Monday, March 3, 2014

mission life is the best!!!!!!!Elder Lindmeir

this week was so nuts!!!! god blessed us so much!!!!! i love it. we were able to find and teach so many new people this week and to pick them up as investigators, and to help them. one family we picked up this week was the wallis family and it couldent of been a better time to meet them, we knocked on there door and he dident even question letting us in, as we got to know him and his wife a little bit better we soon realized that his wife is going through dialalisis (hopefully i spelt that right but i doubt it) and it has been taking a big tole on her and on her family. it was just so great to help spiritually build them up and help them out of this trial that they have been going through. then we found another guy who was in a similar situation were he just needed an answer, and i know we were his answer and its just so great to be led by the spirit to find these people. like honestly elder rivers had to pee so we were walking to a 711 and when we decided to stop and knock on this house just randomly and it soon led to that family and, just all these other great miracles that led to something great! "by small and simple things are great things come to pass" thats one of my favorite scriptures because its all about the effort and the little extra things you can do to show your faith and willingness to serve. this week we tought more lessons than i have ever tought in a whole week, it is great to see that our teaching skills have been improving so much as we are able to focus on the spirit and the investigator. its pritty cool we go into lessons not having anything planed and we both know exactly what scripture they need in this time of need. I LOVE IT!!!!!
the work here is soon coming to be on fire!!!!!!! i love it god is so great. and a pritty cool story mainly for the boys in the family, we were tracking on the beach when we came to an old blue house and this old lady came and answered the door, we talked and were able to get into the house and before you knew it we were talking about family and she showed us pictures of her family and then all the sudden i recognized someone in the picture, and it was TRAVIS PASTRANA!!!! the man who is a professional motorcycle racer and he made his own tv show called NITRO CIRCUS!!!! he is like my idle, and i just met his grandmother.... i was so pumped!!!!!! and then to make it better were comming back to teach her!!! so if she get baptised im probobly going to meet travis and might get a new motorcycle... but thats not the reason why we want to teach her... well mabey a little.
another cool story this morning brother ek from our ward picked us up in his 1965 mustang fully restored and has over 500 hoursepower!!!!! that mustang screames!!!!!!!! we were driving and i asked " how fast does it go from 0-60?" and he says "well alot faster when you press that red button!" he had nitrus!!!!! in the fully restored 1965 mustang and to make it even crazier he put nascar suspension on it!!! we could go 80 miles an hour on a turn!!!! it was nutzz ill just tell you this much, they dont mess around here. that was so sick!!!!
well thank you all for everything im loving it everything is good no problems or struggles just focusing on the work!!! love you all!!!!
edler lindmeir

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