Wednesday, February 19, 2014

the mission!!!!!Elder Lindmeir!

sounds like everyone is having a great time!! cant believe you went to that magic store, i remember that place so well, great memories....
i got my package on valentines day i pritty much made all the other missionaries jelly! thanks mom!!!!!!!! and dad!!!!!! and everyone haha me and my comp have had alot of fun with those toys!!! and another kendama, but this one is special its got japanese sympols on it! it atleast adds 15 power. thank you guys i really appreciate it, it was kinda funny i had no idea it was valentines day until the members that we live with us told us, so im sorry i havent wrighten anything but i promise i will but it could be in a few weeks.
this week was bomb!!!!!!!!! had some of the most spiritual lessons ever! you know its a good lesson when you dont remeber what happened or how it happened, all you rember that the spirit was there a few tears shed and then the prayer.
right now in this area we are really trying to find people to teach, we have the 101 in our area wich is like right on the beach and theres 100 of people walking on it, and me and elder rivers were trying to find people to talk to and i realised that we have this 101 in our area so what do we do we go down there and start preaching to all the people, and you know out of like 70 people we talked to in about an hour or so we got alot of people wanting us to come back so we hope we can pick someone up.
its really funny how people are, like if you talk to someone about the gospel and you ask "is there a time when we can come over and teach you more about this?" they will almost always say no.
but if you say "what day can we come over and share a message with you" they really have to think about it, so once we started doing these kind of tactics we have seen the work increase! lately though we are working so hard were missing out on meals, because you just dont have time for it, and im really grateful that my comp is totally down for doing that, its tough though because were doing all this work and nothing is really comming to pass. but thats ok its the trial of our faith, so were pushing along really hard and i know soon we will find that person!
o something i could use some imput on, is that i am giving a training for all the missionaries in our zone, on pamphlets, and using them in your teaching and when you contact people i dont know if you guys know what pamphlets are but its simply the restoration or the plan of salvation in a pamphlet, its really cool, so if you could give me some advice how we as missionaries could use these more, or the benifits of them that would be great.
you know i forget all the crazy stories that happened this week because time is going by way to fast all i know is that were doing great!!!! and that i miss you guys so much and that i love you guys so much!!! keep up the good work and i truely appreciate the valintine package and the cards and emails love you all so much!!!!
edler lindmeir!!!!

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