Monday, June 9, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir back to Wenatchee!!

Hey Everybody!

I have to tell you all the most embarrassing story ever! so last week me and my new companion Sister Allred got to our new area that we would be serving in at 9:40 at night. So when we got to the house we would be living in it was super dark and we didn't check to see what it looked like. The next morning we decided to go for a run for our exercise, on our way out we saw people working on the driveway and we said hi and set off on our run. when we came back from our run, i wanted to show Sister Allred how cool the back yard was and that there was an awesome canopy in the back. when we went to the back yard it looked so different then what i saw that morning through the window and Sister Allred thought i was seeing things because there was no canopy. So i said maybe this isn't the right house but then Sister Allred said it had to be because the same people that were working on our driveway was working on this one, and i was like oh ya, you are right! it has to be it! So we go and try to open the door and this guy that we have never met comes out and it is definitely not the family we are staying with! Super awkward but funny, he pointed us to the right direction (:

It feels so good to be back in Wenatchee! Even though i am serving in a different ward in Wenatchee then i was before i have seen a whole bunch of people that i recognized from my previous ward in wenatchee all over the place as we go out and about. It is fun and just makes me so excited to be back in the land of many mighty miracles!

The castle rock ward that i am serving in seems so amazing! it is a small ward and area that we cover but everyone seems so nice and excited about missionary work! they are all also really excited to have there own set of missionaries, they shared a set of Elders with another ward, and they now have there own set of Sister Missionaries! for some reason the Castle rock ward likes the sisters more then the elders and they embraced us with very excited and welcome arms! Sister Allred and i have already been working really hard to find and teach, we are loving it and this area is so amazing! there are so many apartments everywhere that it just makes me so excited to go tracting and find the people that the Lord is preparing to hear the gospel!

Sister Allred is awesome! She is from Ogden Utah, She is 5'10, and is a Tri-Athlete. She came pre-trained and we get along great already! She is so excited to do the work and we are just working hard!

Everything is going great i love you all!

 love, Sister Lindmeir

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