Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the mission Elder Lindmeir

this week has been so crazy! but at the same time worth while, i really got to understand the power of forgiveness and the power of love.
our ward right now is just amazing right all of them just love sharing the gospel, and last year they had 12 baptisms in a whole year, those 12 baptisms is the highest baptisms out of any other ward in our intire mission. so our ward mission leader really wants to reach that goal, but it kinda ridiculous how much he wants it, all he does is just bag on us all day, and tells us pritty much that we dont know how to do it. now the stuff he says are really mean and its hard to get the motivation you need to find those people. the ward mission leader is supposed to help us with the work but this guy just gets mad at us.  its been really hard on elder rivers, he takes it so personally and it has really made him sadder than anyone i have ever met, you can just tell. so we called our mission president to see what to do and we got some advice, so just keep elder rivers in your prayers and hopefully we really work through it together.
other than that depressing paragraph this week has been great, we can see that our hard work is coming together and that soon the work is going to blossom!!!!! i don't think i will ever have a companion that wants to work as hard as we do, i mean we get stuff done!!! and we are doing everything right but its just working slowly but that's OK, as long as its growing.
this week for the district we are working on "finding with faith" which simply means knowing with out a doubt that everyday you are going top find someone to teach and someone who is willing to learn more, and wow it has been working!
i got a story for you
me and elder ball were tracking for about 4 hours and then we knock on this door and this old ashian man answers the door, and we chitchat for a good 15 minutes about him serving in the war and that's when he found god in his life, and when the opportunity came we shook his hand and pulled ourselves in the door into his house, it was awesome and i have found that it works about 50% of the time so sisters you should try it. when we got in we sat down and started talking about religion and he said " oh i know about all religion i study! " then we asked well did you know that god has a body of flesh and bone? he replies ( what what were do you get this from?) then we start teaching him about the book of Mormon and man i don't think i have ever seen some one more interested in the book than anyone i have ever met, the lesson was so spiritual and so amazing that when we got down to it we asked him "to know what we have told you today you need to read and to pray and ask god if it is true" and he looks at us like hes confused and he says "why do i need to pray? i already know it is you two are my witnesses!" those are words you just long to hear from as a missionary! i loved it and soon he will get baptised.
so many other things happened and I'm loving it here and i miss you all and love you all hope you have a great week
elder lindmeir

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