Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Yo! Last week was awesome! So many miracles happened! I will tell you all the great things that happened! we had a lesson with Kayla again and we were planning on teaching her the plan of salvation but when we went into the church and started talking with Kayla we felt inspired to share a mormon message about the atonement and how he can lift burdens then after that we were talking about it for a little while and the spirit told us to watch a mormon message about forgiveness, we were like really? but we watched it and afterwards Kayla was bawling and she was getting mad and saying how can i forgive my mom who didn't want me?! how can i forgive my brother who abused me?! and she went on and on, and Sister Standing and i were bawling and we both started testifying that it is not easy but it can all be done through Christ. It was such a spiritual experience and it was so cool how the Lord was speaking through us and it was just what she needed to hear!

Then we had another lesson with Mandy and Jarrad and Jarrad has decided that he wants to get baptized on the 24th of May! He wants it to be a barpatism or a bapticue. Barbatism and Bapticue=batism+barbacue! Mandy is a cake decorator and she is already trying to figure out how she wants to decorate a baptism cake! we helped Mandy get ready for prom on saturday for the medical students, not sure if that is a missionary thing we can do, but she was so thankful to us and she said she felt like a princess! it was very fun! Then on saturday during testimony meeting in sacrament our bishop gets up out of the blue  right in the middle of testimonies and he said i cannot refrain myself any longer, This is what the Lord wants me to say, to whoever is in this church right now who has not been baptized yet, i testify that now is that time, he went on and on about this and Mandy and Jarrad and a few of our other investigators were sitting right next to us and it was so cool! i think it touched their hearts alot and hopefully Mandy will want to enter that gate and be baptized soon too :) soooo inspired and so cool!

Things are going so great! i love Yakima sooooo much! Me and my companion are doing great and the work is on fire! lovin every second of it!

Here is a quote that my Mission President that i thought would be good for all of you. it is super inspiring for missionary work!

"Faith is the power. Obedience is the price. Love is the Motive. The spirit is the key and Jesus Christ is the reason!" President Ware ( well i think it is from him haha :) )

We do it all because we love Jesus Christ so if you love him spread the word! have a great week everyone and i love you all! 
Love, Sister Lindmeir

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