Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Everyone!
Last week was an amazing week! I have the neatest story i got to tell all of you!

On Tuesday, after district meeting all us missionaries decided to go to panda express for lunch. After we ate and we were leaving and all the Elders had already went out the door, when we heard this couple whispering to each other and say oh there Sister missionaries. Me and Sister Standing were like oh, you know about the Sister Missionaries?
They said ya and they told us that they were actually both members of the church but they have not gone to church for 15 years. They told us that the reason that they have not gone is because they have both made a ton of mistakes in there life, and they are actually living together and are not married because they get paid more  for disabilities, then if you were married. They felt like because of all the mistakes they made, they felt like they couldn't come back. We talked about the atonement and how that is what the atonement is for, so we can come back! we saw there expressions totally change and we told them that we could have the missionaries come by and teach them. They said, i don't know if the missionaries should stop by, we are sinners. We told them not to worry about that, because that is what missionaries are for :) they said alright and we got their information and told them that we would have the Elders call them because they weren't in our area. 
On Sunday while we were watching conference we went out to get a drinkreally fast and when we came back in, we saw Hannah and John( the couple we met at Panda express) Watching conference on the back row. Afterwards we talked to them and Hannah expressed to us how grateful she was that we talked to them at panda express. she told us that her and her husband are going to come to come back to church :)
Last night the Elders that are in the area where Hannah and John live called us and told us that they both loved both sessions of conference so much! They also told us that Hannah and john are planning on getting married soon.
Sister Standing and i looked at each other, eyes filled with tears, filled with so much gratitude that the Lord let us be instruments in his hands letting us help bring Hannah and John back to the right path again.
 Last week was so amazing and Conference was so great! I love hearing the words of God through his servants and to top an already amazing week, we had a Baptism last night for Porter the 10 year old we have been teaching, it was a really a wonderful baptism!
Everything is going so great! i love you all!

Love, Sister Lindmeir

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