Monday, March 3, 2014

Best Week Ever!!!Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hello Family!
Last week was the best week EVER! My companion was feeling alot better last week and so we worked, worked, and worked a little bit harder!
We saw alot of miracles too and it was amazing! here are some of the amazing things that happened!
We were driving around trying some people and Sister Meyers had this strong impression to go try this lady named Shanel that we tracted into a couple of weeks ago. so i said okay and we drove to her house. We knocked on her door and she answered and said that this wasn't a good time for her but she said i have to tell you something so cool! and we are like okay, tell away! she said that last night she had a dream that she walked outside of her house and saw us on her driveway just looking at us. Then she told her husband that she knew that we were going to come by today when she woke up that morning and he said whatever. And sure enough, we came by! it was so cool and i was so thankful that Sister Meyers was ablt to listen to the promptings of the spirit to go and see her because it would have been so sad if we didn't show up!
Another cool thing that happened was we tried a couple of former investigators a couple of weeks ago and one of them named marissa said we could come back on friday and teach her family the gospel. So on friday we went to their house and met there kids! they hve a son named Amillo who is 17, Christian 16, Trenton 14, Junior 12, and Dorothy is 8 years old. We talked to them a little bit and they are all very religious and love God so much! we taught them the plan of salvation and they soaked it all in and new so much about the plan already and they loved it! when we talked about the Celestial kingdom they were all so excited about it and they all want to go there someday! and they said that they want to keep taking the lessons and learning more! they are the smartest and most well behaved kids i have ever met! thay are amazing and we can't wait to keep teaching them!
Then on saturday we went to a family's house for dinner and they had a non member friend over and she came to church the next day and bore her testimony in front of everyone! Her name is Mikah and she is 15 years old and she is fearless! It was a really sweet testimony but i am not sure if she even know what a testimony is haha it was really funny! she wants to learn more though and so we are going to start teaching her :)
Last week was just awesome and the Lord has been blessing us so much! it is the best! i hope evryone has a great week!
Love, Sister Lindmeir


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