Monday, February 10, 2014

Family Elder Lindmeir

hey family!!!!
its good to hear from all of you.... shivani wright me and Gabe wright me... haha, well dad it sounds like your businesses are looking good i was tempted to click on the link... Satan is real. haha but you should send me a knife for my birth day or an early birthday present???? christian hows work in the cold?? shivani how was the dances???? Gabe how is your life??? sounds like mom your doing great and it sounds like dad is really busy.
well this week was pretty awesome, our ward loves the missionaries so much they always want to add you guys on facebook and take pictures and are always willing to help out. the area I'm in is the richest place in California and these houses are just amazing, but the reason why there so stankin expensive is because of the location, i seriously see the ocean everyday and people surfing on it..... it looks fun. haha but this area sure is fun.
there are some really difficult things though about this area. so past missionaries really liked to just hang with the members, non members less active members and anyone for like 2 hours a day, it is ridiculous. so i feel like I'm the bad guy because i have to cut it short and stay no longer than 45min, but its working out really well we have been able to hit goals that in the past they would have never even thought about hitting, so its really exciting. were struggling with a few investigators, but its working out.
i love my comp though that's for sure, he really is a great guy i think for once i wont have any problems with him, so that's a positive! hes really good at just being himself and doing the best he can do and that all we can ask for.
funny story for you all, we teach this man names jack fletcher, and this guy is actually blind and he must be in his 90s, and this week we went over and we sat down with him. during our conversation he started to tell a story and before i new it i fell asleep... and the sad thing about he didn't even know i did, and when i woke up i saw my companion laid back on the chair with his eyes closed and so i don't know how long brother fletcher was talking to us but i know he didn't even recognize that we had fallen asleep... it was pretty funny and  kinda messed up at the same time.
adrian went through the temple this week and i am really excited to see how it went for him, and his daughters are getting baptized soon!!!
i love this work it sure is the best and i love you all and i hope you have a great week!!
elder lindmeir

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