Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hi Friends, Family and anyone else!
This past week was amazing! I mostly felt like a chicken with its head cut off... But what else is new? Seriously though, this week was great! My Birthday was on the 13th! I was on an exchange with Sister Christensen. She is a sweetheart! She kind of forgot my Birthday though, but don't worry, I reminded her :). Thanks Mom, for the package; I loved all 3 of them so much!!! We exchanged back and then I was with Sister Olson the rest of the day! A member took us to Cafe Rio for dinner and she even gave me some balloons. I also got a cute sock monkey called "Sockie" from Leah (our investigator) and she wrote me the cutest card! We taught her about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. She had no problem with them :)
On Friday, was a whole mission Sisters Conference! It was good to see all of my lovely Sisters! We learned a bit of Self-defense and practiced it! Sister Riggs and some other leaders talked to all of us Sisters about ways that we can improve our experience as missionaries! It was really great!
Saturday was Semmi's Baptism and it was such a good day! I was so excited to see Semmi and Lizheng and all my friends from Colonial 1st.  Lizheng baptized Semmi in Chinese and it was so cool! It is just so exciting to see Lizheng, who was recently baptized, perform the baptism. And then to see Semmi, who I started teaching four months ago, make the best decision ever! We went to the baptism with the Mercer Family (Greg, Nina and Elsa). After the baptism, Nina kept saying, "I want to get baptized, I want to get baptized! " They are a sweet family. So the deal was that if they came to the Baptism, we would have to do something fun with them. After the baptism, we gathered up all of our nail supplies and gave them pedicures and did their hair! They both looked so cute!
This weekend was Stake Conference. The Saturday night Adult session was amazing! The focus was on missionary work. The Youth sang the EFY Melody; which is a combination of the Army of Helaman and Sisters in Zion. At the last verse, all the missionaries stood up and sang. It was sooooo cool! There are over 30 missionaries in our Stake; so it was amazing to see :)

This morning, it snowed again! Luckily we have permission to drive! I think Virginia is getting much better  at snow plowing!
I am still loving the IPAD and trying to get the hang of it! We are the first of 30 missions to get IPADS; so we are encouraged to send ideas to improve the system. I have been sending in so many ideas of things that will help the work progress. Hopefully they don't get tired of me, but I love it! We spend (if we have time), about 2 hours a day online!
Transfers are this week, but I am pretty sure I am not leaving. Sister Olson may be leaving though! I will let you all know next week. But until then, I love you all!

Sister Kiana Lindmeir
 Sister Lindmeirs BDay

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