Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Everybody!
Last week was a really good week! Before i got transferred on wednesday, we had a family home evening lesson with the McCoy Family. To start off the family home evening we sang i am a child of God. the mom was the only one that new it because she is the only member in the family so we gave them our hymn books to use. Before we started singing the whole family sat on the floor, sitting on each others laps reverently singing i am a child a God. i know this sounds really lame but this was honestly one of the coolest experiences i have had so far. Before we started teaching the McCoy family, the kids would run around like crazy and no matter what we could not get them to sit down or anything. now there is so much peace and love in the home and now they know that they are truely a child of God and i am very grateful that i got to be a part of helping their family come closer together because of the gospel. Brandy McCoy and Chance McCoy are getting baptized next week and i am so excited for them. Last week when we talked to Chance about baptism he said to us " i just can't wait for February 15th" he is so excited for his baptism day! it was the sweetest thing ever!
I was pretty sad about being transferred because i loved my old area so much but my new area Moxee and terres heights seems pretty awesome so far! we have a couple of great investigators, one of which named Eric is getting baptized this saturday! he is really cool, he just got married a couple weeks ago to his now wife. She Knows the Gospel is true and she wants to get baptized but she is scared of the water. so we are hoping in a couple weeks we can help her overcome her fear and have her husband  baptize her! :) we are also teaching this guy named ? who is almost seven feet tall and probably around 500 pounds and he has a ton of back pain, feet pain, leg pain, and alot of other pain. Last week we had a lesson with him and a couple of priesthood holders in our ward came with us and gave him a priesthood blessing. And oh WOW the priesthood is such an amazing thing! After the blessing he was crying and the spirit was so strong and it touched his heart! he said also in previous lessons that he was having such a hard time feeling the spirit. But after the priesthood blessing, he felt and recognized the feelings of the spirit. it was one of the best lessons that i have had so far!
Everything is going really well here and i am loving the two wards that i am serving in so far. the six hours of church is going to take some time to get used to but i am sure it will be worth it!
i hope you all have the most wonderful week!

Love, Sister Lindmeir

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