Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

I am sorry that i didn't email yesterday! we had our P-day today instead because we went to the temple! i Love going to the temple so much but the only problem about it is, is that we have only have a little bit of P-day left by the time we get back to the area we serve in to email, do laundry, and get groceries. so my email is going to be pretty short this week!
Last week was a very good week and i got my new companion! her name is Sister Standing. she is from Fresno California and she is about the coolest person i have ever met and served with! She drove a motorcycle before she came out in the field, she can beat box, she plays the ukulele, she is a hardcore snowboarder, and she can fix cars! she is Awesome! The coolest part about this though is that she is the most humble person i have ever met. She is so close to the spirit too and everything that she says is so sincere and from the heart. It is awesome and i am so excited that i get to serve with her!
Sorry about the short email. Everything here is going so great! we are teaching a whole bunch of sweet people, we are seeing so many miracles, and the Lord is just blessings us so much!

Love, Sister Lindmeir

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