Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Happy Monday!
Transfers were this past week and Sister Olson left me! We were sad to get the call, but thought it could happen! But the exciting news is that Sister Kraemer is my companion!!! In case you forgot... She was my MTC companion!!!
We have been wanting to be companions our whole mission and it has finally happened! During transfer meeting, we were one of the last Sisters called at transfer meeting. I didn't want to get my hopes up, but we kept looking at each other and hoping we would be companions! And sure enough, it happened! It has been a great reunion! All my dreams are coming true :)
Sister Kraemer even likes to clean and organize! We spent a couple hours this morning cleaning and it feels great! It has also been great to see how much she has grown and changed! She is an amazing missionary and I am so grateful to work with her.
Sister Kraemer and I are excited to go on exchanges with our Sisters. We are just really looking forward to this whole transfer! Or who knows... Maybe we will finish our missions together :)
The work this week slowed down a bit! We dropped almost all of our investigators before Sister Kraemer came in because they were not progressing. But they will be ready someday! We are working a lot more with members and we are finding a lot more!
At the Sisters Conference last week, we watched a short video from an author who wrote a book about/called "One Word". The word is supposed to be something that will help me be better. It is one word to live by and to focus on for a whole year. Here are the steps to know what your word should be.
1. Look in: Prepare your heart. What do yo need to focus on?
2. look up: ask God. Turn to Heavenly and receive a confirmation from him
3. look out: make it a part of your life. apply it to others

I chose a word that has to do with my purpose as a missionary. I knew almost right away what my word needed to be. My word is "Listen". Listening is a talent and can be hard, but I really want to listen. I want to listen to other missionaries, investigators, members and especially the Spirit. I am in the process of putting my word everywhere so that I always remember it!
I would encourage all of you to take those three steps and come up with your "One Word". Let me know how it goes!!! Have a great week!

Love you all!

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