saturday with John and Carrie. I can't remember if I have wrote about them before, but they are just great. John is a convert of 7 years but has just recently started to go to church. Carrie is an investigator. We watched the Joseph Smith Movie at the temple visitor's center and then we went into the front area of the temple. It is so beautiful. Which reminds me... We are going to the temple next Monday so Pday will be next Wednesday. I will write you then. 

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting, the focus was on families. It has been brought up a lot this week. And it makes me think how grateful I am to be able to bring families to the Gospel and allow them to be together for eternity. 

This past week, we worked very hard again. But this time it paid off a lot more. Our numbers are dramatically increasing and I can't wait to see what we do in the future. 

So us missionaries have a new kind of Christmas coming up April 6th and 7th and it is called General Conference. I am seriously so excited to hear from Conference and to learn so much!!! I am especially excited to receive my own revelation. I hope you are all excited too! Here is something I would like all of you to do: Prayerfully seek guidence for questions or concerns you have. Write them down and prayerfully listen for your answer in Conference. You will get an answer if you do those things

Have a good week and I love you all very much!

Sister Lindmeir

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day to all of you!

Thank you all for the great Birthday wishes!!! I had a great Birthday and and St. Patricks day! We actually named last week "Birth-Patrick's Week". So we celebrated all week. We dyed all the food we possibly could green. We also did not eat very healthy so this I will.

I got my package this morning... But only because I called our zone leaders and begged them to let me get my package. We had to drive to another city to get the package this morning but I am happy that I got it!!! Thank you so much everyone!!! I love everything! I love the coloring books, They are my favorite. And the CLOTHES! I Especially love the camera!!!! I cannot wait to use it!! I loved all the letters too! I am keeping them forever! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

My Birthday Dinner with the Lopez family was great! She made me a cute patterned skirt. The cake was great too! It was the mix you sent me, so thank you :). I kind of had a rough week this past week. I missed you guys... a lot! I have been doing so good so far. I think it was just because it was my Birthday.

I am surprised my ability to lead the area; however, bikes seem almost impossible because I have to almost always use the GPS to get around. So that would not work very well on a bike.

I did'nt know Minora passed away. That is so sad! That is so sweet what the sportsplex did for her family! How old are her kids? How did she die? I am very proud of my speedy siblings in the 5k! And my miraculous mom and dad. Good job!
Wow, time goes by so quickly! i can't believe the super meet is already up! You will have to tell me all the details in how they did!
What is the weather like there! It snowed this morning but it is already melted. School still was canceled. Why didn't we live in DC when I was little? Then I would have actually had a snow day. But that is okay :)
Was it a valentines dance the kids went to? Boys or girls choice? Where are all the pictures? :)
That is so exciting that your primary kids were so good! I went into primary yesterday and told them why I love being a missionary! I love being an example to all those kids and to hopefully have an impact on them. Oh, and I am sure the new way of teaching in church will get better! It definitely will take some time, for sure. Good job twins on your papers!! I told President Riggs you are both working on your papers right now!! Lots of blessings for our family! Aren't you all so lucky! No skype when they get their calls; I am pretty sure :(
Sounds like the house is slowly but surely getting done! How are you surviving in there?
I am glad that Dad is home this week! Does he get to stay for a while?
This week there were a lot of ups and downs, but here is an idea of what went on
-1 new investigator who is a jehovah witness!!
-5 almost new investigators. We just need to set up another lesson and they will be :). One of these people is a baptist preacher :S
-Carrie, one of our investigators, said her very first prayer for us. And it was beautiful. We are going to the temple Visitor's Center on Saturday!
-We found some money in our apartment ($30) and we brought it to the office. The next day we received a letter from a women who said " Dear Sisters, You both reconfirm my faith in the goodness and honesty of people, after a frantic search all day and into the well hours of the night, I half-heartedly went into the office this morning" So she found the money and we got to see how much that meant to her :)
- 2 kids attempted suicides which affected many people in the ward. one kid survived and the other did not. A recent convert, James, had a hard time because it was his best friend. It was hard to see him so sad and we couldn't give him a hug. We did all we could to help and we made him cookies and dropped them off at his door a couple days ago.

Well sounds like everything at home is great!! I love you all so much!!!
- Sister Lindmeir

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Re: update

Hello Mom Dad Christian Waverli Shivani Marcus Gabe Maddie!!!

Have these past 2 months flown by for all of you too? It is crazy but I love it!!! Thanks Mom for the Birthday wishes :) It is so different on a mission, I keep forgetting it is my birthday Wednesday! It is great though because I lose myself in the work and I think of others and their happiness. I am very excited for my package though, I can't wait!!! :)

Sister Meannchen is my new companion from GERMANY!!! And she is so great!!! She has been out 7 1/2 months and she will finish training me. We get along super well and I feel like she is my long lost sister. We are a lot alike! We like to be silly and have lots of fun, but still work very hard. She is also very organized as well as I; so we work really well together. She also got an 8lb package full of real German chocolate today, so we are both happy girls right now! And we may be very sick girls if we keep eating it... Sister Meannchen's English is amazing!!! Most words that she doesn't understand, I don't either haha. I had a really hard time pronouncing her name, but I think I finally got it down. It is pronounced Men-he-en. It is really fun to say now.

I was quite worried with leading the area, but the good news is that I didn't need to be. I am very surprised by how well I know the area. And I color coordinated the map and ward directory which has helped a ton. And I am a lot more confident when I teach. We had a lesson yesterday with a former investigator and she is now an investigator again. But we could have not done that without the Spirit. We were able to speak with power and with the voices of a trump. It was incredible. Especially because we don't know all the answers but we can testify. That is what we did and we could tell she felt the Spirit.

We got an email Friday that the First Presidency has made a change for missionary emails. We now can write anyone, like friends, etc. And we don't have a time limit! So that is pretty cool! I don't know if it will effect me too much because we are so busy on p-days; so I don't know how long we will have time for emailing. And it also depends on how long my companions will want to email for.

Sister Lopez fixed my skirts and they work well. She also invited me over for dinner Wednesday and I was so grateful that she did! She is making ribs, mashed potato's and salad! I don't think you can get any better than that. Plus she is making me gluten free chocolate cake (the mix mom gave me :)) with Peanut Butter Frosting. I am really excited. And she took my measurements and is making me a skirt.

Wow Marcus!!! So exciting that you submitted your papers!!! I hope your assignment doesn't take as long as Grandma or Teryn's! I am too excited I can't wait! I bet you all feel that you! What would you think if he got called to DC South too?? Marcus would love it! Well Marcus will love it where ever he goes!

And Waverli.. Nice work on your papers! Keep up the good work :) You still going to young women's? it might be good for you to go to Relief Society before your mission... I was just thinking about that.
So about skype... As far as I know it will definitely happen. I just need to find a members home to skype at and it shouldn't be a problem. I can talk to all of you and see your beautiful faces on Mother's day!!! Can't wait!!!
I am soooo sorry mom about your teeth!! Sounds so painful!! Make sure you keep it nice and clean in there so you don't get an infection like I did! It is no fun!!! Your mouth will feel amazing once it is all healed though... I am sure!!!
Sounds like the house construction is getting there! You still need to send pictures. I want to see a picture for everyday you work on it! Have you already thought of colors for walls? If you have, what colors? That is exciting that you have new neighbors! And a new young women?! Sooo exciting. 

That is great that Maddie is staying for the school year!!!! Is her family still thinking of moving? She doing track? What is she up to these days?
Wow Gabe!!!! You are riding the unicycle?! That is amazing! You are pretty talented. And glad to hear you are still doing soccer and karate. We are working with a couple right now. The husband, John is a karate instructor and has a huge studio in his basement. Our ward is probably the worst ward for anyone to mess with. Every Saturday morning, many of the men and boys in the ward to MMA and a families home. It is mixed Martial Arts and I heard it is pretty cool. They fight and learn new skills and it is a great way to bring the ward close together. John and his wife go to help with it so it is a great way to involve nonmember and less actives. We almost went a couple weeks ago but decided it probably was not be appropriate for Sister Missionaries to go watch people fight.
Hope all is going well with Dad!! Have not heard from him but I am sure he is just very busy!!!
Christian sounds the same. Building a truck though? How is that working?
Good luck with track this week, Marcus, Waverli, Shivani?, Maddie?.  Keep your heads up no matter what! Take some pictures, I would love to see them!

Mom, Sounds like your primary lesson went great!! The Atonement really is so amazing and it is something that is so far beyond anything we can understand! But I know that it works! The amazing thing about the atonement is that it is not just to cleanse us from sin but it is to strengthen and better us everyday! As long as we are doing our part! I know that I am being strengthened every day because of the atonement.
I would love for you all to read the Book of Mormon and pray together each day! I have seen how it impacts families and it is amazing! The blessings will come and it is amazing!!!! I love you all!
-Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Update 2/25/13 - 3/3/13

This week was very busy but it was a great week! I learned a lot and I now feel a lot more ready to lead the area! As a matter of fact, I am excited to! I am sad that Sister Anderson is leaving, but I am excited for her and all her future adventures. I am nervous about getting a new companion because I won't know who it will be until Thursday! But I am sure whoever it is, she will be great! And I will learn a lot from her too!
Spring is in the air!! Almost everyday this week, I have awaken at 6:20 (10 min. before alarm) because I hear the birds chirping and the son is coming up! It is so exciting! It looks like spring but it is definitely still COLD and WINDY! And I have heard from many people that there is going to be a huge snow storm Wednesday night! So it sounds like the storm must be coming from the west! How is the weather now?
Last night we had dinner with the Lopez Family. You are right, Mom; Sister Lopez is great! And she even gave me a present! She made me the cutest apron that I love! And now I won't get food all over myself!
There was also a recent convert fireside last night for DC South mission. One of Sister Anderson's Converts spake at it so we went and listened. One of the members from the ward went and took us with them as well as Brandon (a recent convert). We took pictures on the way and it was fun. (I am telling you this because there are a lot of random pictures from in dropbox from Sis. Anderson's camera that explain it perfectly). The fireside was great and it was amazing to her the testimonies of recent converts and to feel their spirit as they spake.
At the fireside was one of our investigators, Tara! She is from Iraq and she is amazing! Any health or financial problem that can happen to a person has happened to her! Yet, she is still so strong! She knows that the church is true and she wants to get baptized. She wants to be 100% devoted to the Gospel when she is baptized, but with all that is going on in her life, she just can't right now. She loves the gospel and she says that she is going to bring it to Iraq and she say's the people there need it! I just love her. She also calls us missionaries her ANGELS. Outside our apartment is a shelf where two glass angels are that she bought us. Regardless of if she gets baptized or not, this gospel has changed her life. She say's that it is what brings her peace that everything will be okay. She sleeps with her Book of Mormon by her side every night.
Well, sounds like a construction plan on our home! I cannot wait to see how it looks and to hear updates on it! It is going to look great I am sure of it!
Love you all very much!!!
Sister Lindmeir

Aka Elder Sister Kiana (that's what Marcus called me haha. Love you Marcus)