Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Everybody! My companion Sister Standing is really good at telling stories so these first paragraphs are some crazy stories that happened to us this week! In her words because i thought it was so funny :)

Craziest thing happened the other day! We were driving out to an appointment and Sister Lindmeir shouts "Snake!!!" So I stopped and went back around and there was this snake in the middle of the road but it was acting really weird dragging it's head along the ground. Lindmeir said it was because he probably had a bad head ache. So I went and grabbed a hanger that was in the car and scooted the snake off the road and we went our appointment. On the way back afterwards we stopped to see if the snake was ok and it was dead. DEAD as in tongue sticking out not moving when we poked it dead. I decided we should put it in a box and drop it off at this one member (dean)'s house and be like oh you have a present on your back porch. So we got this snake in a box that used to have Books of Mormon [Book of Mormons] in it, mind you Sister Lindmeir does NOT like dead things so she's pretty much gagging the whole time I'm doing this. A couple days later we had service we were doing for Dean and I asked if he saw the snake and he didn't even look at it! He just moved the box to the burn pile and I told him he had to look at it it's the coolest snake ever! So I go over the the box and opened it with a pitch fork beacuse it's been dead a few days it's probably really gross right?....WRONG!!!!! The snake was alive!!!! I don't know how but it played dead better than the teenage possom from Over the Hedge!!! I'm pretty sure that it was because before our appointments we always say prayers and Sister Lindmeir prayed that the snake would be ok xD So that was definitely journal entry worth experience. Helpful Tip: Make sure the snake is dead before you put it in your Books of Mormon box.
Well on our last P-Day we got the opportunity to go hiking! Yeeaahhhhh I was so excited. We drove about the 40 minutes that the GPS told us to go and the destination was this locked gate that led to a water pump factory which isn't exactly the nature waterfall we were looking for so we stopped these bikers and asked if they knew and they said "Oh yeah just about 10 miles up the road." ....So 20 miles up the road we call the Elders and are trying to figure out where they're at, I guess they found it pretty easy and we were all confused because there was the parking lot the bikers and an old farmer told us to go to but the Elders weren't there so we didn't think it was the right place. We keep driving and stop to ask this elderly bird watching couple (She had the funniest glasses ever they made her eyes look so big x) and they told us go back it's the gravel parking lot. At this point we've been driving for about an hour and a half and the Elders call us saying they're just going to start the hike without us so we said forget it just I guess we'll just go look at this parking lot everyone's telling us about. Lo and behold! The parking lot had a trail, and this trail led to this beautiful waterfall that dropped over about a 30 foot cliff and it was just a beautiful easy hike no more that a mile out a mile back. but we were thinking that we missed out on this totally amazing waterfall the Elders were hiking to. Later that night Elders called us saying their hike was definitely not the right one. They hiked for about 10 miles before they realized or were able to accept that they weren't on the right path. When they decided to turn around they had to hike 2 hours back through mud and rivers, feet soaking wet covered in blisters. They said it was miserable and you sisters were right we should have listened to you." Thank you bird watchers farmer and motorcyclists! 

Now to the Spiritual stuff! Jarrad got baptized! After Jarrad was baptized he got up and bore his testimony and it was one of the best testimonies that i have ever heard! Jarrad was catholic most of his life and even went to catholic school when he was young. he said he didn't believe in everything taught and that it just didn't feel right so he wasn't active in it for many years. When his son Carter was born, he decided that he wanted religion in his families life. He met Kyle Moore at medical school with him who is a member of the church, and asked him a lot of questions about what we believe, and then started taking the lessons. When we had a lesson with him two weeks ago and went over the baptism questions with him, he said that he loved the church how it was so good and all focused around Jesus Christ and the families and how he wanted that for his family but he didn't know for sure if Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this was the only true church on earth. We committed him to pray about it, and testified that he would get an answer. After Jarrad prayed one night to know if the gospel was true, he had an amazing spiritual experience! he compared it to taking a shower with his little son carter for the first time, just holding him there with all the love and peace that he felt! The spirit testified to him so strongly that the church is true! It was amazing to hear Jarrads testimony of how he knows the church is true and it just makes any hard day in the mission field worth it!

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