Monday, March 10, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir!

Hello Family!
Last week was a very crazy, sad, and very amazing week all at the same time!
We will start with the sad stuff. so remember the story i told you last week about Shanel? she was the one that had a dream about us! :) well last week we went over and she let us in and we just got to get to know her really well. she has had a pretty hard life because she lost one of her kids and she can't have anymore and she is just trying to take each day at a time. she is so nice and amazing and she said that we could come by the next day and start teaching her more about the Savior and the plan of salvation. so the next day we came by and there was a note on the door and it said: "Dear Missionaries, thanks for coming by but i can't accept your visits anymore". It was such a bummer because the gospel would have brought so much peace into her life. one day the missionaries will get her! she just isn't ready yet.
Then on wednesday we were supposed to have this Lesson with this boy named thomas. We had a lesson with Thomas two weeks ago on the restoration and gave him 3 Nephi 11 to read. When we talked to his fellowshippers on wednesday they said that Thomas had read 3 Nephi 11 three times!!!! And they said that he talked to them for like two hours asking questions about the gospel and about baptism! (thomas has no religious background other then he knows that there is a God and we only have met with him once!) He is sooo golden! but his parents are anti and they don't want him to meet with us anymore but he is 19 years old so hopefully with lots of prayers, his parents hearts will soften!
Now to the happier things that happened! Last week we got a referral from the spanish sisters of a family that they tracted into. So we went by to see them but it wasn't a goodtime so they told us to come back sunday and so we did. The wifes name is Stacy and the Husbands name is Derek. they have an 8 year old son named DJ and a little baby named lola. There family is so sweet and they have been so prepared by the Lord! they have been looking for a religion for there family because they love God so much and they want there kids to be raised with religion in their lives! they said that they are going to come to church next week and read the Book of Mormon! They truely are so prepared for the Gospel and it's crazy to know that God is truely preparing so many people for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we just have to go find them and show them the way!
Transfer calls came last week and i am staying!!!!! i am so happy because this area is so bomb!! sis Meyers is leaving which is really sad because we have gotten pretty close and she is a great missionary! i have been called to train a new missionary though. i am very excited and i am grateful for this opportunity so i can learn and grow!
I hope everyone has a great week!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

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