Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mission Life Elder Lindmeir

this week was just packed full of miracles!
1st off after knocking up a storm last week we went and contacted most of them this week, and were able to pick up 3 new investigators. they are all really amazing people and we are so greateful for them. one of them is named marci, and marci is a single mom who has a kid thats our age and as soon as we knocked on her door she instantly had a soft spot for us, she let us in and tought a very spritual lesson, and by the end she wants to read and pray and see if baptism is for her, considering she is a catholic and goes to church everyday.
so something that has been one of my goals this transfer was to get the youth involved more, our priests in our ward are great and all but there are a few that have no desire to go on a mission, but we are going to change that attitude. there is this kid named donte, hes a jock football player and the last thing he could care about is church, and for the last couple weeks we have tried to get him to come out with us on splitz but he always makes excuses, so then we decided well if he wont come out with us atleast he can feed us, so yesterday he took us to in and out, and right after we went out to eat on the way back, Elder stevens and i schedualed another youth to go on splitz with us for a couple of hours and Donte dident know about it until we got to the church and elder stevens jumped out and got in the other youths car. O i was so excited to show Donte how awesome missionary work is, at first he was super mad that we did that to him, and that he had to come out with me, but we were going to see miracles thats what i told him, so the first thing we did was pray and asked god " guide us to the house thats prepared and ready"
i was so pumped! felt the spirit and then we went and knocked up a storm! got some good responses and so not so good but close to the end of knocking Donte was dragging his feet and wasent to excited, and i asked "Donte wich door is it? wich door does god want us to go and knock? he pointed and the next door we knocked was a beautiful family, that let us in right away and we tought one of the best lessons i have ever been in, the spirit was so strong and as i tought i would pause when the spirit was there and Donte would bear his testamony and it worked out so well by the end of the lesson the family committed to come to church. as we walked out i just yelled so loud just jumped on Donte and he was about as excited as i was! right after that we went to his house to go to a barbaque that the ward was having and Donte told his parents what we did and his parents were so suprised they  were like " who is this kid?" they were really appreciated what we did and Donte wants to come out with us again and it just shows the littlest things can make the biggest difference in peoples lives.
 the barbaque was so great we had so many non members there and we were able to get to know them all and the member just fellowshipped every and everything just worked out perfectly! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we are working so hard right now and loving every second of it!!!!!!!!!
this week was great love you all hope to hear from toy all soon!
elder lindmeir

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