Monday, January 27, 2014

Water Freezes with Chilling Breezes

Hi Team,
This past week was pretty great! However the beginning was less than eventful! We were stuck inside on Tuesday and Wednesday because of a Snow storm and because of icy roads. It is soooo cold! The Temperature is not that cold, but the wind go's right to my bones! However; every time I think to complain, I am reminded of all those pioneers who trekked all the way to Utah in the freezing weather! We even have a car and are so blessed!

The rest of the week we were nice and busy with appointments! We finally met with some of our investigators (Semmi and Star) who were gone during the Holidays! It was great to see them again! Also, Lizheng came as a member present  to Star's lesson and he was able to share his testimony; it was great!
Elder S. Gifford Neilson of the 70 came and spoke to our Mission on Saturday and it was amazing! He is very enthusiastic and sincere! He talked about how The Lord is fulfilling the Prophesy when he said, "Behold, I will hasten my work in its time." Isn't that so great! President Riggs told us that he believes that when we are done with this life, people will come up to us and ask, "What was it like to be alive during the hastening?" I so badly want to tell them that it was great and that I gave it my all! I don't want any regrets!

Yesterday Night, Our Zone (22 missionaries in my area), put together a Musical Fireside and it was Amazing! We put together all sorts of different songs and there was a great turn out! There was even a blind man who is a recorded artist and he sang! We also had the opportunity to give a tour in the beautiful Chapel! It is a very old chapel in Arlington and it is BEAUTIFUL!
Sister Gray and I are going to the Temple on Wednesday and we are very excited! I love the Temple sooo much!!! It never gets old :)
Well, that is all for me! Have an amazing week!

Sister Kiana Lindmeir

mission is legit! Elder Lindmeir

i can see dad being a cat man.... haha well good news!!! im getting transfered! been here for 6months and i feel alright leaving except its sad because the area has so many great people i am going to miss! this week was amazing! the lord has really blessed us. we saw so many miracles and had some amazing personal revalation!
 i was having the hardest time understanding the power behind the priesthood and how to give priesthood blessings. most people when they give blessings right after they tell me "i dident do anything it was all the spirit talking through me" and i never understood that and whenever i would give a blessing i would really have to think about it and i knew what i was saying and i really couldent tell that the spirit was speaking through me. it was tough because i thought to myself well am i even worthy to have the priesthood if i cant even give blessing by the spirit. i started thinking about this 2 weeks ago and i made a promise with god. and i told god to help me understand and feel that the priesthood is real by the end of the two weeks. so everyday i would study i would study the priesthood and the powers that you get from it and then i would go into on what things do i need to have to be worthy of the priesthood. i was given priesthood blessings to help me understand it better and i talked with alot of missionaries about it, and i just hadent got my answer, i had been doing it for about a week and a half and still had not got my answer, and when we went over to a few investigators homes they asked me to confirm them on sunday, and then later that day Adrian called me and asked me to give him the priesthood! so that is three blessings i would be giving on sunday, and i know that it was no coincidence that all this happened. sunday came i still hadent got my answer but i knew that god would provide me an answer and during sacrament meeting they invited us up with casey our recent convert now, to confirm her a member and to have her receive the holy ghost, and during this experience i felt it. i know know the power behind the priesthood, and then denzel came up after her and i did the same thing and the spirit was so strong and just the love that i had for the people we have been and then to give them a blessing was the greatest thing anyone could ever ask for. 
so i learned 2 things. if you have doubts its good ask for help! and then of course the second thing is that the priesthood is definitly real. 

so that was my highlight of the week and that im leaving, there have been tears shed... the priests were all teary eyed because i was balling when i told them i was leaving. we got really close with the youth they would always help us out and we would go on splits and just have a great time, but im going to miss adrian the most probobly because you just grow so much love with the people you teach and      especially when they become amazing members and hes been teaching his whole family and there commiting to follow jesus christ its just beautiful. 

well family i love you all to death sounds like everyone is have a great time, and i truely miss all of you and i think about you everyday and pray for all of you. if you have any docterine questions ask me so i can study even more and so that our testamonies can grow together!!!! love you all keep up the good work!!! peace!!!

elder lindmeir

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

i am getting transferred once again, i am going to Moxee and terres Heights, which is actually in my same Zone that i am in now! so i won't be Traveling far. It is kind of funny but i was so sad because i was not expecting it! i have been transferred now 4 times and i have only been out 6 months. My New Companions name is Sister Meyers. hahhahha Sister Lindmeir and sister meyers. funny right? Sister Meyers since she is in my Zone i know her well! i am very scared. But i know everything happens for a reason and i know that this is where the Lord wants me to be and i will learn alot from it!
I am very sad to leave though. When we got to Naches 6 weeks ago. we had only one investigator from the previous sisters that were serving here. Now we have 17 investigators and 6 people on date for baptism in February! The Lord blessed us so much because of our Faith, obedience, work ethics, and our desire to serve! i have learned to love everyone here so much! and thats why it hurts so much to leave but i am excited to learn and grow!
Love, Sister Lindmeir


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

missionary life!!!

this weeek WAS LEGIT!!!!! saw so many miracles!!!!! you know its so amazing to see them come your way, and when they do you just cant deny the fact
that it happened for a reason and someone is looking out for you its awesome. we had an amazing week all of ou investigators have baptismal dates so were pumped for that, now all were doing is trying to find more people!!!! its tough when your area is 3by3 miles and it seems like youve talked to everyone atleast 10 times haha but you gotta love it!!! one of our recent converts has been killing it he has been sharing the gospel to everyone!!! its hilarious we will be walking with him and he will just shout out hes mormon to people and talk to them its great!!! the members are trying to find people too help us out. people often think that the missionaries are the finders but its accually the other away around here are the statistics
1/1000 people as missionaries contacts will get baptized
thats pritty bad when its a member referal wich means if a member just gives the missionaries a name to stop by it goes up to:
365/1000 people will get baptized
thats not bad thats alot better than 1/1000 but if the member accually knows the person and has talked to them about the gospel before it goes even higher to:
753/1000 people will get baptised!!!!!! now us as missionaries we can contact people we contact alot but 1/1000 is very unlickly to come by, but when members give us refferals its alot more likly they will be golden!
so members of the church should be the fulltime finders and then the missionaries should be the full time teachers. just rember those stats family and pray for oppurtunities to share the gospel.
it was such a great week i was able to baptise adrian, and wow it was the greatest experience of my life, to see the change in his life that had taken place by 2, 19 year old boys?? that just doesent happen its not us, its much more than that, god had prepared him for us and now he has a happiness in him, his family has gotten closer together and the spirit in there family is great. what a great experience it was this week!!!
hes a big guy and when i baptised him i made sure to dunk him. it was awesome!!!! love you guys all so much keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!
elder lindmeir


Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Hey Team,
Sorry for the late email, but we have been stuck in our apartments due to the "inch" of snow. Everything shut down haha!!!  Even schools are canceled! I absolutely love the snow though!!!! One of our roommates (Sister Hansen), slipped and broke her wrist yesterday. I feel really bad. It is pretty icy.
The highlight of last week was Lizheng's Baptism! It was amazing and he is the most amazing member! He shared his testimony afterward and talked about how he has come to recognize God in his life and how he knows the Gospel is true!! After the baptismal service, Lizheng immediately told us that he wants to come to lessons and help teach with us! SO GREAT!!!!
All of our other investigators were very busy with classes getting started, so we focused a lot on visiting Active and Less-active Members! It was great!

Monday evening, we got a bit lost on our way to a gas station when I realized that we were close to a less-active members home! I felt that that was the Lord's way of saying that we need to go visit this member. We had tried several times with no luck, but we tried anyways and she was home. We ended up having a very nice conversation. We got to know her and she wanted the information to go church. This was just a small miracle but it clearly proves that this is the Lord's work!!!
I have recently learned something amazing after years of being taught it! That it is so true that we will "receive no witness until after the trial of our faith"(Ether 12:6). As my faith has increased, my ability to feel the Spirit in my life has increased! I have also been able to see how God's Hands really are in every little detail.
Heavenly Father always loves us, but it takes work to feel his love for us! I know this is true! I hope that you have a wonderful week! Stay warm in Utah!!!! Or stay cool if you live in Florida (Grandma and Grandpa :))

--Sister Kiana Lindmeir
3201 Landover St. #502
Alexandria, VA 22305
Ps. We are going to the Temple next Wednesday so there will be no email on Monday.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Elder Marcus Lindmeir

wow i remember the kondike like yesterday! it sounds like you had a blast. i wish it was cold here, this last week and this week is what we call sanhana winds witch means that we get these winds that come and there really stankin hot! this week it was 80 degrees..... to hot but i cant complain hehehe. dad tell me more about the business?? sounds sweet.
this week was an awesome week though, we will have no more investigators by the end of feburary so all were doing is trying to find!!! personally thats my favorite part about being a missionary is just going out and searching for people to teach! the reason being is because you run into some really funny people and also some really great people who are strong in there faith, and they like to preach to you. but we had some great experiences finding people this week:

we were walking in a coldasac full hispanic homes and it was later at night around 8pm and as we were walking around we saw a group of mexican teens just huddling in a group smoken some weed, and we walked over to them and just started talking to them, (you could tell they werent all the way there if you know what i mean) and we started talking about god and stuff and they were just loving it, they were talking about how there going to get powers and stuff after they die and become like gods, and we were just laughing with them and trying to share whatever we could with them , before we left and they told us we should come back to teach them. this was a while ago when this happened and then yesterday we were walking past that house and we felt like we should stop by, we did and one of the mexican kids answered and he let us in, long story short we tought him the restoration and he commited to be baptised on 22nd of fed, and tomarrow were going to go over there and his freinds are going to come also. so keep that in your prayers and hopefully we will be able to help them all change there life around and come closer to the gospel. 

o i got some good news, Adrian is letting us teach the rest of his family and there all super excited and they want to get baptized next month, so were excited transfer calls are on this saturday and i hope i stay because there is going to be alot of success!! comming up god has been preparing people.

funny story now... we were walking down the street into mc donalds parking lot when a brand spankin new honda accord pulls up and asks if we need a ride. i look at him and i am shocked to see who it was. it was Victor, i dont know if you remeber him but he was the drug attict that we tought for the longest time and he is homless, so when i saw im this car i was in shock and we started to talking to him about this car that he bought and he said "yeeeees i got this car for a steeeeel man, it was only 5 bills" so i was thinking 5000 bucks but no it was only 500 bucks. and we asked him were he got it and he wont tell us..... so its kinda sketchy all i know is most likely that car was stolen, and i just started laughing and i was telling him victor you cant steel man, and he went on and said well i bought it. long story short we dident get a ride but he wanted to buy us one too so that we dont have to walk everywhere, it was really funny. i will never forget this man if you guys just saw him you would start laughing hes just a funny old gangster who thinks he a teenager still.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

I am sorry that i didn't send out an email last week! i ran out of time to write a big email! The past two weeks have been pretty good. we have been teaching a couple of great families! last week we taught the Brunmeir family again! the Mom Desiree is a member of the church but very less active and we are teaching her two daughters, her boyfriend and her boyfriends son. We taught them the restoration a couple weeks ago and it went so well! they committed to reading and praying about the book of mormon to know if it is true. Then last week we taught them the plan of salvation and it was one of the coolest lessons that i have ever had! the spirit was so present in the lesson and it told us that this sweet family needed a date for baptism. we invited them to be baptized and they all said YES!!!!!! we Put them on date for February 15th! :) we still have to get them married and there might be a few word of wisdom problems so we might have to move the date back but we thought this would be an attainable goal if they feel ready!
We are also teaching this other family right now where the mom is a less active member and her son Chance and her daughter Brandy are not members. Last week we taught them the restoration on tuesday and then we came back on friday for another lesson. Right when we got there Brandy was so excited and she told us that she has been reading the Book of Mormon to her little daughter Bella every single night! In 3 days she read 15 chapters! she said she loves it so much and that she feels really good when she reads it. Brandy Is really amazing, she is 23 years old and has two kids right now and had two kids that passed away when they were just a few months old because of Medical problems. her Brother Chance that we are teaching is 11 years old and he is the sweetest thing ever. he reminds me alot of my little Brother Gabe. Both are just the Sweetest things!
Everything has been going pretty good here in Naches! We have transfer calls this weekend, and i am really hoping that i don't get transferred because our investigators here are progressing so well! we plan on have the Brunmeir family, and Brandy and Chance make it to the waters of baptism in february. that equals 6 people who are going to get baptized next month and i don't want to miss it!
I hope everyone is doing great! i love you all!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

Monday, January 13, 2014

I can't believe it!

Hi Friends,
Yesterday in Church, I looked at the program and started to cry because it hit me that I have been a missionary for a whole year! I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! My Bishop came and talked to me afterward because he saw me crying during the meeting haha!!! Yesterday, was truly the first time that I really did not ever want to stop being a missionary. However the good news is that it will never be over. I will always be a missionary (member or full-time).
I really love being an "Instrument in the Hands of God" (Alma 29:9) to bring many people closer to Christ. I have seen so many people change. Lizheng has made the greatest change. He didn't even believe in God before we met with him and now he is getting baptized this Saturday! He had his interview yesterday and he was so nervous before. He said after the interview that "my interview confirmed my decision to get baptized". He will be an incredible member and amazing Leader in the Church. He is also very smart. He went to China's top school (compared to Yale) and I know that he is going to help get the Church more grounded in China :). I can't wait!!!
Saturday night, we tried to change of our Finding efforts. We made plan of Salvation posters and went into the metro. And thankfully, it worked!!! A lot of people had a desire to know  'where I came from, why I am here, and where I am going?' ( It was so wonderful!!!!! We talked to a lot of people that want to learn more about the Gospel!
We have a busy week ahead of us (as many of our investigators are returning from the break). Also, classes are starting back up so there will be more students back in the area. We are looking forward to being nice and busy!!!

The weather has been pretty up and down lately, but thankfully it is very nice today. We decided to go to Mount Vernon today because it was FREEZING last Monday. I will let you know how it goes :)


-- Sister Kiana Lindmeir

3201 Landover St. #502 

Elder Lindmeir

sounds like everyone is having fun... shivani good job on scaring mom hahaha. gabe it sounds like your going to become a pro snow boarder, well atleast better than me. that sounds fun that your getting extra soccer training in! on pday we soccer with like 10 other elders and its so much fun. its so weird but you would think since i havent played in so long i would be horrible but for some reason im like better. i think i might be a late bloomer or something haha. but gabe the biggest thing ive learned with soccer is to just enjoy playing. i remember in comp as soon as i would get the ball i would take two steps and kick it! because i was always scared of messing up, or getting yelled at, but i have came to the conclusion unless you take the risks of dribbling and shooting or anything that is out of your comfort zone, you will not grow. i figured that out when i joined rec soccer and i felt a billion times of less presure, so gabe i guess my point is, when you play games and stuff be confident on what you can do and take some risks and most of all just have fun! if your loosing there is nothing worse than to get heated and angry just have fun and carry the team.
its pritty cool as a missionary, you learn how to take risks and you learn to be bold and to have fun! the other day we went and talked with a guy and the first thing we said after introducing ourselves was have you been baptised? and he said yeah when i was born and i dont remember it. and then we said would you like to be baptized again but by someone holding the authority of god? and he looked at us and he said "ya know... i would really like to" then form there we told him what he would need to do to get tp that point and you just see how ya dont have to be beat around the bush for thing. but that dosent mean you should ask everyone that, it just means that you need to listen to them, you need to be bold and find what they need!!! and ask questions! and then put yourself in there shoes and help them on there concerns. thats something ive been working on alot this week, been srudying alot on it and what types of questions and what kind of approaches do certain people need. but the biggest thing ive learned about it is you just need to be real. people can tell if your being genuine or not or weather you care about them, and thats what people need! someone to care about them to help them out of there hard life and to make there burdens just a little lighter. 

this week we were walking and it was around 8pm and we needed to walk back to our apartment and as we were walking we saw a moving truck on the other side of the road, this thing was huge!!!! like seriously 90 feet long and when we got there, the truck was only about half full and no one was around, we had the perfect excuse to just leave and walk away back to home but instead we felt like we should look around for this person who is moving and so we walked around the apartments until we saw a man sitting on his stairs crying... and you could see a sweat puddle on the ground, we talked to him and he looked up and we asked him do you need help? and he just looked up at the sky and said thank you. and i guess the story was that this man started moving his home at around 9 am and he was just by himself, his wife had the flu and his two kids that are under 2 were cyring the whole time and he had to leave his place before 10 pm, and clearly he wasent going to do it by himself, and so we dropped our bags loosened our ties and we started moving! this whole time he is like in shock because he told us right then and there he was praying to god for strength to finish moving before 10pm and he knew that we were an answer to his prayer and as we were helping him move he just kept on asking us questions about our church and he was just so willing to accept what we had to say. so during this whole time were moving we tought him a full blown restoration lesson, and the spirit was so strong and you could just tell that he knew what we were saying was true. it was such a great experience, and hopefully ill never forget it. god works through amazing ways thats for sure.

the mission life is awesome to be apart of that makes it all worth it! and you know the thing is i hope i would have been able to walk on over and to do the same thing just as a member and not as a missionary, because there are so many people that just need so hope some freindship and some help, and there everywhere its just our job to pay attention to the spirit to our surroundings. and we will all see many miracles like this.

that was the longest letter i probobly have wrighten but i hope it dident sound like i was preaching, to all you cause thats not what i wanted if i did sorry. you just learn alot out here and its LEGIT! love you all so much i love when you wright me and i miss u all so much! keep up the good work!

elder lindmeir

Monday, January 6, 2014

Blessings all over!!!

Happy 2014!!!!
I hope you had a wonderful New Years and you and that you have some great 2014 Goals!!! :) I am still trying to think of some goals, but I am also trying not to focus on the fact that I am going home this year!!! So crazy!!!!
This week went by in a blur and I am having a hard time remembering what happened... Some highlights are as follows.

  • Lizheng is still looking forward to his baptism on January 18th. He has already been assigned as a home teacher! It is so exciting!!!!
  • Nicole Bailey  made it to Oman in safety. She is going to a Branch out there for Worship. 
  • We are still waiting for our investigators to return from vacation, however; it has been good because we have been able to focus more on visiting members!
  • Sister Gray and I have been enjoying the wonderful Classical music Dad sent to me. We also enjoy singing loudly to "Time To Say Goodbye".
  • It is a tradition of mine to creepily walk up to all my companions randomly during studies while doing a backbend. It has been fun to surprise them. I did that for all my roommates last night... I will send a video at some point.
  • Sister Gray and I are visiting Mount Vernon today and we are quite excited. Actually, one of our Less-active members work there and they gave us free tickets :)
  • Schools were canceled today because of the cold weather. Crazy Virginia...
Well, I think that is all for now. Love you and I wish you all the best this week!!!!
Sister Lindmeir

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Last week was an amazing week! Sister Farnsworth and i were so blessed last week and here is why!!!
Friday night are car was making these really horrible metal on metal screeching noises and we had no idea why! we had one of the members in our ward come look at it and he couldn't figure out what was wrong with it so he just told us to take it into Les scwab the next day and see if they could figure out what is wrong with it. it was only 7:00 friday night which meant we still had 2 hours before we could come home for the night. so we decided that we would just go tracting until 9:00. so we put on the most layers of clothes we could get on and headed out. we knocked on alot of doors and nobody wanted to listen to us. we decided to knock on one more door. A couple answered the door and let us in and apparently they were former investigators that the missionaries were teaching about two years ago! they seemed interested in what we had to say and they want us to come back again! Then on sunday night we went tracting again( we got our car fixed, it turned out to be just a little rock stuck somewhere that made the screeching noise! but we only can drive our car so many miles a month or we will get in trouble so thats why we go tracting alot!) And again the last door that we were going to knock on let us in! we shared the restoration to the sweetest and nicest family! they loved the lesson and they told us that they would read the book of mormon and pray and ask God if the book is true! we also went to go visit this other Family where the wife is a member of the church and the Husband is not. We talked to both of them for awhile and the husband said that he definately wants to hear more about what we believe!
Last week, The Lord Placed in our hands 8 new people for us to teach! which is the most investigators i have ever gotten in one week! it was an amazing week!