Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Elder Marcus Lindmeir

this week was straight up legit. we had some amazing lessons, some sketchy stories and just an overall good spiritual week. lately i have been studying like a champ, trying to learn and grow as fast as i can. something i have been studying for are what we call "questions of the soul" these are questions that we might get on a daily basis that people ask us and we need to give an answer that will pierce there heart with the spirit. one of the questions were "well do you believe in evolution?" at first i didn't know what to say but i said yes we believe in evolution to a certain point. and i explained.... but then this week we had a zone conference and president kendrick usually spends about 20 minutes answering questions that we have, so i asked him. "what is the churches stand point on evolution?" and he said "anything that is scientifically proven is consistent with the gospel or Mormonism." and you know that was the easiest answer ever but at the same time its true. so then to make you guys think and have a laugh me and my companion thought of a question that we have an answer for but you should tell me what you think the answer is (there is no right or wrong answer so explain why you think that.) the question is:
did Adam have a belly button??????????
haha think about that. dad i wanna see what answer you come up with and same with mom.
we had a very spiritual week and not only that we worked so dang hard!!! i love it! we had zone conference till about 2 then we hurry and tough 2 lessons then went and did a presentation at a church then ran and taught one of our investigators and had such a powerful and spiritual lesson it was like 9:20 and we have to be in by 9:30 and instead of walking back home we ran to the 101 which is like the strip in Vegas, so many people and we just started talking to everyone and taught a man the restoration on the street and gave him a bom and it went great, if there wasn't a rule to be in at 9:30 i would be out proselyting till at least 11 every night.
the work here is awesome and lately something we have been practicing on and getting good at is knocking!!!! were at the point were at least 35% of the people that just open there door we are able to get into there home, its super fun knocking is so much better than talking to people on the street but its all about the approach and what you share with them, but it can be sketchy because you kinda just walk on in and some people don't like that... haha but it all works out. I'm really learning how to enjoy the work of preaching the gospel but i am working on alot more things to help me become the tool that god wants me to become. love you all so much great to hear form you hope you have a safe and a fantastic week!!!!
elder lindmeir

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