Monday, February 17, 2014

I love the Oak Marr Ward!!!! And my companion

Oh my Goodness, this past week was so amazing!!! It was so hard, but so good!

Sister Olson and I are practically twins; it is pretty hilarious! Not
once has she told me to slow down my walking! She keeps up! And she is
only 4ft 9in. We teach really well together and most importantly, we
love to work hard!

We had the most Recent Convert/Less-Active Member lessons on my
mission so far! We had 15 in a week! We work with A LOT of Less-active
members; which is really neat!

One of them is Jeanmarie. She was baptized when she was 18, and has
not been very active since. She told missionaries only a couple years
ago to stop contacting her. The previous missionaries started talking
to her and she warmed up to them. And now she wants to prepare to go
to the Temple 

Another is Greg Mercer who was also baptized when he was 18 years old,
but has been completely inactive since. He is so great and has two
daughters (9 and 11yrs.) who we are teaching right now! They are
hilarious! When they pray, they each take turn making silly comments
like "Don't eat during the prayer!" "Sisters, is there anything else
you would like me to say?" "It smells weird." etc. But I absolutely
love it!

This week, we also got 6 new investigators. One of them being a
beautiful Indian couple. They are so sweet and were listening very
intently when we taught them. They are excited to learn more.

We also taught a beautiful Chinese/Japanese Family this week. We were
checking on a women, she was not home, but I felt very strongly that
we needed to go knock on the door accross the street. But we had a lot
to do, so I ignored the prompting twice until I couldn't handle it. So
I told Sister Olson that we needed to knock on the door and the family
let us right in! It was almost like they were expecting us. They are
chinese, but lived in Japan for a really long time. I said "Hello, my
name is Sister Lindmeir" in Japanese and they were really excited.
Thank you Ayaka!!!! They have two Children. A 9yr old boy and a 2yr.
old girl. We asked if they believe in God. The parents said "no", but
the boy said "Yes!" It was really exciting to hear that! So we taught
them the Restoration. They did not agree to a return appointment, but
we are going to bring them info on Boy Scouts for their boy.

I have learned that being a missionary, it is still hard to follow the
promptings of the Spirit! But I have also learned that if it is a good
idea or thought, go with it!!! I feel that the Lord is trusting me
more as I have learned to heed to these promptings.

As some of you may know, we were snowed in this week!!!! There was so
much snow on the ground. About a foot!!! And there snow plowing system
is really bad in Virginia so no one drove anywhere for 2+ days. We
live in an apartment complex. The apartment called us the morning
before the snow storm and asked if we would be willing to shovel
sidewalks. We did that for about 7 hours until I couldn't move
anymore. It probably was not very smart, but it was fun!!! And we
talked to a lot of people. Service totally softens hearts.

Sister Olson and I have been fighting a cold all week and have not had
a lot of energy. But the Lord really blessed us with so many miracles.
I think it is because we truly have had to put our trust in him and
hope and pray that everything will be okay!

There was even one night where we were crying and tearing up when
tracting because it was so cold outside. People kept telling us to go
home. One guy asked us "How long are you Sisters going to be working?"
I said "Until someone lets us in." And he still didn't let us in. No
one let us in that night. Even when every house, we would say "Let's
go one more door" "They will let us in". It reminded me of my favorite
scripture in D&C 121:7-8 which say's that if we endure our afflictions
and troubles well, we will be lifted up at the last day. I know that
that is true!!!!

I love you all!!!!
-- Sister Kiana Lindmeir 3202 Arrowhead Circle #E Fairfax, VA 22030

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