Monday, May 19, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Last week was great and super busy! we have been doing a lot of service lately for our investigators, potential investigators and less active people in our ward with the weather being so nice. We have been weeding so much lately, that i even dream about it at nights! we got to Vacuum someones lawn the other day and it was pretty fun :)
We have been busy finding new people to teach also and we found some great people. Like the other day we were just walking around and we started talking to this guy and all of a sudden he just rips off his shirt and starts showing us his stab wounds and telling us the story about how he used to be in be in some bad things but how he has turned back to God now. We ran into some other really awesome people too and we can't wait to start teaching them more about how the Gospel can bless their lives!
We had stake conference on saturday and Sunday and it was sooooo goood! It was all about Hastening of the work and helping the members get pumped for missionary work. For it, they had one of our Recent converts Sydney get up and speak and bare her testimony about how the gospel has changed her life and about how important missionary work is! the whole room was filled with the sweetest spirit and it touched every ones hearts so much! It was soooo good and we are hoping that this will get the members really wanting to help us out in the work!
On Saturday Jarrad is getting baptized and he is really excited for his Barbatism(barbacue+baptism)! He is sooo excited about it that he is inviting all of his friends that he is in medical school with! which is awesome because it is a great opportunity for all these non member medical students to see what a baptism is like. Mandy, Jarrad's doesn't feel like she is ready to get baptized yet, but she totally is! you can just see on her face how happy the gospel makes her, and we are hoping that in a few weeks Jarrad will be able to baptize her :) 
We are really excited about Jarrad's Baptism this week! Things are super great! i love you all! have a great week!
Love Sister Lindmeir

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