Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mission! Elder Lindmeir

this week was a very busy week, been running around like a mad man! ha ha we had alot of bad things happen but you know it is totally fine, because god will provide! and we have seen that we have been picking up potential like crazy and we have been working on how we can become better contacters because there are so many people here always walking around. something that has been a struggle for us i this area is that everyone here believes in all religion, but none of them are in a religion, its weird and it doesn't make sense, so that's what we have been working on is when we talk to people we share unique parts of the message we share to get there interest and hopefully we will be led by the spirit on what to say to help them resolve there concerns. so give me more suggestions!!!!!!
there is a family we are teaching and they are 3 boys. one of them is 15 his name is Andrew the moises hes 14 and rohit who is 9 and there story is ( they were baptised about a year ago and they live in a little house with about 4 other Hispanic families, there mom is a single mom who works all day and isn't able to care for them, and the only one who really does everything for them is Andrew the oldest one, and its been a journey for them and its so great to see really how much the gospel has changed there life around, it has giving them the hope they needed just to survive, to make the right chooses and to always know that they are children of god.
at this point in there life Andrew is having a hard time in school and is just really lonely and really he feels like he doesn't have anyone.
its been a blessing to be with this family and help them out, Andrew went running with us on Saturday and he wants to be on the track and cross country team but cant make it because of his grades( 0 motivation) but he didn't know that i run and i didn't know that he was big into it, so we have been training him to become a better athlete and student and its been working he has Bs and Cs now instead of Fs.  the crazy thing about this, is that he is really fast! like I'm talking really fast for someone who has never ran track, so our goal with him, is for him to have a future! we seriously love them so much, so if you could keep them in your prayers that would be really great!
we have been very blessed with all this work that we have and the potential that area can bring! we are totally stoked! love you all so much keep up the good work!!!!!!

elder lindmeir 

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