Sunday, February 9, 2014

Missionary Life Elder Lindmeir

Howdie! so as i guess you know i got transferred to Del Mar. which is the richest place in California, and you can tell, i have never seen so many friaries and Lamborghini's and every expensive car you could ever imagine. i was hoping to go to ocean side or esscandido where its poorer than dirt but i guess god has a different plan for me haha.
its sop nice here though I'm living with members.. that's weird and i don't like it because there old and we have to be quit and there are alot of rules but, its alright. we are about a five minute walk to the coast and its so amazing and pretty, i wont go into to much detail i don't want to make you jelly, but it got kinda cold! it was like 63! i was debating weather or not i should wear a sweater. its tough here.....
haha the members here are fantastic the just took me in like on of there own and its been easy to fit right in and to work with them. the biggest challenge i am having right now is learning the area  it about 4 times as big as my last one so i might buy a gps. my companion name is elder rivers and actually we new each other because we were in the MTC together, so thats pretty awesome, and we get along just great i think it will be a great transfer together. he is from provo and he actually had a friend in Layton and his name is chris pearson.... sound familiar? ya Chris our next door neigbor and he would drive to his house to hang out. small world and so mom if you could tell christopher about elder rivers that would be great he really want to talk to him so you can tell him to email rivers. o ya and did you give chandler his letter i sent you??? haven't heard anything about him yet. so far the area is great, really slow though so we are going to pick it up and kill it here!!! i love it.
well nothing new i love you all so much and ill hear from you soon!!!
elder lindmeir

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