Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What a lovely week! Sister Kiana Lindmeir

This past week went by SOOOO quickly, but it was great!!! We had a lot of great things going on!
But first off, Happy Mothers Day Mom! You are the best mom ever and I am so grateful you are mine. I have something on its way for you :)
Okay, so my week was great! We recieved transfer calls and both Sister Kraemer and I are staying together! Yay!! I absolutely love her and I am so happy!!!! We went to transfer meeting because there would be a lot of change and we needed to see it! There was a lot of change of the Zones in the mission, but it was a great!
We also had MLC(mission Leadership Council)  this week and it was incredible! I just think that it is absolutely incredible that a group of young Single Adults can get together and council with one another on how we can improve ourselves and the mission! It is so exciting! One thing that I loved from the meeting was when President Riggs was talking about Faith! He shared Hebrew 11: 1 which talks about being given an assurance that things will work out if we show our faith. I loved that and I know that is true! I am grateful for the many assurances I have recieved from the Lord as I have shown my faith. Such as... Leaving all of you to serve a mission with the assurance that you are taken care of, opening my mouth to teach with the assurance that the words will be put into my mouth the very moment I need it, and the list goes on!!!!
Here is this week's miracle: We had a lesson with our newest Investigator, Preeti. She is from India and she is amazing! We invited her to attend church and we told her about Relief Society. She said that she has already gone to Relief Society. She said that she was visiting her brother in Springfield on Easter and she wanted to go to an Easter service. She searched everywhere for a church, but she could only find one church. She walked in and a women invited her into a class. She said that it was Relief Society and they talked about Mormons and Joseph Smith. What?! So we told her that that was our church and she said that she asked if the people at church were mormons, but they said no. She was sure that it was not our church. But we were positive it was. She told us that it was on Sydenstricker Road in Springfield and I told her that that was the building I met in for 6 months when I was serving in Rolling Valley. She never would have believed us if I hadn't served there! But she took it as a sign that she needed to learn from us and so now she wants to learn, come to church. She especially loved Relief Society and she cannot wait!
It was amazing! And I look forward to another great week ahead! Also, I look forward to seeing some of your beautiful faces on Mother's Day!!! Have a great week!!!
Sister Kiana Lindmeir
3202 Arrowhead Circle #E
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