Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Elder Lindmeir's crazy week!

What up!? lindmeir family??? sounds like everyone is doing great!!! buying a new car! a jet! is it the same car the shane esplin has? there pretty quick, if i remember right? I got the swords!!!!! ah mom thank you so much me and my companions have epic battles for 10 minutes every night. its a good stress reliever. I got another package from toys r us. Was it from you? I got a nerf football, and some nerf bullets? It was random but i like it. ha ha this week was bomb! we worked pretty darn hard! On Monday we had an arm wrestling tournament for p-day i took 4th! out of 8 I'm pretty proud of myself and my companion won. but after p-day at 8:50 we were running back home we still had like a half mile to go and we were running/speed walking past a man that was hunched over and i just jumped to him and started talking. we talked and this what he said/was/situation. his name was Robert, got out of jail that day. went over to his house to see his parent and to have a place to stay, but when he got there his dad kicked him out told him he never wanted to see him again, and his mom died last year. anyways he had no where to go, he had been crying and as we were walking with him i had a prompting to take to one of the members houses, as we talked to him we told him we were going to take him to a members home and see if they can help him and then he started to cry he told us "about 20 minutes ago i broke down and begged god to help me, because i don't wanna steal anymore i don't want to go back to that. please god help me." then we showed up. but as we got to the members home they invited us in and Robert was behind us, we introduced Robert to the member and said "this is Robert he needs a place to stay he has been through alot and help him if you can" and we left. a few days had passed then we went t see what really happened that night with Robert, so we get there and realise Robert is living with them, and that he loves this family so much and they really love him to, Robert has been reading the book of Mormon and really likes it. we had a lesson with him and he want to get baptised. the change from when we saw him at first and then till now was like a whole different person, for once in his life he has a family that truly loves him, its a great experience!
now for the sadness of the week. remember Victor? the one i gave the money to? well his baptismal date was on October 12, this Saturday and we had taught him all the lessons, loved it and totally changed his life, he was off drugs for about a week which was amazing considering he has been using needles for about 40 years.... and then on Thursday we had a lesson for him the last lesson before his baptism, and we knocked on his door and he answered it and he had a weird look to him and he talked weird. he told us to meet him in the back like we normally do to teach him and we sat down he came out with sweats on. and it was really hot outside anyways. but we started to talk to him and he just wasn't there we didn't know what had happened so i asked him how have yo been from getting of drugs? and he wouldn't answer instead he asked me if i could pray and i did... after i asked him the same question, no response just asked us if i could pray, as if he didn't even know that we had just prayed... i told him we just did and he didn't believe me (started to get mad) so we calmed him down and said are you ready for baptism? and he said i already got baptised.. in jail. he talked to us as if he forgot everything we had been working towards. and then we talked about Church and he told me he didn't want to go to church he didn't like it (last lesson we had with him he talked about church and he loved it) by this time we knew he relapsed and he told us that he wants to go to a different church. and at this time it felt like someone stabbed me in the chest with a knife and penetrated my heart! cause we had worked so long and hard for this man and because of some drugs!!! takes away his memory and judgment, and then he didn't want anything to do with us. It was tough leaving he had forgotten my name, and everything we taught him. 

Although it was hard for me to leave him like this, I guess he just wasn't ready for it yet, and i know that it wasn't his last chance to hear the gospel, he will either hear it again from other missionaries or in the spirit world. ah i love that man, he had changed his whole life and he felt gods love for him! but it just wasn't his time.

Its been a great week other than that.... elder board b-day, and those members home that we were at, I love that family there so nice to us and awesome! then they took us out on Saturday after priesthood session, we went to a barbecue place and wow it brought up some good memories, of me and dad and christian i cried a little but i still looked good. the conference was amazing loved it so much! I love the quote "whatever sin is legalized by man is still a sin to god." hahahaha that bashed hard for the Mormon liberals out there!!!! but I'm great loving the work so much. I got the mummy statue! thank you so much!!! I love you all so much miss you all dearly! I will see you in 22 months!!! haha.

elder lindmeir!

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