Monday, May 12, 2014

Love you!!!Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Happy Belated Mother's Day to Mom, Grandma Lou and Grandma Peck!! I don't have much to report on this past week; except that I really enjoyed talking with some of you! I also enjoyed seeing Gabe "move his hips"  while dancing, and Shivani singing for me! Thanks for that :)
We saw Barry twice this week. He has been investigating off and on for 7 years and never went to church. We thought  it was because he didn't leave his house, but we felt that we should invite him to a church tour and he actually came! It was amazing! And he really enjoyed it and felt the Spirit. He knows that it is where God wants him and he said he will come to the actual Sacrament Meeting hopefully this upcoming Sunday :).
We did some service this week for Barry. All the Young Men and Women came and helped in his yard. He had mulch sitting in his yard for over 3 years and we were finally able to help him with that. It was incredible. Some of the leaders got poisen Ivy and I feel so bad, but it was great!
We also helped pull out Mustard-Garlic (a weed) in a cute, little forest this week! It reminded me of working at Calleva a few summers ago. We wore long pants and shirts because we did not want ticks. Many missionaries have been getting lymes disease and I do not want to get it!
Yesterday at church, all the Women were given "Utah Truffles". Wow, they were delicious. I can't believe I have never tasted them before! I hope you mothers got well taken care of yesterday :)
We have 2 exchanges planned this week and it will be real busy! I am excited!!! Love you all!!!

Love, Sister Kiana Lindmeir 

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