Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Elder Lindmeir Mission!!!!!!!!!

ill try to write a litter more than what i wrote last week to ya, haha but this week was a really awesome week and were able to see some great experiences but most of them were just funny things that had happened. im not sure yet on what time for skype it will be because the members that we wll be going over to do it at will call us and tell us when we can come over and do it, but ill let you know by wednesday hopefully. cant wait till i get to see all your pritty faces haha.
this week consisted of a really great spiritual expereince we had. me and elder rivers a few weeks ago made it a deal that we were going to talk with everyone no matter what and when we were walking to our car we could see two people far out in the distance and we looked at each other and we knew we had to talk with them, as we ran to them we realised that they had had past experiences with the missionaries rufino accually would go on splitz with the missionaries but he never got baptised, and as soon as he wanted to he was 19 and then all of his freinds went on there missions and he had no more mormon freinds so that was rufino story and this week we decided to stop by. while we stopped by he let us in and we talked to him. to this day i have never met anyone so solid in my life, he just opened up and told us that he knows that the mormon church to be true and that he misses the support abd all the other things that the church was able to help him out with, and we were able to teach him about pray and talking to god and as it was going great at the very end we told him "rufino we know that we are supposed to be here with you today, to answer those questions you have and to bring you closer to jesus christ and the way we can help you grow even more is if we meet 2 to 3 times a week" as soon as we said that it went downhill im not sure if he was scared of commitment or what but, hopefully we will be able to meet him again and help him feel the spirit.
got a funny story for you guys, alright here we go:
so me and elder stevens had made an appointment with paul and kelly our investigators on friday night, so we got to there house and the door is wide open and ragay music is just blasting and the only thought that comes through my mind is that they were drunk again, but this time i wasent going to be the nice guy hahah!! we walk in and beyond the music we can hear sage there dought just balling her eyes out and so we go upstairs comfort her and say a prayer and after that we told her that we are going to take care of everything else, so we go downstairs and paul and kelly are just all over each other drunk as can be, and i just strat to throw down! we turn off the music and we start talking to them about what happened why are you drinking you promised you would stop. kelly at this point is just chugging wine and vodka like grape juice, so when she goes to fill up her glass again i take it from her hands and put it behind my back while im trying to talk to her about sage and how shes crying and that you need to stop cause you scarying all of us. ( just letting you know when kelly is drunk shes scary) and while im talking to her she comes around my back to grab to glass and next thing i know i spill it all over my back. ill never forget the smell of vodka and wine. YUK! but anyways by this time we calmed them down made them sit on the coach and then talked to them for a good 20 minutes until after the lesson they said they would stop but by this time they were so waisted that paul got up and told me he loved me and then grabbed my hand and kissed it. haha it was so nasty. but so funny at the same time. and when we were about to leave i went into the kitchen and grabbed the huge wine and vodka bottle and was ready to walk out when paul told me we cant take it. so because of that i challenged him in an arm wrestle and who ever wins gets to take the alchol. ( a little background on paul is that he is huge! like toned and cut! hes a landscaper and works out all day i had no chance but the lord was on my side) he agreed and we put our arms on the table to arm wrestle as we went it was a tie for about 35 seconds and during this time i am screaming and yelling ( im going to take the alchol!) but then i lost...... but then i realised i guess i cant take away someones agency, so i learned something new.
the next day we go over there and there still drunk and there tummies were like twice the size as normal. then we went yesterday morning before church and they werent waisted but humbled and told us they were done and not going to do it again, so keep them in your prayers and at this point we hope we can bring them to church and help them out.
the next funny story we have for you was, a member took us out to eat at bull taco, and at bull taco its a resturant were they make whatever kind of burritos or tacos you can make
!! and they are so good and as we walked in there was a 300 pound shark just chillin on the table getting chopped up by a cheif, and we talked to the owner and he told us that it was just caught like 3 hours ago. while the heif is cutting it, we asked does it taiste good and next thing i know there is the spine of the shark on a plate in front of me and it was cooked but barely and of course with out question i start digging in and im not going to lie it was really good, better than some sushi, then the cheif cut off the sharks head and we hasked if shark brain was any good and the owner said " well lets find out" so he chopped and chopped until we found the brain and he put it on the grill for about 15-20 seconds and put it on our plate and me and elder stevens ate it and not going to lie it taisted like a satly marshmellow! it was not bad! the only thing gross that i ate from it was the sensory, right in the tip of the nouse it has the texture of jellow but sure dident taiste like it.
but we had a really good week we are working really hard trying to find more people to teach and its working!!! i love it here and i love working and serving for the lord love you all so much have a great week and see you on the 11th!!! love elder lindmeir!!!

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