Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hello Everybody!
Not much happened last week because my companion has been pretty sick so we had to stay inside most of the day but i did get to go to Chance's and Brandi's baptism on saturday! I don't know if ya'll remember me talking about them or not so i will tell you a little bit about them!
I met them in my last area in Naches on a cold Christmas Eve night. My companion and i had been praying all day to find a family in whom we could share a message about our Savior Jesus Christ. The family that we had dinner with mentioned the McCoy family, who is in the and they told us where they lived and said we should go visit them sometime! We decided to go see them that night! They let us in and oh boy! they are the sweetest family ever! from that point on we saw them once a week and started becoming there friends and the mom Brenda McCoy is a less active member and the kids are not members. They let us start teaching them the lessons and you could see the difference in their faces and in their lives that the teachings of the gospel were blessing their lives and they had a desire to follow the Saviors example.
Therefore, they were baptized last week on saturday and it was one of the best baptisms i have ever been too! after Chance and Brandi were baptized they both got up and bore their testimony. When Brandi got up to bare her testimony she started bawling. she told us that as she was getting baptized, she felt the spirit of her daughter that had passed away a couple years ago with her! soooooo cool! Then Chance got up and bore his testimony. He said that he Knows this church is true because of the way he feels when the whole ward sings hymns together. he says that his whole body just gets warm inside! Then he said "i know that this church is true, more then i know that i am the best at math for my age" hahhaha(Chance is 11 years old and he is so smart! and amazing at math!) it was so fuuny and so sweet!
The whole McCoy family is so amazing and i am so very grateful that the Lord lets us be his servants and lets us help him in this work. The Lord can do the work ALL BY HIMSELF, but he lets us help him. And oh what great Joy fills your heart when you get to help bring someone closer to Christ!
i encourage all of you to share the gospel with others and i promise you that if you do it, nothing in the whole world will bring you more happiness! :)

Love, Sister Lindmeir

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