Monday, May 26, 2014


Hello!!! How was your Memorial Day??!!! Mine was SOOO great!! It was busy! We went to a members home and she gave Sister Kraemer and I makeovers. It was really fun. I am feeling not so cute these days and I needed a makeover! So that was great! So Shivani, PLEASE HELP ME when I come home.
That same member had a date with a man named Ahmad after our makeovers. She asked if we could teach him a little bit because he is not a member. So we taught him and turns out he has gone to the Temple Visitors Center Several Times, but he just was never consistent in meeting with missionaries. He lives in Gaithersburg, MD! We went online and found out which ward he is supposed to be in. We called the Bishop and got the missionaries number. He is assigned to a ward that has both French and English Speaking Missionaries. Ahmad is from Cameroon and speaks french so it was a miracle. Ahmad will be meeting with the missionaries soon and we are excited about it! 
We went to Arlington cemetery right after. There were flags and roses at every gravestone so it was really neat to see! We were only there for about 10 minutes, but it was fun! So that was our Memorial Day!!

We had two exchanges this week! 1st was with sister Funk in Herndon. 2nd, I stayed in Oakmarr with Sister Schramm. Sister Schramm and I were in the same singles ward our first year at Utah State! So that was really fun to be with her. They are both incredible missionaries.  

So last week I mentioned the miracle with Ed & Jennifer. Well, we had an incredible lesson with Jennifer last week!! She was so excited that she can get baptized as an adult. Yesterday we had another lesson with
them and it went really well. We barely got through the first part of the Plan of Salvation because she had so many questions relating to the plan! But I love it, because she has a strong desire to know the truth. She keeps saying that "it just feels right" when we teach her! It is so great!

So on Saturday we helped with something called "Gifts if the heart." I think the Creekside Stake at home does the same thing. But everyone could donate on Friday night and then we helped people on Saturday. It was so crazy though. People were running into the Church building and filling up bags so quickly. It was like "Black Friday", but worse!! But it was obvious that they needed those things. And it was fun to help people pick out things for their families.
Saturday evening, we had a lesson Matthew. He is a Recent Convert and is living on Disability right now for some emotion disorders. He thought that we were late to the appointment so he told his roommate that he was leaving to go to the grocery store. We found out from his roommate and decided to go to the store. We went on a search for him in the store and found him just before we were about to leave - Thank Goodness! Matthew was wearing a different hat and I asked what it was. He said that he is mormon and Buddhist. WHAT? So we taught the Restoration and explained to him that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the earth. We don't know if he understood, but it was really funny.
Sunday was a miracle day! Five of the Less-active Members we are teaching came to church! Yay! After Dinner we met Caroline, A Young Single Adult, and she is our newest investigator. We will be passing her off to the Singles Ward, but we are really excited for her.
So those are some of my highlights! I hope you have a great week!
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