Monday, March 10, 2014

mission life!!!!

this week was pretty amazing again like last week. met alot of really good people and was able to really humble myself. you know theres just not much to talk about, the people we are teaching right now are just so great! there don't want to change there religion but they love having us over and to learn more about our church. and the more we are sharing the more the heart is softening to change, and the change there making you see it just make there life so much better and so much happier than what is already. that's something i have learned alot so far on the mission that there are very few people out there that actually practice there faith, and it is sad to see. everyone needs a religion that they can lean on for help! hope, comfort. that's something i have really been trying to imply to people we find and teach and show and testify that there life will be so much better if they meet with us.
transfers were this week and i got a call and we are both staying and i got a call to help other missionaries and so its going to be alot but you know it will be worth it, I'm excited scared and its a really humbling experience because i know i wont be able to do this by myself.
well i love you all not much to say but that I'm loving it and am so grateful for all you i love you tons!!!

edler lindmeir

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